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Sunday: Hoya 82mm, AT Chrome, Apple Airpods MAX

Sunday is here, August is here, and good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) y’all can haz these B&H Photeaux Daily dEalz:

+ HoYa 82mm NXT Plus UV Filter for $47

+ Porta Brace Sack Pack (Small, Black) for $55~

+ Pelican 3330 PM6 Tactical Flashlight for $34~

+ Audio Technica AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone (Limited Edition Chrome) for $149
+ yes, that’s the Cylon Chrome πŸ™‚

+ Samsung Q60A 50″ Class HDR 4K UHD Smart QLED TV for $570 after automatic in-cart coupon

+ B+W Photo Clear Microfiber Cleansing Cloth (7.9 x 7.1″, Black) for $6~
+ the cloth is not B+W, that’s the brand name
+ PRO TIP: do not use brand names that can be confused with actual products or product colors πŸ™‚

At the Meh website you can haz a 2-pack of Brookstone branded 10W Qi charging pads for $10 plus shipping…

At the Woot dailies there’s tracing pads, Galaxy Tablets (S&D, $105 to $660) and the Apple AirPods MAX headphones for $470 in new condition with a 1-year warranty…

UPDATE: the current Adorama daily deal [changes Monday 10am ET] is the new condition 1TB Samsung T7 USB 3.2 Portable SSD going for $150 with free US shipping… This is in the “titan gray” color scheme. Actual Titans NOT included πŸ˜‰

A Scattered Round-Up of Daily Deals (of sorts)

We now have a scattered round-up of various daily deals and expiring-soons πŸ™‚

We start with the Adorama daily deal (changes Sunday 10am ET) where you can get the new condition Flashpoint M1 Mini Mobile Phone Flash (A1 Mini) for $15 with free US shipping…

Then at DiscountMAGS we go where the weekend sale theme (ends Monday night actually) is $5 per magazines per year. No camera/photo magazine but there are a few [not a lot like usual] “six degrees of separation” plus a little bit of an A/V theme under “Tech” (Stereophile and Sound-n-Vision [no, not the David Bowie box set])…

Good until August 1st, there’s an automatic in-cart sitewide 20% off discount with free US shipping at the RX Bar online shop. You see the regular price, then add the item(s) of interest to the shopping cart, and the 20% off discount appears there in the shopping cart. Note that some items have “natural flavors”. Note also that they recently expanded their product line-up and some of their new “nut butter packs” look like the RXbars on the flattened screen, so be sure you are buying the RXbars and not the nut-butter-packs [if that’s what you want]… I’ve eaten hundreds of Rxbars and look at where I am [this reads more like an anti-endorsement LOL]. My favorites in no particular order Maple Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate, and Coconut Chocolate… If you are new to this, try the Variety Packs… I haven’t tried any of their “breakfasty” stuff, so I can’t tell you anything about them [let’s not forget that cereal was invented as an anti-viagra way back; are you sure you want to be eating that? LOL {and that’s before we consider GMO, empty refined blood-sugar-spiking carbs, not-really-natural natural flavors, food colorings, food glueware, and other yucky things]

Is this turning into a Foodie Blog? Probably not πŸ™‚ Is it getting more random and out of control? Probably yes πŸ™‚

Then at the Saturday Woot daily deals we go where the headliner is a MacBook/MacMini sale ($520 to $1400), and there’s refurbished iMacs ($350 to $650), Birkenstocks for the corporate hippies, and more πŸ˜‰

Best advertisement for Macs? A picture of Windows and a picture of a 10-line Linux command line πŸ˜‰

THEN WE HEAD OFF to the Saturday Best Buy dailies where we find another iteration of the Insignia single-use battery sale, a $950 MSI gaming laptop, a $110 Vankyo mini projector, and such…

Then to the Saturday NewEGG dailies we go where we find a Samsung internal SSD, 12TB Seagate Expansion for $260 AC, LG TV, RAM, car digital meter, and all sorts of other techie thingies…

The Saturday Amazon USA Gold Box has more of a house theme, with offers on Echo Buds, Toshiba Smart Fire TV, under-the-desk elliptical, and more…

Joby sling strap, rain shields, mount kit, handheld stabilizer, drone sling, kodak digiframe, etc

FriYAY is here and as usual the B&H Photo daily deals last until SAturday 7/31/21 at 11:59pm ET but orders are not accepted Friday PM thru Saturday PM {check their websight for exacto times):

+ Joby UltraFit Sling Strap For Men (Charcoal, M to XL) for $17

+ Ruggard rain shields, three options, $13 to $15

+ ZiV Phone and GoPro Mount Kit for $5

+ YelanGu Handheld DSLR Camera Stabilizer (Blue) for $69

+ ManFrotto Aviator M1 Sling Bag for DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic Air for $35

+ Kodak 10″ Digital Picture Frame with Wi-Fi and Multi-Touch Display (Matte Black) for $100
+ for our younger readers, this is not Kodak the rapper, but once upon a time there was a world famous photography company named Kodak in Rochester in the great state of New York

