Green Extreme BG-E20 Battery Grip (Canon 5D IV) for $59

If you are comfortable with 3rd-party battery grips, the Green Extreme BG-E20 Battery Grip for the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR (replaces Canon’s own BG-E20) is on sale for $59 with free shipping at Adorama which includes for free a ProOPTIC Glass Screen Protector (for the 5D IV, not the grip).

For a recap of some of the newly announced and newly released products, Adorama has created the New in May summary page. Some items on that page are in-stock, some are in pre-order, some are on sale.

Adorama also appears to be experimenting with a new design on their product pages, YMMV if you see it (web experiments are often spread out randomly or based on OS/browser/viewport combos online, Amazon constantly does this to the point of frustration), here’s a screenshot: