B&H Depth of Field Deals: Cameras, Lenses, Accessories, Etc

In parallel to the previously mentioned Depth of Field Conference, B&H Photo is also running an assorted set of Trade Show deals. Among them you can find:

+ 124 Camera offers including Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic and a hint of Sigma too

+ 307 Lenses of DSLR and Mirrorless kind from the camera manufacturers mentioned above along with 125 lens options from Sigma [keep in mind many of their lenses are available in different mounts, each one counts as a separate option] and 25 from Tamron [not Tokina]

+ 279 Photo Accessories including battery grips, flashes, bags, memory cards, stabilizer-y things, etc, etc, etc

+ 219 options under Computers which includes actual computers, hard drives, software, tablets, etc, etc, etc

+ 212 Lighting options including strobe, on-camera, triggers, backgrounds, LEDs, etc, etc, etc

+ 32 options under Video which includes camcorders, drones, and stabilizer-y things among others

+ that’s over 1200 options out there, I can’t possibly summarize them all here – head on over to the Trade Show offers pages to see and filter and sub-filter them based on your areas of interest…

eBay Bucks Changes: 1% Base Tier goes away

If you are participating in the eBay Bucks rewards program, eBay is making changes to the program starting April 1st in 2021. More specifically, you will no longer earn the base 1% on qualifying purchases. The program however is not shutting down. It will continue by offering “Bonus Bucks” promotions. One silver lining of the changes, rewards earned on April 1 in 2021 (and later) will be valid for 12 months…

More details at the updated eBay Help pages

Amazon Outlet Sale has 75 C&P items

Not to be confused with Amazon Warehouse Deals which sells used items, Amazon has an Outlet store which sells new condition overstock items. As of the time of writing they have nearly 9000 items. You can use the left-hand side categories over there to filter them by areas of interest.

They have 75 items under the Camera & Photo Outlet of the C&P (= Camera & Photo) accessory kind. No cameras, no lenses. Except for a couple of generic kids cameras that is.

Of related interest is the Electronics Outlet with over 830 items as of the time of writing…

These are not daily deals. They are on-going overstock outlet offerings which have their own schedule (or mayhaps determined by the Amazon AI Price Bots, who knows…)

Deal History: List of all 100+ Tuesday Woot-Off deals (for Reference Only)

Now this paragraph is of historic interest. The Tuesday Woot-OFF is OVER. But during the Woot-off on Tuesday there were some technical difficulties. To counter that, for a few hours, Woot launched all the Woot-OFF deals at once. This is a list of 100+ items. If you were always curious to see what items are offered in a Woot-OFF but didn’t want to sit through it throughout the day, this list is a pretty good indicator of what they offer. This was the “Clearance/Sellout” sub-Woot Woot-Off…

Yes, this is the launch of our new “Deal History Channel” 🙂 We’re also planning a “Deal Shark Week” and a “Mega Deal Twilight Zone Marathon” 😉

Woot-OFF Tuesday 8am to 10pm Central

A Woot teaser reveals that on Tuesday 1/19/21 between 8am and 10pm central time there will be another incarnation of the Woot-OFF at the Woot website. The teaser does not indicate which sub-Woots will participate ~ it will be revealed when it goes live on Tuesday at 8am central time…

UPDATE: among the Tuesday Best Buy daily deals is the recurring Joby GorillaPod Creator Kit offered for $50…

UPDATE #2: to the Amazon USA Gold Box we go where they have on sale the Fire HD 8 and HD 10 tablets, but the headliner of today’s deals is the new condition Acer Spin 5 convertible laptop for $840 with up to two per customer at the sale price. This is 13.5″ IPS Touch (2256 x 1504), i0th gen Core i7-1065-G7, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe, backlit keyboard, fingerprint, Active stylus (with Wacom AES 1.0), Wifi 6, promised long battery life, various USB ports (two Thunderbolt 3), microSD card reader, Bluetooth 5, HDMI 2.0, 360-degree dual torque hinge, 2.65 lbs, etc, etc, etc…

Since it’s limit two, you can buy one for yourself and send one to me too 😉

UPDATE #3: the latest round of Adorama daily deals is good until Wednesday at 10am eastern:

+ Kodak 10″ Touch Screen Rechargeable Digital Photo Frame Wi-Fi Enabled with HD Photo Display for $120

+ Zendure A2 6700mAh Crush-Proof Portable Charger for $15

Amazon Warehouse Deals Limited Time Clearance

Amazon Warehouse Deals, Amazon USA’s used resale persona is having a big Clearance sale for a limited time only. The sale includes over 2000 selections in the Camera and Photo categories… You can further filter them over there by sub-category, price-range, etc… Too many to list here individually obviously…

B&H’s Free Next Day Shipping promotion

Unpredictable COVID delays side, B&H Photo is running their customary Free Next Day Shipping promotion (with expedited handling) during the holiday shopping period…

Eligible items mention this promotion on their listing with the airplane-emoji “Free Next Day Delivery” text in the listings [see above] or the individual product pages. No coupon code is needed. You are eligible for this while this promotion is running – look for the options in the shipping.

This offer is only good for the US and only for items that are ready to ship right now. “Next Day” shipping won’t do you any good (holiday gift-giving and gift-buying wise) for something that will be in-stock in February 🙂

(CANCELED) Leftovers Tuesday: 10% off USED with coupon at KEH Camera

This Tuesday-only offer got cancelled…

[Read more…]

Cyber Monday: 10% off USED with coupon at KEH Camera

Cyber Monday is here at KEH Camera, offering 10% off many things until Cyber Monday 11/30/20 at 11:59pm ET using coupon code BF20A in the shopping cart over there.

They have exclusions are usual: no NEW condition products, no Leica-branded products, no “USED – Like New”, and no “Digital Photography Starter Kits”. If there’s anything left that is not excluded, enjoy the coupon 😉

B&H launches their Cyber Monday Deals too!

B&H Photo has launched their Cyber Monday 2020 deals too, which you can find by paging down and paging down and paging down until your mouse gets tired 🙂 Too many to list individually here… [for a breakdown of their daily deals check our earlier post…]

Separately they have a No Interest IF Paid in 24 Months promotion using the B&H Financing Credit Card. Check the terms and conditions and restrictions (they have nice FAQs) at the aforelinked page.

Note that the B&H Financing Card mentioned in the paragraph above is a SEPARATE product from the previously mentioned B&H PayBoo card…

Adorama launches their Cyber Monday Deals (1800+) and their Top 100 Cyber Monday Deals

Adorama has launched their Cyber Monday deals with over 1800 options participating. You can use the categories and options on the left hand side to filter them (eg by brand). Over 1140 of them are in Photography and another 210+ are in Video.

But if you are pressed for time and don’t want to go through 1800 items, Adorama has you covered as well, they have also launched their Top 100 deals. Just like their Top 100 Black Friday, these are organized in blocks by product category (eg cameras, lenses, computers, etc). If you want to see a lot more click on the “See All” at the top right corner of each category block…

B&H Online Checkout is OPEN again!

IF you had been waiting to finalize and place your order at B&H Photo, they are back after their customary Sabbat closing and their website is accepting orders once again!

Check out their Black Friday / Cyber Monday offerings for ideas…

10% off USED with coupon at KEH Camera until Sunday night

They are back with a general purpose coupon, KEH Camera is offering 10% off many things until Sunday 11/29/20 at 11:59pm ET using coupon code BF20A in the shopping cart over there.

They have exclusions are usual: no NEW condition products, no Leica-branded products, no “USED – Like New”, and no “Digital Photography Starter Kits”. If there’s anything left that is not excluded, enjoy the coupon 😉

Top 100 Black Friday deals at Adorama

Black Friday, the actual day, can be a huge information overload, especially if you are interested in products that fall into different categories and types. To help with that, Adorama is running a Top 100 Deals page that lists what are in their opinion their Top 100 deals. Each product category has L and R arrows to see more in the slider type thing, and of course it has a “See All” to see a lot more products of that type…

YMMV: MyBestBuy $5 Bonus Certificate (expires Sat PM)

This is a YMMV! If you are participating in the Best Buy rewards program (“My Best Buy”), check your Inbox for an email from Best Buy titled “Drop Everything”. Inside you will find a “click to activate” offer that gets you a $5 bonus certificate that expires on 11/28/20 at night. This can be used online or in-store. I am at the entry-level Best Buy rewards tier and haven’t purchased anything from them in a while, so it may be a “reactivate inactive users” type of a promotion. It’s also possible that customers in higher reward tiers may be offered a higher amount, the “spend more to profit (for them) / save (for the consumer) more” philosophy 🙂

Here’s a screenshot of the relevant part in the email:

PS: it is possible the offer may have been in earlier emails as well, but with the avalanche of Black Friday emails, I’m not able to open them all or read every one of them end to end. If only I was a 16-core Ryzen, instead I’m a 2010 Celeron 😉

PSA: place your B&H Photo Black Friday orders before 4:30pm ET on Friday!

If you are planning to jump on the B&H Photo Black Friday deals, make sure you place your orders before 4:30pm ET on Friday. As usual, B&H observes Shabbat, and online ordering is not available between Friday 4:30pm eastern and Saturday 5:45pm eastern. You can place items in the shopping cart but you cannot checkout.

Amazon has a Brick and Mortar Black Friday: Spend $60+, Get $15 off (exp Sunday night)

How things have changed! Amazon now has a Brick and Mortar Black Friday Deal. That’s right! This offer is good at Amazon’s brick and mortar “Amazon Books” (bookstores) and “Amazon 4-Star” (B&M stores that stock highly-rated high-demand items). If you spend $60+ on a single purchase, you will get $15 off. The offer ends 11/29/20 at 11:59pm pacific ~ more realistically, at store closing time, I guess the Amazon “terms and conditions” writers have not gotten used to brick and mortar expiration times 🙂

Excluded are Apple, Bose, Nintendo, Ugg, alcohol, and Oculus products.

Not sure if you have an “Amazon Books” or an “Amazon 4 Star” (not Amazon 4Chan!) store near you? Check this page that lists the (currently modest) amount of Amazon B&M stores. Modest if you don’t count Whole Foods that is 🙂

25% off USED gear PURCHASES with COUPON at BorrowLenses

In addition to renting camera gear, Borrow Lenses also sells used gear direct to the consumer. If you want to buy used gear from their website, good until 12/7/20 at 11:59pm, coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020 gets you 25% off used gear purchases at their website. The coupon cannot be used for rentals, only purchases of used gear…

B&H’s PayBoo card saves you the Sales Tax at B&H

If you live in a state that collects sales tax on online purchases, and you are shopping or plan to shop at B&H Photo, their PayBoo payment card can save you the sales tax. Legally of course because B&H pays it on your behalf. The process is like this:

  • pay for the B&H purchase with the PayBoo card, eg $1000 lens
  • your Payboo card is charged $1000 for the lens and $80 for the sales tax (assuming your state has an 8% sales tax)
  • so you paid the sales tax
  • then the PayBoo card automatically deducts $80 from your amount due, making it be $1000, the price of the lens
  • you can use the PayBoo card like a payment card (eg classic AMEX) or like a credit card with a revolving credit
  • if you use it like a revolving credit card, check the interest rates first
  • PayBoo can only be used at B&H, it is not a Visa/Mastercard/etc
  • all the details at the PayBoo website

Black Friday deals portal at Adorama

Adorama has launched their Black Friday deals portal page highlighting some of the best offers per category and then linking to the rest of them (eg the the 83 camera kits). This is best viewed with a wide(r) computer monitor for the easiest browsing experience… More on these later on…

(ENDED) BL Rentals: 15% off and potentially two free days [ends Wedn 4pm ET]

This offer expired…

[Read more…]

Singles Day 2020 is Here at Chinese Retailers

Singles Day 2020 is here, November 11, and with it there’s plenty of sales in-progress at Chinese websites (that ship world-wide and have English versions of their websites) including:

+ GearBest, the one I placed most orders with, and has a more organized, less chaotic website
+ Top Tech Feast sale; just not a “Feast for Crows” 🙂
+ $5 off an $80+ PayPal order

+ Alibaba

+ Alibaba’s more western-facing AliExpress
+ that red thing with white inside you may see in product listing search-results, that’s 11 11 written in white on a red background, noting that a product is participating in 11-11 sales; it took me a few minutes to realize I must admit 🙂

+ DH Gate

+ Bang Good, it is indeed a retail website, do not let the name scare you 😉

+ Geek Buying because the geeks will not only inherit the earth but will also buy it 😉

+ Light In The Box

+ Deal Extreme (as of the time of writing it appears to be down per Cloudfare)

+ if you have any other favorites that you found good deals, please feel free to post them in the comments or use the online contact form

As usual, a number of the websites have “lightning type of deals”, and those require some luck because the world market for these websites is decidedly over 1 billion shoppers…

PS: since the names are so close, let’s also make Singles Day a Shingles Awareness Day!

PS2: since the names are exactly the same, we must needs also make today a 45rpm Singles Day appreciation day! The good old and new days of vinyl!