Meanwhile at the FRIDAY Woot daily deals they have S&D (scratch and dent) iPads ($170 to $240), a Dewalt 20V work light (for the worklightographers), Snaptain drones ($16 to $95), and a $99 Corsair 5000D mid-tower PC case; a case for your computer, not your political correctness πŸ˜‰

UPDATE: the current Adorama daily deal (changes Saturday 10am ET) is the On-Stage ASVS6GB Pop Blocker with Clamp and Gooseneck going for $20…

1-Year CreativeLIVE Subscription for $109 after coupon

For new subscribers, CreativeLIVE has a surprise coupon for their 1-Year Creative LIVE subscription, their Netflix-style plan that lets you watch most of the online classes on their website for 1-year, Netflix-style for $109 thanks to limited time coupon code SUMMER40 entered over there.

I do not know when the coupon expires, presumably when it stops working πŸ™‚

The list of exclusions can be found by looking up the relevant question under the “See All FAQs” further down the page over there…

NIK Collection 4 for $100

Adobe may feel like they are the center of the photographic universe but they are not the only ones making imaging software!

If you want to join The Rebel Alliance, one of them Pixel Peeping Jedi is the NIK Collection, version 4, currently on sale for the next three days or so for $100 at the DXO online e-shop. This is for new customers. Existing customers can get an upgrade offer by logging into their account.

Separately, further down the page, on the left hand side, they have a bundle offer. You can get NIK together with dXO Pure RAW as a bundle, $190…

CreativeLIVE sale: $19 per class (many but not all)

CreativeLIVE is back with yet another sale, the summer heat is heating up their marketing offers πŸ˜‰ This is sale features $19 classes. Many of the individual classes on their website are on sale but not all of them. Check the individual product page of each class of interest to see if it’s on sale.

As usual, this is a limited time offer. I do not know when it is scheduled to expire…

Blog PSA: Feedburner Email Subscriptions Going Away!

We have a blog PSA alert! Google is changing Feedburner, the webservice we (and a lot of the internet) is using to create and manage the RSS of this blog.

Google is changing Feedburner, and in doing so, all non-core features are going away. One of the features that is going away is the RSS by email service.

If you are subscribed to this blog with Feedburner by email, through Feedburner, by mid-August, this service will NO LONGER WORK. The exact cut-off time is not known, and may float a little bit…

I will NOT be transferring the email subscriber list to any other service.

If you wish to have RSS via email, you must needs take action on your own. I am a few years behind on the latest RSS-related web services, so I have no clue which service(s) to recommend. If you use any and would like to recommend them, please leave them in the comments below…

For the last few years this blog has been running as a hobby ~ or mayhaps I’m just too stubborn to shut it down πŸ˜‰ Transitioning to one of the professional email services (they have monthly fees) is out of the question. I do not dare calculate costs (web hosting fees, etc) VS revenue (affiliate advertising income), because I’m afraid I may discover that it’s actually losing money ~ and that’s before you factor in the hours spent on this every year πŸ™‚

PS: this affects A LOT of websites, not just this blog. If you are subscribed to RSS by email for other websites, check if they have any alternatives or take action on your own…

PS2: if you are subscribed to regular Feedburner RSS through an RSS reader or RSS-like app, this should continue as usual. But as with any major web-related service transition (Google changing the Feedburner backend and infrastructure), there might be some unexpected temporary bumps on the road. The famous known unknowns πŸ˜‰

Thursday: PNY sale with SDXC, microSD, Flash Drives (17 options)

Amazon has yet to open a theme park but until Thursday 7/29/21 at 11:59pm pacific (or earlier if sold out), at the Amazon Gold Box Theme Park, you can ride the pony! Well, almost πŸ˜‰ You can participate the 17-item PNY storage sale that includes SD, microSD and flash drives…

+ 256GB PRO Elite SDXC (V30, U3, 4K, UHS-I, up to 100/90 MB/s) for $34.39

+ 512GB PRO Elite SDXC (UHS-I, C10, V30, U3, 4K) for $68

+ 512GB Elite Performance SDXC (C10, U3, UHS-I) for $63

+ 5-pack of 16GB PNY High Performance SDHC (U1, C10, UHS-I, up to 85MB/sec) for $17.49
+ comes out to $3.50 per card

+ five microSD options, from 64GB (3-pack) to 512GB

+ eight USB flash drive options
+ the single units are USB 3
+ the multi-packs are USB 2
+ including this insane 50-pack of PNY Attache 3 USB 2.0 flash drives for $148
+ come out to just under $3 per flash drive
+ could be handy if you frequently give images to friends, family, clients, etc
+ in theory at least, they are going to copy these to a hard drive or external disk, so USB 2 is not going to be an issue if they just copy them once or twice and keep it as a backup πŸ™‚

+ up to three units of the same item
+ not sure how this counts if you are buying different storage sizes of the same root item

UPDATE: the latest AdoRama DaiLY DEaL (changes FRiYAY 10am ET) is the new condition 1TB Angelbird AV PRO MK3 (SATA III 6 Gb/s) 2.5″ Internal SSD going for $339 with free US shipping….

Thursday: Metz MegaBlitz, CamBee, GVM, Delkin, FeelWorld, Etc

And just like that, the time has come to recycle my “Thirst-DAY” joke! This round of B&H Photo dailies is good until Thursday 7/29/21 at 11:59pm ET {or earlier IFF (= if and only if) sold-out}:

+ Metz megablitz digital flashes, 6 options, $70 to $170
+ options for Canon, Oly-Pan-Lei, Pentax, Samsung A-TTL
+ a rare win for Pentax, three of the six options are for Pentax P-TTL
+ fun fact: contrary to popular belief, PenTax does not want to tax pens. So all you anti-taxers out there, please feel free to buy Pentax camera gear πŸ™‚

+ CamBee VL30B 30W Video LED Light for $89

+ GVM GT-120WD Wireless Bluetooth Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (47″) for $339
+ not to be confused with baseball sliders πŸ˜‰

+ FeelWorld 7″ 4K Ultra-Bright Monitor with Loop-Through HDMI for $180
+ is it me or does the brand name “FeelWorld” sound like a Depeche Mode coverband? πŸ™‚

+ Delkin Fat Gecko Triple Mount for $60
+ politically correct name: Delkin Festively Plump Gecko

DataColor SpyderX Mobile PRO for $150, Rotolight NEO2 OnC LED for $195, Rokinon 35/2.8 AF UC for $185 [E]

Another loaded day of Adorama daily deals, this round is good until Thursday 7/29/21 at 10am eastern (or earlier if sold out):

+ Datacolor SpyderX Mobile Pro Kit for $150

+ Rokinon 35mm f2.8 AF Ultra Compact for $185 in Sony E
+ only available in Sony E

+ Rotolight NEO 2 On-Camera LED Light for $195

Wedn: Meh-rathon, RotoLight NEO2, FIMI X8, Lens Case, Celestron, Acer i5 2K 3:2 13.5″ 8GB RAM Chromebook

It feels like it was yesterday when I was recycling the “Hump Day” joke, and yet, it’s Wednesday once again! It looks like the Time Lords have put our timeline on Fast Forward πŸ™‚

We start with a party! It’s another Meh-rathon day at the Meh website. In addition to the currently featured sale, you can also purchase previous Meh-rathon offers [that have not sold-out] by following the links over there…

B&H Photo is back with another 6-pack of daily deals, good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier IFF sold-out):

+ RotoLight NEO 2 LED 3-Light Kit for $749
+ it can also be used as a prop for 1950s-style scifi movies πŸ™‚

+ SirUI VSK-3 Video Survival Kit for $65 after $15 mail-in rebate
+ yes, mail-in rebate, with original barcode, and check in the mail

+ FIMI X8 Mini 3-Axis 4K Foldable Drone for $319

+ Celestron 10×32 TrailSeeker Binoculars (Green) for $120
+ personally I use maps to seek trails πŸ˜‰

+ PortaBrace Hip-Pack Lens Case (Black) for $79~

+ IDX 2 x 179Wh V-Mount Batteries with 2-Bay Compact V-Mount Charger Kit for $530

MEANWHILE among the Best Buy dailies we find:

+ 13.5″ 2K Acer Chromebook Spin 713 2-in-1 (3:2, i5-1021OU, 8GB RAM, 128GB on-board) for $429
+ bonus: it supports the Taiwanese economy as it faces unprecedented pressure-aggression from the mainland

+ 20% off e-gift cards of GAP/BR/OldNavy/Athleta

+ Nomatic bags and such

+ name-brand mice from $8 (Logitech M187, I believe I have this little one, still works fine) to $35 (MSFT Arc Touch) to $65 (ROCCaT Kain 200)

THEN at the Bezos Space Empire Earth Outpost “W” we go with the Woot daily deals where they have:

+ Apple iWatches ($170 to $290)

+ Rocketbooks (for those of us who grew up learning to write with pen–n-paper) from $25 to $50

+ NetGear networking devices ($20 to $480)

UNTIL the Bezos Empire builds an actual Mothership, Amazon remains the mothership of the Bezos Space Empire on Earth with a new round of Gold Box dailies including:

+ up to 43% off on DeWalt power drills and accessories

+ thermal label printers, $95 to $128

+ up to 20% off on four pages (of search-listings) of new Amazon-branded products including CR20* and CR16* and LR44 batteries
+ and cables, always cables [to be fair, I’ve never had a problem with AmazonBasics cables]

Top Photography Bundles for $29 each [CL]

Education, education, not war! The latest offering at CreativeLIVE is $29 bundles sale featuring bundles of different topics for $29 per bundle. Bundles include Lighting, Photoshop, Lightroom, Outdoor, Foodie, Compositing, Wedding Week, Night Pho, Architecture, studio/portraiture, etc.

