Target Green Monday: $20 off Every $100 you spent (max savings $100) [excludes DSLRs, Lenses, hot and popular brands)

DSLR and lenses are explicitly excluded from this promotion, along with many hot products and brands (Apple, Sonos, Google, Xbox, PS4, Samsung/LG TVs, and many more), but if what you want/need is not among the excluded items, you can save $20 off for every $100 you spend at the Target Green Monday sale. No coupon needed, it happens automatically when eligible items are in your shopping cart. Maximum savings from this offer is $100. In other words, if your order total is over $500, you get a flat $100 off discount.

The list of exclusions is in fine-print over there. I don’t know why they use fineprint (as in small font/text) on the internet since there is infinite space to make the important Terms and Conditions of an offer READABLE and VISIBLE. Sneaky retailer practices exposed 🙂 Offer ends Tuesday 3am ET. Rant ends 🙂

Monday: KEH USED Coupon: 10% off Cameras, 15% Lenses, 20% off Accessories

It’s Green Monday with a new coupon promotion at KEH Camera. Coupon code GREEN17A gets you a discount depending on the product category:

+ 10% off Cameras
+ 15% off Lenses
+ 20% off Accessories
+ coupon works on USED items only
+ offer ends Monday at 11:59pm ET
+ used items purchased in “BGN” (or better) condition get a 365-day instead of a 180-day warranty

NewEgg Green Monday Sale (2000+ options)

NewEGG dropped their Green Monday sale with over 2000 participating. You can use the various categories and sub-categories on the left hand side of their desktop website to filter by areas of interest. This is a DIY adventure as I cannot digest 2000+ listings on the fly 🙂

Green Monday: 20% off most things at Monoprice

Monoprice is celebrating Green Monday with their best coupon, coupon code 20GREEN gets you 20% off most things at the Monoprice website. There are exclusions to the coupon as usual, but you can test the coupon and get a S&H estimate without logging in or creating an account. There is no minimum purchase amount for this coupon, that’s what makes it the best Monoprice coupon!

50% off select products at Nat Geo Store

The National Geographic Store is having a new promotion, 50% off select Books, DVDs and select Maps. Offer does not apply to Personalized Kids Books (2004403, 2004402, 2004404, 2004405). The discount is applied automatically at checkout. Offer expires 12/11/17 at 11:59pm pacific. Free shipping with orders of $75+.

(ENDED) Sunday: 20% off $150+ Monoprice orders w/coupon

These offers expired…

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Holiday Specials Under $500 at B&H

B&H Photo is running a Holiday Sale under $500 at the moment, with a variety of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, lenses, and photo accessories participating. The list is sorted in price order, not everything in the sale is $499 🙂 This is an ever-scrolling page, hit the “Load More” to see more and more offers.

eBay coupon: 20% off select items priced $25+ (max disco $50)

eBay is back with another coupon promotion, this one running until December 9 at 11am eastern. The coupon code PHOLIDAY20 gets you 20% off eligible items from 106 eBay sellers with an individual price of $25 or more. The maximum discount with the coupon is $50. Each eBay user can use the coupon twice during the promotional period.

Over 90 items are listed under the Camera & Photo category. As usual, keep in mind that there are all kinds of sellers on eBay offering products in various conditions and warranty situations!

Microsoft begins 12 Days of Deals

If you are interested in Microsoft products and Windows and Xbox related products, the official Microsoft Store has started their 12 Days of Deals promotion, with, as the name suggests, 12 days of different offers.

And if you are looking for a historical Windows Phone piece, the unlocked Alcatel IDOL 4S is on sale for $169 with free shipping.

PSA: UPS Delivery Delays

It’s not just you. The waves and waves of Black Friday and Cyber Monday online orders have slowed down the Logistics experts at UPS, so much so that they have issued an advisory of delays and package overload/overflow.

If any of those packages were shipped with Amazon Prime 2-Day delivery, and missed their delivery estimate, you may be eligible to get an additional month added to your Prime account. This may be at the discretion of the customer service employee but it’s one of the Prime Benefits. I believe there is a (written or unwritten) limit of one monthly extension per month per Prime member.