First Wave of Holiday Shopping arrives at B&H

The first wave of holiday shopping has arrived at the B&H Photo website… You can peruse the offers in different ways as usual… More on these later on, I have not yet entered “Black Friday” mode 🙂

Adorama 48-hour Flash Sale ends Wedn 11:59pm ET

I almost missed this one completely while I was lost in a sea of Prime Deals BUT there’s still time, Adorama is running a 48 hour sale that is good until Wednesday 10/14/20 at 11:59pm eastern…

+ Sony a7R II body with Flashpoint TTL R2 flash with intergrated R2 radio transceiver for $1298
+ optionally, “create a bundle and save” and get combined purchase discounts if you purchase this together with select Zeiss or Sigma or Tamron or Laowa or Rokinon lenses; they are all listed over there when you expand the aforementioned “Special Offer” section over there

+ 2TB Seagate Expansion Portable External HDD for $53
+ not so long ago $50~ was the 1TB floor price

+ 6TB Seagate Expansion Portable External HDD for $95

+ Vivitar 52mm 3-Piece Solid Neutral Density Filter Kit with ND2, ND4 & ND8 for $5

+ Flashpoint Zoom TTL R2 Flash With Integrated R2 Radio Transceiver for Canon (TT685C) for $99
+ only the Canon is $99; the rest are $110

Too many to list here individually, check them all out at the Adorama 48 hour sale

Prime Day 2020 is October 13 and 14 [early deals already in progress]

If you are a Prime member or don’t object to starting a strategic 30-day trial, Amazon has announced that their 2020 Prime Day is happening October 13 and 14 in 2020, a 2-day affair. You have to be a Prime member (paid or on a free trial) to participate in the sale-a-bration…

But you don’t have to wait, as of the time of writing, at the aforelinked page, Amazon is already running some “Early Prime Day Deals” as follows:

+ sign up for a new 100GB Prime Photos plan, and get an additional 100GB for the duration of your annual or month-to-month agreement

+ Spend $10+ on Small Business and get $10 to spend on Prime Day; details over there

+ two Echo Dots (3rd generation) for $40 total

+ 43″ Toshiba Fire TV HD for $180

+ share a photo, win a $1000 gift card

Additionally, at Amazon Germany Prime Day Early Deals they offer:

+ 30% off on Amazon.de Business orders of up to 300 euro

20% off Certified Used BorrowLenses Purchases

BorrowLenses, the website, is having a sale on certified used camera gear. Use coupon code USED2020 to get a 20% off discount. The sale ends on 9/25/20 at 11:59pm pacific. More details on the heavily annotated screenshot crop below…

This particular coupon can only be used on purchases of used gear, not towards the rental of camera gear…

Borrow Lenses Rental coupons: $25 off any rental [or $50 off a $250+]

If you want to test out some new gear, or want to use some gear that you wouldn’t want to buy, Borrow Lenses is having some coupon-y encouragement for you. Coupon code GEARUP2020 gets you $25 off any rental. Or if your rental-order is over $250, you get $50 off instead. The coupon is good for rentals only, not for purchases of used camera gear. Your order must be scheduled to be received by 9/11/20. One per customer…

Separately, they offer free 2-day shipping on rental orders over $149. This is on their website, no coupon is needed…

20% off one item with REI Outlet Labor Day coupon

REI Outlet fans, your time has come! Coupon code LABORDAY20 gets you 20% off a single item at the REI Outlet [formerly “REI Garage”]. Coupon expires Monday at 11:59pm… Restrictions and limitations and such apply [read them here]…

First Wave of B&H Photo Labor Day Deals is LIVE (98 options)

This year Labor Day is taking place as late as calendarily [new word; if it doesn’t exist already] possible, bringing it closer to Black Friday, although with the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, all is in flux… Regardless, doom and gloom is all around but how about some shopping fun?

B&H Photo has release their first round of Labor Day 2020 Deals with a total of 98 offerings, including Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fuji cameras, various laptops, electronics and gadgets and mo(i)re…

Save the Date: Week starting July 12 has Woot Birthday Specials

If you are a fan of the way of the Woot, they are planning a variety of sale-a-brations for their 16th birthday on Sunday July 12 in 2020, and continuing during the rest of the week. They are teasing a number of the offerings, along with whatever else goes live on the actual dates.

Of note, Friday July 17 will have a Birthday Woot-OFF running from 7am to 10pm central time… During the week of sale-a-brations they’ll also have Prime exclusive deals and more… Check the aforelinked forum link for all the details…