They also have bundled based on individual photographers (eg Sue Bryce, Ben Willmore, etc).

MEanwhile the current Adorama daily deal (changes Wednesday 10am ET) is the GYTECH OSMO POCKET VLOG Set (includes Action Camera Extension Pole Tripod, Phone Holder and Gimbal Protector) for $65.

Tuesday: Neewer RingLight and Such sale (17 options)

Neewer has lately gotten a “promotion” at the Amazon USA Gold Box as their headliner deal of the day good until Tuesday 7/27/21 at 11:59pm pacifica [or earlier if sold out] is a 17-item Neewer Ring Light and Such sale with prices ranging from $13.60 to $166…

Also part of the Tuesday dailies is a 12-item Livho blue-light blocking glasses sale with prices ranging from $6.60 to $16. As the price range suggests, these are not prescription glasses.

Tuesday: Lens Case, 1TB WD, LED Wand, Mefoto RoadTrip, GVM, Tilta, Etc

Hello Tuesday with a new 7+1 round of B&H Photo daily deals good until 7/27/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Pearstone Onyx 90 Lens Case for $12

+ 1TB Seagate One Touch USB 3.2 Gen 1 External Hard Drive (Black) for $50

+ FotoDioX Pro FlapJack LED Wand C-308AS Bi-Color Edge Light Kit for $140

+ MeFoto RoadTrip Aluminum Travel Tripod Kit (Pink) for $100
+ isn’t it pretty, pretty in pink?
+ fun fact: I saw the leader singer of the band perform live (at a free concert of course, this is a deals blog after all!)

+ GVM Teleprompter TQ-M for Tablets and Smartphones with Remote Control & App for $129

+ Tilta BMPCC 4K/6K Advanced Module (Tilta Gray) for $379

+ LetsCOM ID115Plus HR Fitness Tracker for $13
+ me personally, I prefer the LetsEXE and LetsBAT options πŸ˜‰

+ flash deal: Orbit 510 1080p Dash Cam with Night Vision & 16GB microSD Card for $60

+ next flash deal: Sirui BCT-3202 Professional 2-Section Carbon Fiber Video tripod

HIDDEN AMONG the Best Buy dailies there’s the MOZA AIR 2 handheld 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for DSRLs (ha!) and MirrorNyets (ha! too) for $400…

If you need USB-C powerbanks that have a low price but don’t hold a lot of juice, the Meh daily deal is a 4-pack of 4000 mAh refurbished powerbanks going for $15 total. Free shipping for paying Meh-members, otherwise you pay a flat shipping…

Not Duplicate: Tamron 11-16/2.8 CF ATXi for $375 [C/N]

Busy day at the current iteration of the Adorama daily deals (ends Tuesday at 10am ET or earlier if sold out):

+ Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 CF ATX-i for $375 in Canon EF or Nikon F
+ this is $4 cheaper than the previously mentioned Monday B&H daily deal

+ DJI Pocket 2 Gimbal Camera – Bundle With 128GB microSD Card, Case, Flexible Tripod for $379

+ On-Stage AS800 Large-Diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone for $42

80% site-wide at CreativeLIVE

If you prefer digitally-buying classes instead of signing up for Netflix-style subscriptions, for a limited time there is an 80% off sale at the CreativeLIVE website. No coupon code is needed. The sale price will appear automatically on the individual class product page…

PS: some classes may be excluded due to prior agreements with the instructors…

Monday: Sandisk sale (SD, CF, microSD, USB Flash)

Sandisk is one of the themes of the day at the Monday 7/26/21 Amazon USA Gold Box. As of the time of writing, their Sandisk storage sale includes the following items, all Sandisk brand:

+ 256GB Extreme PRO SDXC (U3, V30, C10, 4K) for $54
+ Amazon’s product page informs me I bought one of these variants in 2018; I totally forgot about it; maybe I forgot the card unopened in some drawer too πŸ™‚

+ 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC (U3, V90, C10, 8K) for $165
+ V90 and 8K vs V30 and 4K of the one above

+ 256GB Extreme PRO CompactFlash (UDMA7, up to 160MB/sec, 65) for $180

+ 1TB Extreme PLUS microSDXC (U3, C10, V30, 4K, A2) for $200

+ 512GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 flash drive for $50
+ tiny little things, they don’t protrude from laptops, desktops and media players and USB hubs

+ 1TB Ultra Dual Drive USB flash drive for $110
+ one side is USB Type A, the other is USB Type C

Monday: CamBee, Tamrac, ONA Prince, Tokina 11-16/2.8 CF ATX-i for $379 [C/N], Etc

Monday is here, the exciting start of a brand new work week is upon us! Hooray πŸ™‚

We start with the B&H Photo daily deals good until 7/26/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier IFF sold out) and HOORAY-HOORAY it’s a LENS DAY!

+ Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 CF ATX-i for $379 in Canon EF or Nikon F
+ the benefits of the CaNiKoN duOpoLy

+ ONA Prince Street Camera Messenger Bag (Field Tan) for $179 with FREE Canvas Wax
+ do not apply the wax directly to the forehead!

+ Tamrac Tour Strap for $17

+ CamBee Professional RGB 600 Panel 2-Light Kit for $235

+ also: Dahle cutter and iDX batteries/charger

MEANWHILE at the Best Buy dailies the headliner is a 5TB WD EasyStore external HDD going for $90, their lowest price of the year so far (per the Best Buy website)…

IT’S A TECH PARTY at the Woot dailies where we have refurbished Samsung laptops ($130 to $900, ChromeOS and WinDoze, with 90-day Samsung warranty), the iPhone 11 line-up ($480 to $850), Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017 models, $58 to $71), extension cord reels ($12 to $95), Merrell shoes for your outdoorsy photography adventures (M, W, $63 to $121)…

Sunday: Rode, Fluid Head, Hot-Shoe Bubbles, The Frame, Etc

If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet The DePRESSed πŸ˜‰

We start with a new round of B&H Photo daily deals good until 7/25/21 [yes, just five months to XMas 2021 – did you start planning? Dollar Tree is almost out of Christmas decorations already ;-)] at 11:59pm ET OR earlier IFF sold-out:

+ Vello hot-shoe bubble levels, 4 options, $6 to $10

+ Davis & Sanford & Sons V9 Fluid Video Head for $45

+ PortaBrace RT-LED1X1 Lite Panel Rain Cover for $55
+ only the rain cover; lite panel NOT included πŸ™‚

+ RucPAC Professional Halo Headlamp for $18
+ Halo-Headlampographers unite and take over!

+ Samsung The Frame LS03A 43″ Class HDR 4K UHD Smart QLED TV for $750 after automagic in-cart qoupon

+ RODE Wireless GO Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System (2.4 GHz, White) for $149 after automatic in-cart coupon

NixPLAY digi-frames are among today’s numerous Best Buy daily deals

UPDATE: among the NewEGG dailies there’s a 2-pack of 64GB Samsung Endurance PRO microSDXC cards for $22 with free US shipping…

Not photography related, but for those of you/us that like to read e-books on the Kindle, the Sunday Kindle Daily Deals feature over 120 e-books on sale, including Book #1 of “Game Of Thrones” πŸ™‚

UPDATE #2: the current Adorama daily deal (changes Monday 10am ET) is the Came-TV Boltzen B-100 Fresnel 100W Fanless Focusable LED Bi-Color Fixture going for $449 with free US shippings…

Multi-Year Sale returns at DiscoMAGS

The multi-year sale is the headline of this weekend’s (actually usually ends Monday night) DiscountMAGS sale. The more years you buy, the lower the price per year. A variety of magazines participate but there are no photo/video magazines in the sale. There are of course many “six degrees of separation” such as National Geographic, etc…

Metz transceivers, MeFoto, RotoLight, quick-clip lens hoods, Etc

As usual the B&H Photo daily deals for Friday run until SAturday at 11:59pm ET BUT orders are not accepted Friday PM to Saturday PM {check their website for exact hours}:

+ Metz transceivers for $54 each in Canon, Sony and Nikon
+ Metz receiver for $33 in Canon only
+ no combos

+ Celestron Night Vision Red LED Flashlight for $4
+ red light painters out there?

+ Sensei Quick Clip lens hoods, eight options (52mm to 82mm) for $8 each
+ yes, same price regardless of filter size!

+ RotoLight 6.0″ Articulated Arm Kit for $60

+ MeFoto RoadTrip S Travel Tripod (Aluminum, Red) for $70
+ matches with the red LED flashlight above πŸ˜‰

+ APEX Utility Pouch Bundle (“Max 4 Camo”) for $10
+ “Max 4” is a name, not quantity
+ you get three pouches and a belt
+ daily reminder: when naming products, have someone not related with the company read the name and see if they get confused πŸ™‚
+ also, please avoid the final “s” in model numbers

+ flash deal: JBL Horizon 2 Clock Radio with Bluetooth for $80

MEANWHILE the FRIDAY Woot daily deals include Pixel 4, iPhone 12 Mini and a sale of computer accessories ($23 to $99, 9 options, plus one that sold out aottow)

AMONG the action at the NewEGG dailies there’s a 128GB Samsung EVO (orange-cream color-scheme) microSDXC card going for $16 with free US shipping (sold and shipped by NewEGG isserf {internet-folksy way of saying itself?}

PS: “aottow” = as of the time of writing πŸ™‚

Rokinon 12mm f2 NCS CS MF for $249 [E]

