New Customers only: 1-Year .Com registration for $6

Using coupon code NEWCOM until April 8 in 2019, you get your first .COM domain at for $5.88 for the first year. Registration privacy protection is included for free at NameCheap while you are a customer ~ unlike some other domain registrars… This is good for new customers to NameCheap only, and only for their first .com purchase for the first year of registration…

HostGator early Black Friday deals live

If you are looking for some budget web-hosting, Host Gator has launched some of their early Black Friday deals. With these type of services, you get the better bang for the buck with 3-year prepaid services. We used Hostgator for a number of the Noisy blogs back when there were many and more 🙂

And starting on Black Friday are various Name Cheap hosting deals. This blog is now hosted by NameCheap.

Prepaid 1-Year of NameCheap Basic Web Hosting for $12.44

Good until the night of 6/28/18, NameCheap has a hosting sale. Coupon code HOSTINGTRANSFER gets you 50% off on their entry-level Shared Hosting plan, making it $12.44 for the first year, instead of $24.88 per year. This is a prepaid 1-year plan. You can host up to three websites with it. This is for small websites/blogs and experiments. They also have specials on .com domain transfers with the coupons shown over there. And now NameCheap offers FREE WHOIS privacy protection forever – as long as you are a customer. This is not a limited time offer. It is available to new and existing customers!

Web: FREE WhoIS Domain Privacy Protection Forever at NameCheap

If you are looking to create new domains or transfer your existing domains to a new registrar, the budget-conscious NameCheap domain registrar is now offering FREE WhoIS domain privacy protection forever! This applies to both new customers and existing customers. Other domain registrars charge a lot for this service, eg $8/year at Godaddy and $10/year at Network Solutions. This protects you personal data (name, phone, address) from being listed in the public WhoIS database.

Domain registrations are also very reasonably priced at NameCheap and more specifically renewals are reasonably priced, for example, .com renewals are under $12. Many services offer great deals when you first register or transfer, but renewals are rarely discounted.

They also offer affordable shared hosting, $9 month-to-month or $90 prepaid for 1-year gets you unlimited websites hosted on SSD. Non-SSD is $5 month-to-month or $47 prepaid for one year.

Or if you prefer dedicated WordPress hosting they go for $30 per year per website (one website per dedicated WordPress account). As an introduction, the first year of dedicated WordPress hosting is $9.

(ENDED) Tue: Move Your Domain for $4 and They Donate to EFF

This promotion / Net Neutrality fundraiser ended with over $19,000 donated to EFF!

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Web Hosting Deals for Black Friday

And now some web hosting deals, because having websites as a working photographer is no longer not an option.

+ discounted web hosting at Host Gator with prices as low as $3.48/month for dedicated WordPress hosting. The lowest price is with a prepaid plan for the longest available plan. Prices increase with shorter prepaid durations and increase more if month to month. We use Hostgator for the main blog.

+ hosting and domain registration specials Name Cheap. We use NameCheap for domain registrations.

+ Bluehost Hosting Special for $2.65 peer month on a prepaid 36 month term on their Basic plan, plus a free domain. BlueHost is based in Utah so probably not a good match if you are planning to host adult or other controversial subject matter. Which becomes a plus if you prefer a web hosting service that does not host subject matter of that nature.

+ GoDaddy domain registration offers as low as $0.99 for the first year (future renewals will be at full price)

BlueHost 2-Day Sale on Prepaid One Website plans

If you are looking for web hosting for a single website/domain, BlueHost is having a 2-day Birthday Sale on their “Basic” plan. The sale is if you buy a 3-year or 5-year prepaid plan that averages to $2.65 per month. You pay the whole amount upfront. The 3-year prepaid plan is a one-time $95.40 fee, and the 5-year prepaid plan is a one-time $159 fee. Once the 3/5 years elapse, you can renew at the future current prices. It won’t renew at this sale price. Only the 3-year and 5-year plans are on sale.

I haven’t used BlueHost yet but it is at a similar level as Hostgator which I am using for the main blog. Note that BlueHost is based in Utah, so if you are planning to host any edgy or sensitive or adult material (as it pertains to the laws and regulations of the state of Utah), you may want to look for a different hosting service.

Strategically, you want to buy/register the domain at a different company from the one hosting your website, so you have more flexibility in case of technical or other issues. It’s a bit like the triple play of cable companies. The more interlinked things are, the more complicated can be to untangle them if you wish to do so later.

3 years of BlueHost Plus shared hosting service for $216 [prepaid in advance]

If you are looking for (shared) web hosting service, BlueHost is having a sale, which includes their Plus plan (unlimited websites) for $216 total when you prepay for three years (36 months). This comes out to $6/month but you don’t pay monthly. You prepay for the whole duration ($216 upfront) when you sign up. Once the 3yr promotion ends, you will pay the then-current rate (currently it is $10/month).

They also have the “Starter” plan for $126 total for 36 months (averages to $3.50 monthly) that only allows one website and has more limitations. It allows up to five sub-domains, so if you want to experiment/test things (new themes, new gallery plug-ins, etc) before you put them on the main site, you can use the sub-domains.

TIP: it is a good idea to keep your domain name at a different company from your webhosting company (even though this plan includes one free domain). This gives you more flexibility and choices.

NOTE: in recent months, things have taken an interesting twist in the world of budget web hosting. The Endurance International Group has purchased a lot of separate hosting companies, including Bluehost, Hostgator, Typepad, iPage, Fatcow and many more.

55% off Hostgator hosting with coupon

If you are looking for a shared web hosting service for your website or blog, Hostgator (which we use for the current iteration of the main blog, and previously used for the “camera reviews stream”) has a 55% off standard price sale when you use coupon REDCROSS15 until Wednesday May 6 at 11:59pm central. Coupon name is such because they are sponsoring the Red Cross Tour du Rouge Houston to New Orleans benefit.

IMPORTANT: The discount applies to the first payment you make. If you purchase a month to month plan, you get a discount on the first month and nothing more. If you purchase a prepaid plan (up to three years in length), your first payment is the total amount covering the whole period, and the 55% off is on the total amount. So if you are going month to month, this is a very small discount. On the other hand, if you are planning on a longer term plan, it’s a good discount.

Speaking of web related matters, Stacksocial’s Pay What You Want WordPress Theme Bundle gets you 15 WordPress themes if you meet or beat the average price of $7.84, and includes some photography-friendly themes. Here are the live-demo pages of those: Photex and Elevation and Magma and Novelti.

(ENDED) Monday: 75% off Hostgator hosting from 1am to 4am ET and 11am ET to 2pm ET

This flash sale expired…
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(ENDED) 24-hour Hostgator Web Hosting sale

This 24 hour promotion ended, but if you missed it, fear not – they return every few months…

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