Pentax K-1 Body with Battery Grip and Extra Battery and Corel software and 32GB Extreme and more for $1700

The Pentax K-1 II is coming out soon for $2000 with a free battery grip [see Stock Status Tracker]. If you can’t wait or if you prefer the first generation Pentax K-1, its price has now dropped to $1700 at Adorama with free Overnight shipping along with the Pentax D-BG6 battery grip and an extra D-LI90 battery.

If you don’t need Overnight shipping and you are fine with free expedited shipping, you can trade the free Overnight for a handful of free accessories at Adorama:

+ the aforementioned D-BG6 battery grip and extra D-LI09 battery
+ the new Corel software bundle (four photo-related titles)
+ 61-inch Takama 3-section tripod with 3-way head
+ 32GB Sandisk Extreme PRO C10 UHS-I U3 V30 SDHC card
+ Adorama slinger bag
+ card wallet and cleaning kit

The same price/bundle but not with free overnight shipping (you get expedited shipping instead) is available at B&H Photo.

On the same listings, you will also find the K1 with 28-105 for $2400 with free battery grip and extra battery but no free overnight shipping option and no additional free accessories.

PS: the first generation K-1 is eligible for an optional +$550 upgrade to the K-1 II internals later in 2018