The current Adorama daily deal (changes Friday 7/23/21 at 10am ET {or earlier if sold out}) is is the new condition Rokinon 12mm f2 NCS CS MF going for $249 with free US shipping in the Sony E system. This only in the black color scheme of the lens…

Thursday: Nanuk, Zhiyun Crane 3S PRO, Edelkrone, 2TB Delkin CFexpress, Nikon Aulon, Etc

Get ready to quench your THIRST-DAY with a new six-pack of B&H Photo daily deals good until 7/22/21 at 11:59pm ET {or earlier IFF sold out}:

+ BigSofti ONE Ultra lightweight Portable LED Soft Light (2800-5000K) for $69
+ say what you will, it is a memorable brand name πŸ™‚

+ NanUK 923 Protective Case with Cubed Foam for $100 in five color options
+ the different colors are great for the color-coders out there – you know what’s in the case by the color – assuming of course you remember your color-coding scheme or you are willing to look-up your cheat-sheet; otherwise you may end up with the “macro case” when you are out to shoot fewtball games πŸ˜‰

+ EdelKrone SliderONE v2 for $349

+ Zhiyun CRANE 3S PRO Handheld Stabilizer for $699

+ 2TB Delkin CFexpress POWER Memory Card for $550 after automatic in-cart coupon
+ flashback to the time we used 32MB Smartmedia cards πŸ™‚

+ Alphabet Google “Great Satan” Nest Thermostat & Nest Mini Kit (Sand Thermostat, Charcoal Mini) for $145

MEANWHiLE at the Woot dailies the headliner is another Apple sale ($210 to $890, iPads, iMac, MacBooks). There’s also a refurbished scratch-n-sniff Samsung Galaxy S10 [once upon a time a flagship] for $200, HP 800 G3 desktops ($270 to $500), KitchenAid, shoes, etc…

PRO TIP on Samsung Galaxy phones: if you are planning to use many of the extra features Samsung loads on the phone, it may be a good idea to buy a higher-spec phone that you would normally use (eg if you had been buying a stock-like Android phone). While you may not find a lot of their extra features useful, they do have a lot of useful features that need memory and processing power (Secure Folder, Edge Panels, S-Pens, three tier lock-screens (including the always-on-display), etc). Of course the list of what one finds useful varies by person, which is why Samsung loads it up with hundreds of extras πŸ™‚ The last time I got a new Galaxy phone, when I did the initial system update, it had over 400 (!!!) apps pre-installed. LOL. So much for going away from the TouchWiz overstuffing πŸ™‚

THEN we dial down the yellow on our monitors and head on over to the Best Buy dailies where they have:

+ Bower clip-on LED right light for $5

+ Nikon Aulon binoculars, 8×21 or 10×21, three options, $47.49 each

+ MSI GF63 15.6″ gaming laptop (i5, GTX1650, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM) for $630

+ 2TB Samsung T7 Touch portable external SSD w/hardware encryption and USB 3.2 Gen 2 for $300

+ 75″ Insignia tripod-projector-screen for $80

+ name brand keyboards and mouse

Wedn: LegacyBox, PhotoFlex, Magnus, Fotorgear, Etc

Never fear, Wednesday is here with a new round of six B&H Photo dialy dealz good until 11:59pm ET or earlier IFF sold-out:

+ PhotoFlex RapiDome with Grid Kit for $90
+ certainly wins on name!

+ MAgnus REX VT-6000 2-Stage Video Tripod with Fluid Head for $399

+ FotoRgear Magilight LED Light Painting Stick / Wand for $199
+ Hodor but Fotor!

+ also: Klipsch speakers, IndiPRO power, PB audio bag

NEXT UP at the Meh website they have LegacyBox digital conversion kits (you send them the printed photographs and they digitize them) ranging from $89 to $369…

Centon internal SSDs ($66 to $570), various backpacks ($16 to $146), dark maple syrups and more at the Woot dailies

THEN AT Worstest Buy ever they have a 2-pack of LIFX Color (E26 Edison screw) light bulbs going for $45, HyperX gaming mouse for $25, and more…

Back to school is the name of the game at the Wednesday Amazon USA Gold box

UPDATE: the Adorama daily deals running until Thursday at 10am ET are:

+ Zhiyun Crane-2S 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for $319

+ Monster Cable UltraHD Black Platinum 4K High Speed 9′ HDMI Cable with Ethernet + Indicator Lights for $45
+ but it has lights?

