Panasonic G9 with FREE DMW-BGG9 Vertical Battery Grip for $1700

The Panasonic G9 body only goes for $1700 and it is in-stock at multiple authorized dealers as you can see at the Stock Status Tracker but we have even better news for you! Some authorized Panasonic dealers are now including the Panasonic DMW-BGG9 Vertical Battery Grip for FREE for the same price of $1700: Adorama and B&H Photo and Kenmore (eBay)

If you are not fond of battery grips, you can instead get a handful of other photographic accessories for the same price of $1700 by Focus (eBay and Focus directly: digital slave flash, camera backpack, 64GB Sony M-series SDXC card, Wasabi charger and two extra batteries, and LED Video light.

Note that most of the above retailers are closed for Passovers, so orders will begin shipping next week.