Green Extreme Battery Grips for select Canon DSLRs for under $40 shipped

If you have a Canon 6D or plan to buy one and need another battery grip or one that won’t break the bank Canon-style, the latest Adorama featured sales include the new condition Green Extreme BG-E13 Battery Grip for Canon EOS 6D for $33 plus shipping (around $5, may vary slightly by location).

But that’s not all, other Green Extreme Battery grips are on sale as well:

+ Green Extreme for Canon 5D Mark IV for $39 with free S&H

+ Green Extreme for Canon 7D Mark II for $33 plus shipping (around $6)

+ Green Extreme for Canon 70D or 80D for $33 plus shipping (around $7)

(ENDED) Tuesday: Vello Battery Grips for various Canon, Nikon, and Other Systems for $50 to $605

These daily deals expired but for more action, check their Featured Sales

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(SOLD OUT) USED Energizer ENG-C60D Battery Grip for Canon 60D for $14

As of a 7/24/17 recheck, this is sold out in USED condition…

Even mo(i)re Bargain Bin sales at Amazon Warehouse Deals, it is the “Used – LIKE NEW” condition Energizer ENG-C60D Battery Grip for Canon 60D for $14~ with free shipping for Prime members. The description says this is in damaged original packaging.

Select Fuji X-T2 kits bundled with Battery Grip with combined purchase discount

The Fuji X-T2 camera is not discounted. Camera manufacturer manufacturers are very protective of their price ranges in the MAP era after all. But if you happen to want to buy both the camera and its official battery grip at the same time, four of the four Fuji X-T2 kits are bundled together with the official Fuji VPB-XT2 Vertical Power Booster Battery Grip at B&H Photo at these prices:

+ X-T2 body with Grip for $1699
+ X-T2 w/18-55 and Grip for $1999
+ X-T2 w/35mm and Grip for $1996
+ X-T2 w/18-55 and 35mm and Grip for $2296

But wait, there’s more! The first two kits mentioned above (the two standard ones) are also offered at Adorama at the same prices, BUT Adorama includes additional freebies with purchase: 32GB Lexar SD, 24/7 holster bag, Corel software bundle, lens filter kit, and a few accesso-trinkets.

(EDNED) Fujifilm VPB-XT2 Battery Grip (for X-T2) for $169

This sale ended, the price is now $230 as of 6/7/17…

If you want to get both the Fuji X-T2 and its official battery grip, you can buy them together for $100 more than the X-T2 body only on its own. Not only that, but Adorama bundles additional free accessories with it: 24/7 Traffic Collection holster, 32GB Lexar SDHC UHS-II U3 memory card, cleaning kit, memory card wallet, card reader, and the Corel software bundle.

But if you only want the battery grip, the Fujifilm VPB-XT2 Vertical Power Booster, it is currently on sale for $169~ with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of up to ten units per customer.

Green Extreme BG-E20 Battery Grip (Canon 5D IV) for $59

If you are comfortable with 3rd-party battery grips, the Green Extreme BG-E20 Battery Grip for the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR (replaces Canon’s own BG-E20) is on sale for $59 with free shipping at Adorama which includes for free a ProOPTIC Glass Screen Protector (for the 5D IV, not the grip).

For a recap of some of the newly announced and newly released products, Adorama has created the New in May summary page. Some items on that page are in-stock, some are in pre-order, some are on sale.

Adorama also appears to be experimenting with a new design on their product pages, YMMV if you see it (web experiments are often spread out randomly or based on OS/browser/viewport combos online, Amazon constantly does this to the point of frustration), here’s a screenshot:

(ENDED) Canon Battery Grip BG-E20 for the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR for $279

This lightning offer expired… Good until 11:59pm ET tonight, the Canon Battery Grip BG-E20 for the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR is on sale for $279 with free shipping (price before sale $349). This is official Canon brand item, not third-party seller

Vello 3rd-party Battery Grips sale (32 options)

If you like the idea of 3rd-party battery grips, B&H Photo is having a sale on their Vello brand of Battery Grips with 32 products participating. Most of the models are for Canon and Nikon DSLRs, but there are also a couple for the Panasonic GH-series and a trio for Sony a7** cameras… This too is part of the B&H Cyber specials.

(ENDED) In-Stock and With Best Offer Enabled: Fuji Battery Grip VPB-XT2 (for X-T2) for $329 or Less

This sold out…

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Coupon discount on select Manfrotto, Tokina, Rokinon, Tenba, Battery Grips (C/N)

Adorama has a new coupon promotion, this is another coupon by email, you receive the coupon code by entering your email in the Promotional page. The items you see on that page will get discounted by an unspecified amount using the coupon you receive. Participating items include tripods from Manfrotto and Benro, lenses from Tokina (11-20mm f2.8, 14-20mm f2) and Rokinon (50mm T1.5 Cine), camera bags, battery grips from Canon and Nikon, and a lot more.

Canon and Nikon branded Battery Grips and Packs and Such discounted with Coupon (MB-D14, MB-D12, WT-7A, BG-E11, LP-4EN)

A new coupon promotion for these Canon and Nikon branded battery grips and packs and assorted items. Coupon code SOOOGOOD (yes, that’s the coupon name, cut and paste if you don’t feel like typing) gets you the following items at a discount until 7/30/16 at Adorama:

+ Nikon MB-D14 Multi Battery Power Pack / Grip for D600 & D610 for $199

+ Nikon MB-D12 Multi Battery Power Pack / Grip for D800 and D810 for $331

+ Nikon WT-7A Wireless Transmitter for $649

+ Canon LP-E4N Battery Pack for EOS-1D C, EOS-1D Mark III, EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS-1D X and EOS-1Ds Mark III for $139

+ Canon BG-E11 Battery Grip for EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5DS, EOS 5DS R for $249

(ENDED) Refurbished Sony VGC77AM Vertical Grip for $126

This limited time 10% off promotion expired… I don’t know if it will return again…

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Vello Battery Grips and Remote Control Accessory Bundles (31 options for various cameras)

B&H Photo is having a sale on Vello Battery Grips and Remote Control Accessory Bundles. A total of 31 different options are available, custom for a variety of cameras such as Sony a7*, Canon 60D/70D/80D/7D, Panasonic GH4, D-Rebels, Nikon APS-Cs and full frames, Fuji X-T1 and more. Offer ends 5/25/16.

Sony VG-C2EM Vertical Battery Grip with 64GB SD, Battery, Charger, Other Extras for $300

A parallel offer to the Sony VG-C1EM, the Sony VG-C2EM battery grip is bundled with a 64GB Transcend SDXC card, battery, charger, and other free accessories for its authorized dealer price of $300 by Cameta on Amazon and Cameta directly.

Sony VG-C1EM Vertical Battery Grip with 64GB SD, Battery, Charger, Other Extras for $200

The Sony VG-C1EM Vertical Battery Grip goes for $200 at authorized dealers, but if you also need some extra camera related accessories, for the same price you can get it with a 64GB Transcend SDXC Class 10, a battery, a charger, and various trinkety accessories (cleaning kit, memory card case, screen protectors, amoeba hats) for $200 by Cameta on Amazon or Cameta directly.

The Cameta Description section of their product pages clearly indicates what kind of a warranty an item has, for example, in this case, it has a 1-year Sony USA warranty. Annotated screenshot crop of that part of the page right below:


Nikon MB-D16 Battery Grip for $300

The Nikon MB-D16 battery grip is currently on sale for $300 with free shipping by Adorama and Adorama on Amazon. Offer ends by 12/15/15.