Tuesday: Cartoni Focus 10, Boling Pocket LED, Hoya 43mm UV, Etc

We start the Tuesday 7/20/21 action at the B&H Photo daily deals where we have a 4-pack of offerings until 11:50pm ET {or earlier IFF sold out}:

+ Hoya 43mm UV Haze NXT HMC Filter for $13
+ Purple Haze edition for Hendrix fans not available at the moment

+ Cartoni Focus 10 Red Lock System (100mm Ball) for $1299
+ or you can buy 123 $10 tripods πŸ˜‰

+ Boling Pocket LED RGB Video Light for $99
+ do you have a superpower or is that a video light in your pocket? πŸ˜‰

+ hOLLYlAND LARK 150 2-Person Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System (2.4 GHz, Black) FOR $219

Monday: LumeCube 2.0, SteadiCAM, Apple 4K TV, Etc

Monday is here and we have a new six-pack of B&H Photo daily deals good until 7/19/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out). And it’s blessed by iCupertino πŸ™‚

+ Apple TV 4K (32GB) for $120

+ LumeCube 2.0 Portable Lighting Kit PLUS for $100

+ SteadiCAM AIR 25 Monopod for $179

+ edelKrone JibONE Motion Control Jib Tripod Attachment for $829

+ IDX 2 x 134Wh V-Mount Batteries with 2-Bay Compact V-Mount Charger Kit for $433

+ Spieltek SRL Gaming Recliner for $200 in three color options

MEANWHILE at the Adorama daily deals [change Tuesday 10am ET] they have a quartet of offerings:

+ Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED 15.6″ 4K UHD Gaming Notebook Computer for $2499
+ Intel Core i7-11800H 2.3GHz, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 8GB, Windows 10 Pro
+ OR you can buy 30 refurbished Chromebooks for the same price πŸ˜‰

+ SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC Headset for $200

+ SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Adjustable Switch, RGB Back Lighting for $160

+ SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse, 3-RGB Zones Illumination for $85

THEN to the Bezos Space Empire on Earth we go where at the Woot dailies they have ring cameras, wifi routers and modems, origami racks, shirts and more…

AND at the main Bezos Space Empire on Earth, at the Amazon USA Gold Box they have a sale on Anker charging gear, eight options, $12.60 to $110…

THEN at the NewEgg dailies they have the Wacom Intuos wireless graphics drawing tablet with bonus software for $150… It’s also microprocessor day with 2 RYZENs and and one INTEL…

Sunday: Hoya, Tiffen, PortaBrace, Samsung 50″, Etc

Good until Sunday 7/18/21 at 11:59pm ET {or earlier IFF sold out}, you can haz these sunny-day offers at the B&H Photo daily deals:

+ PortaBrace PB-2500FP Hard Utility Case with Foam (Platinum) for $100

+ ApeXel Mini Tripod/Hand Grip with Smartphone Holder for $10

+ Tiffen 37mm 0.65x Wide-Angle Conversion Lens for $3

+ HoYa 49mm NXT Plus UV Filter for $15

+ EPgear weather sleeves, three options, $9 each

+ Samsung AU8000 50″ Class HDR 4K UHD Smart LED TV for $458 after the automatic in-cart coupon song and dance

Big party at the Woot daily deals where they have among others:

+ GoPro HERO9 Black with 1-year GoPRO warranty for $380

+ Kindle device sale including many tablets and ereaders (a number of which are already sold out as of the time of writing)

+ and some… Redneck Lipstick πŸ™‚
+ no, I am not making it up!

UPDATE: the latest Adorama daily dela (changes Monday 10am ET) is the Apai Genie S1 Auto Smart Shooting 360 Degree Object Tracking Smart Phone Holder going for $14…

Lowepro Scout SH 100 Shoulder Bag for $8

Bag the Bag! Good until Sunday 7/18/21 at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out) the current Adorama daily deal is the new condition Lowepro Scout SH 100 Shoulder Bag going for $8 with free US shipping. You can buy as many as you like at the sale price.

PS: it’s never too late to start buying holiday gifts for 2021. What’s better than an empty camera bag? A gift full of anticipation and possibilities πŸ˜‰

Pyramid AF Lens Calibration for $15, RotoLight NEO2 Explorer Kit, Sirui, Bushnell Legend, Etc

FriYAY is ‘ere an’ as^usual the B&H Photo daily deals run until Saturday 7/17/21 at 11:59pm ET but orders are not accepted Fri PM to Sat PM (check their website for exact hours):

+ J.CRISTINA PHOTOGRAPHY TOOLS Focus Pyramid Autofocus Lens Calibration Tool for $15

+ RotoLight NEO 2 Explorer Kit for $750

+ BushNell Legend Ultra HD 10×25 Binoculars (Black) for $109

+ SirUI B-00 Series Mini Ball Head in two colors for $25 after a $5 mail-in rebate (SAD!)

+ multi-packs of AVODA branded case/ring accessories for Apple AirTag Kits in different colors, three sets, $15 to $20

+ SaraMonic SmartMic-Di Stereo Condenser Microphone for Lightning iOS Mobile Devices for $59

MEANWHiLE at the Friday 7/16/21 Woot daily deals they have Apple devices (iPhone, iWatch, iAirpod) and Samsung monitors ($140 to $1000) and adders and even 8.5×11 HP printer paper [ouch on the delivery costs and the delivery man!]