This is one of the reasons Amazon offers $1 digital credits (or other checkout incentives) to encourage shoppers to select the slow shipping method for non-important / non-time-sensitive purchases. You probably don’t want a brand new tilt-shift lens toiling away in slow-shipping hell, but a book can be just fine floating in shiplandia for weeks and weeks 🙂 It’s also important to note that “slow shipping” does not necessarily mean it will arrive a lot later, it’s just that it’s not guaranteed to arrive quicker.

BL: Rent 7+ Days, Get 7 Days FREE

Borrow Lenses is back with another promotion. If you place a rental order with a duration of seven days or more, you will get seven days free. The offer is explained in detail with a screenshot from their email better than I can do with paragraphs and paragraphs of text 🙂

25% off REI Clearance until 12/10/17

Good until December 10 in 2017, REI is running a clearance sale on their website and at their B&M stores. Especially of interest for photographers who spent a lot of time in the great outdoors.

Adorama 48 Hour Cyber Monday II

Adorama is running what they call a 48-hour Cyber Monday 2.0 sale using their new visual format. Since the clock is ticking, I’m posting this now, because it may take a few hours before I can go though it all…

PSA: Weekly KEH Deals NOT loaded yet

UPDATE 12/18/17: it looks like this weekly promotion ended… The page returns a 404…

UPDATE Tue 12/5/17 11am ET: both remain empty as of this recheck as well…

I haven’t forgotten the Weekly Coupon Sale at KEH (using coupon code KEHDEALS). As of the time of writing, the deals for this new week have not been loaded yet over there. I will be monitoring the situation and post a new post when they go live.

PS: also empty is the Olympus Outlet store. Lots of stores are reading Suzuki Roshi these days 🙂

(ENDED) Monday: Meh’s version of a Woot-Off

This expired… is having its own version of a Woot-Off, in what they call a Meh-rathon with various items offered throughout the day. Items have a countdown clock on them, but they can end earlier if they sell out. As usual, this is a very YMMV situation.

2-Day Monoprice coupon: 20% off orders of $150+

Monoprice is back with another weekend coupon, use coupon code 20BURR to get 20% off orders of $150+ on almost everything at the Monoprice website. The usual exclusions apply. You can test the coupon and get a S&H estimate in the shopping cart (no such as thing as Prime or Free Super Saver shipping at Monoprice) without logging on or creating an account. Simply add items of interest to cart, enter coupon, and enter zipcode to get price and S&H estimates. The coupon expires Saturday night.

UPDATE: not eligible for the coupon, but it is part of the weekend sales, the 27″ Monoprice 2560×1440 AHVA WQHD w/ Pixel Perfect Display Guarantee Only is on sale for $250 with free shipping.

Friday coupon: $10 off $40+ orders at Rakuten

Rakuten is back with another coupon. For Friday 12/1/17 (Happy December!) coupon code GIFT10 gets you $10 off a purchase of $40+ at the Rakuten website. The usual coupon exclusions apply. More details at their website.

National Geographic Store Cyber Monday sale

The National Geographic Store too is participating in the Cyber Monday festivities by having a Flash Sale of their own, featuring an assortment of their usual products. Free shipping with orders of $50+.

Cyber Monday Sales at Tech Rabbit

If you like previous generation tech products or refurbished or in new-other condition, backed by a seller warranty, clearance specialist Tech Rabbit is running their Cyber Monday doorbusters as well. Every time on their website gets free shipping, even those selling for $3! No coupons needed, the price you see is the price you pay.

The sale includes the Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone with 14MP Full HD 1080p Wide-Angle Camera $100 with free shipping and handling and a seller warranty included. Only the red color scheme is available. The other colors sold out.

NewEgg launches Cyber Monday Promo Codes sale

NewEGG is back with another CyberMonday Promo Codes sale. Some of the offers require the use of promo codes which you get from the NewEgg email newsletters. If you see something you like, you can sign up on the spot and use the promo codes using the box at the very top of their sale page.

