Mac NyoP bundle: MacPhun Intensify Pro for as low as $6

Stacksocial is running a Mac Name Your Own Price bundle that includes MacPhun’s Intensify Pro and Shiny Frog’s Pixa Mac computer apps. The Pixa app is available with any price. To get Intensify Pro, you need to meet or beat the average price, which currently is $5.66. If you pay below average, you get three apps (Pixa included). If you pay above average, you get nine apps total (Intensify, Pixa, etc). The average price is shown over there and it changes as more people buy. These are digital downloads, all sales are final. 10% of your purchase price goes to a charity (three charity choices are available including Creative Commons).

Speaking of Stacksocial, if you are looking for a photography-themed WordPress theme, they have a WordPress Theme Name Your Own Price bundle featuring the Photex responsive WordPress theme (see demo) if you beat the average price of $7.84 (as of time of writing).