Save the Date: 7/9/17 Giveaway Prize is Nikon D3400

Just like Black Friday starts a couple of weeks before the actual Black Friday, Prime Day seems to be extending backwards in time as well. Amazon is running daily giveaways in the run-up to Prime Day, and on Sunday 7/9/17 (one week before Game Of Thrones Season 7 begins), the giveaway will be the Nikon D3400 in black or red. This is shown in the Giveaway schedule in the Amazon app when you click on the giveaway notification.

Entering the Giveaway is Simple

You can enter any or all the available giveaways. Entering is simple, you watch a very short Amazon video (promoting various Prime features), then click on a yellow “Continue” button, and then you are presented with a bouncing box. You click on the box, and their computer will inform you whether you won or not. The screenshot below is for a current giveaway item for a CD from an indie British band…

Giveaway: Five Years of Adobe Creative Cloud membership

I normally don’t post Giveaways here, but this one might be of interest, you can win one Five Year Adobe Creative Cloud membership that includes all the Adobe software (not just the Photography Plan). It is a $3000 value, which is probably what the tax liability will be. It is offered at Stacksocial. Click on the “Read official rules” over there for the Terms/conditions of the Giveaway. This ends in about 21 days from today (around May 44, which translates to mid June 2016).