Monday: Woot Sellout/Holidays Woot-OFF

Woot is celebrating Cyber Monday with a Holiday/Sellout Woot-OFF running until Tuesday at 1am ET. Anything and everything goes in the Sellout Woot, including camera gear. Woot Sellout often gets renamed during Holidays or special events. Shipping is a $5 flat fee for any purchases made during the whole Black Cyber Friday-Monday time period. As usual, I have no clue what’s coming up at the Woot OFFs, so it’s like a box of chocolates 🙂

(ENDED) Get 5% KEH bonus when you Sell Your Own Gear

This 24-hour promotion expired…

Cyber Monday is over and KEH is having a Sell Your Own Gear Tuesday! Good until Tuesday 11:59pm ET, you can get a 5% bonus when you get a quote to Sell Your Own Gear to KEH Camera using coupon code SYG11A over there. This coupon will not get you a discount if you want to buy used gear. You get the 5% bonus only if you get a quote to sell your own gear to KEH.

Cyber Monday Only: KEH Coupon: $50/$300+ OR $100/$600+ OR $200/$1000+

Cyber Monday is here in the Eastern Time zone and so is the KEH Camera Cyber Monday deal: use coupon code CYBER17A to get a discount depending on your purchase amount:

+ $50 off orders of $300+
+ $100 off orders of $600+
+ $200 off orders of $1000+
+ the same coupon CYBER17A gets you the discount based on the order amount at KEH Camera

Used gear purchases in “BGN” (Bargain) or better condition, made until 12/31/17, get a 365-day KEH warranty instead of the usual 180-day warranty. Items in lower conditions, “AS IS” and “UG (UGLY)” do not get any warranty (for obvious reasons, if something does not work or partially works, what’s the point of a warranty?).

Three Stacksocial Cyber Monday coupons (20% to 40% off)

It’s raining Cyber Monday now! Stacksocial has a trio of coupons for Cyber Monday as follows:

+ coupon CYBER20 for 20% off site-wide
+ coupon CYBER40 for 40% off courses (eg various photography, Adobe, DSLR classes), apps, and software
+ coupon CYBERM255 for $25 off an order of $100+

Use whichever coupon will get you the best discount depending on what you are planning to buy. If you are not sure what category a product fits in, try all the coupons out and see what gets you the best deal 🙂

Dell Cyber Monday Doorbusters start Monday 8am ET

Dell Home’s Cyber Monday Doorbusters will officially start on Monday at 8am eastern over there, but as usual, they already have some “appetizer sales” in progress. The Dropbox $60/$25 promotion continues (at the very bottom of that page).

20% off select Electronics/Camera Gear at AWD

The Cyber Monday festivities also reach the Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD), Amazon’s used marketplace where both Amazon itself and the various marketplace sellers (from big sellers to individuals) offer used and refurbished and open-box products on sale.

The current of 20% off sales includes some products in “Computers & Accessories” and “Cameras & Accessories” and “LCD Monitors” and “Laptops” and more.

NewEGG launches Cyber Monday sale

NewEGG has launched their Cyber Monday sale fashionably early. Over 4500 items are participating. I’m too sleepy to dig through all them right now 🙂

(ENDED) Cyber Monday: 20% off most things at Monoprice

Cyber Monday is over, and so are its coupons…

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B&H Website Has Re-Opened!

The B&H Photo website has re-opened after their usual Sabbath closing! If you haven’t finished with your Black Friday weekend shopping there, you can get started again. Some places to look at B&H Photo:

+ 2017 Black Friday Specials page with 146 options

+ Massive Apple Sale (Macbooks, iPads, etc)

+ Sigma Lens Sale (92 options)

+ Featured Sales page

25% off Purchases of Used Gear at BorrowLenses

Borrow Lenses rents gear, but they also re-sell rental gear to consumers. They now have a sale on used gear, for purchase (not rental) by consumers. And the coupon code shown in the screenshot below gets you 25% off purchases of used camera gear:


Speaking of used camera gear, the KEH Camera Black Friday promotion continues! It is a 3-day promotion, running until Sunday night. Coupon code BF17A gets you a discount depending on what product you buy:

+ 25% off the Featured Items at the Promotional page
+ 10% off all other Cameras and Lenses
+ 25% off Accessories

Woot OFF at Sellout; also $5 flat shipping until Monday night

Woot has a trio of Woot-OFFs for Black Friday, the only one that could have camera/tech related gear is the Woot Sellout Woot-OFF (renamed Woot Holiday)… Meanwhile one of the day-long deals are refurbished Pixels (first gen; with headphone jack) starting at $330.

They also have some longer running deals, headlined among the Electronics by the previously mentioned half a dozen Canon DSLRs and a superzoom.

The other big thing at Woot is that you pay $5 flat shipping for everything you buy from now until Cyber Monday night. So instead of the usual 24 hour Texan time zone, it’s a 96 hour Texan time zone window.

(ENDED) KEH Camera Black Friday coupon: 25% off Featured Products, 10% off Cameras and Lenses, 25% off Accessories

This 3-day coupon expired…

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Black Friday Only: 20% off at Stacksocial

Black Friday is here and for Friday only, Stacksocial is offering 20% off on almost everything on their website using coupon code BFRIDAY20 over there. Some exclusions may apply.

Black Friday Only: 20% off almost everything at Monoprice

Black Friday is here in the pacific time zone, and the Monoprice Black Friday is upon us. Use coupon code BF2017 to take 20% off almost everything at their website without a minimum purchase requirement. EXCLUDED are doorbusters, some sales items, where prohibited by law, cash-like equivalents (eg house gift cards), and any brands that disallow couponing on their products.

Top 100 Adorama Black Friday deals

Are you pressed for time and don’t want to sift through a lot of things? Adorama has created a handy Top 100 Black Friday Deals offered on their website. You can browse through the top 100 or use the sub-categories on the left-hand side to zero-in on areas of interest. This is a new visual style, more user friendly!

NewEgg 24-hour Black Friday sale

NewEgg too launched a brand new 24 Hour Black Friday sale with a variety of offers. As usual with NewEGG, some of the offers may require the use of promo codes which you can use by signing up to their email newsletters. It’s easier than it sounds, they have details at the top of the page. I am too brain-dead to go through the NewEgg BF sale, so that’s a DIY adventure 🙂

Rakuten Black Friday: 20% off almost everything (max discount $40 off)

Rakuten has a “make your own deal” type of a Black Friday! Coupon code BF20 gets you 20% off almost everything at their website. The usual exclusions apply (cash-equivalent items not eligible, some brands don’t allow coupons, some products cannot be legally discounted, etc). The maximum discount is $40 using the coupon (in order words, purchases over $200 get a flat $40 off discount if my math is right). The coupon expires on Saturday at 3am ET.

eBay launches Black Friday Ads “Meet or Beat” page

eBay is innovating too in the ever-changing world of Black Friday madness. They have now launched a Black Friday Price Matching page where they meet or beat some of the advertised offers from the Black Friday ads. As of the time of writing, there are 88 listings there, a few of them are tech items, but no camera gear. I will monitor it (on a time permitting basis) to see if anything pops up.

Speaking of eBay and price-matching, the official BOSE eBay store has price-matched their own Black Friday offers 🙂

Speaking of eBay, here’s an appetizer doorbuster, the 8GB Transcend Class 10 SD card is offered for $5 with free shipping by PhotoVideo4Less (New York). Limit two per customer.

All the posts are sprawling today, so might as well, while we are talking eBay, the official Google eBAY store has their own Black Friday specials running with free shipping:
+ Google Chromecast for $25
+ Google Chromecast Audio for $25
+ Google Home for $79
+ limit three of each per customer

Black Friday deals at Focus Camera

Waves and waves of deals, these are the focus Camera Black Friday Deals, click on the big tabs (cameras, lenses, tripods, etc) to see all the details. Due to time constraints I can’t break them down further…

(ENDED) Amazon’s Black Friday has 37 Deals of the Day

These lighting deals expired… For the latest, check our string of Gold Box posts

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B&H Black Friday Specials (119 options)

B&H Photo has launched their 2017 Black Friday Specials page with 119 different items listed. You can filter them by manufacturer or other factors. I will “digest” these later on Thursday. 119 is a lot to digest late at night while spaced out 🙂

20% off select Electronics at Amazon Warehouse Deals

If you feel like doing the digital equivalent of sifting through a giant bargain bin, Amazon Warehouse Deals has an additional 20% off discount on a number of electronics (including camera gear) offered on their website. Only a subset of the items are eligible.

No coupon is needed. The price will drop in the shopping cart. Eligible items have a 20% off next to their price/listing on the individual price pages. Only items sold and shipped by Amazon Warehouse Deals itself are eligible. Screenshot below:

BorrowLenses: 20% off with coupon and FREE Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Borrowlenses is back with a new coupon. Using coupon code BF2017 you get 20% off your rental amount. If your rental period happens to include Thanksgiving and Black Friday (the actual days), then those two days are FREE! Everything is explained as usual in their email, screenshot below:

NewEgg launches Black Friday Sale (3400+ options)

NewEgg has launched their Black Friday with over 3400 items participating. This started at 4pm ET.

You can make the deals even better when you take advantage of the Masterpass promotion. Pay with Masterpass for orders of $200+ and use coupon code MPBF17 to get $25 off the $200+ total. Details at the aforelinked page. The Masterpass coupon expires 11/22/17 at 11:59pm pacific time. Masterpass is the Mastercard parallel to VISA Checkout.

UPDAT 5:15pm ET: it looks like there is little and less in terms of digital camera offers at their sale. I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise, NewEgg is a general tech website, and they move with the trends and hype of the tech world.

PayPal coupon: $15 off $75+ order at Monoprice

PayPal sent by email a new coupon offer to their customers and this time the coupon code looks like it is general use, but I don’t know if anyone can use it or only those who received it. Coupon code PAYPAL2017 gets you $15 off a purchase of $75+ at the Monoprice website IF you pay for your order with PayPal (not other payment options). The coupon expires 11/22/17. Exclusions apply.

Speaking of Monoprice, for Monday 10/20/17, coupon code MARVEL gets you 20% off orders of $300+.

KEH offers 365-day warranty on USED purchases made by 12/31/17

This is huge for used camera gear purchases. For used camera gear purchases made until 12/31/17, KEH Camera is offering a 365 Day Warranty instead of their usual 180 Day Warranty. The details are at the aforelinked page. Items that are covered by this range from “BGN” (Bargain condition) all the way up to “LN” (Like New). Items below “BGN” such as “AS IS” are not eligible for the warranty as usual. No coupon is needed for this offer, it happens automatically on purchases made until 12/31/17.

This brings their current limited time used coupon to new light: running until Saturday 4pm ET, coupon code PBF17A gets you 15% off most used camera gear and 25% off 700+ featured used camera gear at the KEH Camera Pre BF sale. Coupon only works on used camera gear.

Given that most cameras come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty anyway, you are getting the same duration as KEH, and some, depending on their experience dealing with manufacturer warranties (just read some of the Samsung never-ending warranty stories), would argue that they’ll get better warranty service from KEH than the manufacturer.

(ENDED) KEH coupon: 15% off USED Gear, 25% off Featured Used Gear

This 40-hour coupon expired…

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Staples B&M Rewards Members: Recycle Old Gear, Get $10 off $30+ coupon

If you have old cameras, printers, camcorders or any other electronics that have a very low resale value or would take forever to sell in the used market, and if you are a fan of the Staples B&M stores, and a member of their Rewards program, for the week of November 12-18 (Saturday night) in 2017, at their B&M stores, if you recycle old electronics, they will give you a coupon for $10 off a future purchase of $30+. A complete list of what recyclable electronics they accept can be found on their Recycling Promotional page (includes modems, cordless phones, fax machines, dvd players, calculators, keyboards, mice, etc).

PRO TIP: if you have more than one item to recycle, and want more than one coupon, you can always go there on different days/times and recycle them one by one or in smaller quantities 🙂 A list of items they don’t accept is also listed (TVs, floor speakers, lamps, bulbs, large servers, kitchen electronics, etc).

Their Rewards program is free to join and participate.

NewEgg Pre Black Friday Sale with 1000+ items

NewEgg launched a new Pre-Black Friday sale with over 1000 items participating. Use the various tabs up top and the left sidebar over there to filter them by products or areas of interest. I will try to digest these later today! If only I was IBM’s Watson I would have done so already in the time it took to write this sentence 🙂

(ENDED) Thursday coupon: $10 off $50+ orders at Rakuten

This 1-day coupon expired…

For Thursday 11/16/17 until 11:59pm pacific time, coupon code GIFT10 gets you $10 off a purchase of $50+ at the Rakuten website. The usual coupon restrictions apply.