CHROMEBOOK TIME at the Friday 7/16/21 Best Buy dailies where the headliner is a 14″ Lenovo Chromebook 3 with touch-screen going for $219 [Mediatek MT8183, 4GB RAM, 64GB on-board storage, 1080p, etc)… There’s also the Logitech M170 mouse going for $8… And a Vankyo leisure mini projector for $110…

UPDATE: inside the Amazon USA Gold Box we find a sale on Ruko drone kits, with two options available, going for $264 and $320 each…

UPDATE #2: the current Adorama daily deal (changes Saturday 10am ET) is the new condition Zendure A2 6700mAh Crush-Proof Portable Charger going for $10. It has low mAh for today’s flagship phones but promises “crush-proof”. Unless they mean K-Pop crush proof πŸ˜‰

Thursday: Cartoni Focus, Tamrac Tradewinds, Etc

Thirst-DAY is here and we have a new round of B&H Photo dialy deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) on 7/15/21 [yes, July is almost at the halfway point!]:

+ Tamrac Tradewind Backpack 24 (Dark Gray) for $35
+ Bag the Bags!

+ Genaray LED-6200T 144 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light for $69

+ Cartoni Focus 10 Fluid Head Kit with 2-Stage Carbon Fiber SmartStop SDS Tripod (100mm) for $2190
+ not your average $10 tripod πŸ™‚

+ Dahle 552 Professional Rotary Trimmer (20″) for $130

MEANWHILE at the Adorama daily deal [changes Friday 10am ET] is the new condition Godox TL30-K2 RGB Tube Light 2-Light Kit for $209 with free US shipping…

Godox, MSI, NiSi {ends Thur 10am ET}

Four are the daily deals that are currently running at Adorama (until Thursday 7/15/21 at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ NiSi M75 75mm Starter Kit with Pro CPL for $199

+ Godox UL60 Silent LED Video Light for $219

+ Godox UL150 Silent LED Video Light for $319

+ MSI Prestige 14 EVO for $899
+ model A11M-221
+ 14″ Full HD, i5-1135G7 2.4GHz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, W10H, etc

Wedn: SYRP Genie II Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for $1000AC, Etc

Hump Day is here once again and good until 7/14/21 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold-out, you can haz these string quartet of B&H Photo daily dealz:

+ SYRP Genie II Motorized Pan/Tilt Head for $1000 after an automatic $663 off in-cart coupon
+ it’s not a genie in a bottle, it’s a genie in a shopping cart πŸ˜‰

+ PortaBrace Lightweight Carrying Case for C-Stands for $80

+ Spieltek gaming chairs, 10 options, $160 to $240

+ LetsCOM ID132 Color HR Fitness Tracker for $15 in three color options

IF YOU WANT to try out the official Android 12 Beta, today’s Woot dailies include a srcatch-n-dent (not to be confused with scratch-n-sniff) refurbished unlocked Pixel 3 for $90. Android 12 is the last official version it gets… OR if you want the Pixel 2, the standard goes for $60 while the 2 XL goes for $70… They come with a 90-day Woot warranty…

Speaking of which, this is the official Google page showing the Updates schedule for the Pixel smartphones so far… Note that the “a” models always come after the main models, that’s why their “expiration date” is further into the future than the root models…

Tuesday: GVM, Luxli Cello, Sirui Cabinets, Nighthawk, Etc

Good until Tuesday 7/13/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) is this latest round of B&H Photo daily deals:

+ SpiderPro Hand Strap (Kodiak) for $20
+ not to be confused with Zodiak πŸ˜‰

+ LuxLi Cello 10″ RGBAW LED Light, four options, $179 to $389

+ GVM Professional Video Aluminum Alloy Motorized Camera Slider (48″) for $225

+ SirUI Electronic Humidity Control and Safety Cabinet, four options, with mail-in rebate offers

+ Comica Audio BoomX-U U2 Compact 2-Person Wireless Microphone System for Mirrorless/DSLR Cameras (568 to 579 MHz) for $149

+ NetGear Nighthawk AX4 AX3000 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router for $80 after automatic in-cart coupon

MEANWHILE at the Woot dailies the headliner is a big MSI sale featuring all kinds of computery things,about 50 options, most of which are in-stock as of the time of writing. Price range is $106 to $3700. Desktops and laptops too…

2TB external name-brand HDDs seem to be settling into the $55 “default sale price” and such is the case at the Best Buy dailies with the WD Easystore…

Olympus E-M5 III with 14-150/4-5.6 II and Rokinon 16mm T2.2 for $1049

Woo-Woo! It’s LENS DAY at B&H and now we have CAMERA DAY at the Adorama daily deals good until Tuesday at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Olympus E-M5 III with TWO LENSES for $1049
+ the lenses are: Olympus 14-150 f4-5.6 II and Rokinon 16mm T2.2 for M43rds

+ Godox TL60 RGB Tube Light for $199

+ Godox TL60 RGB Tube Light 2-Light Kit with Gooseneck 2-Light Bracket for $429

+ Godox TL60 RGB Tube Light 4-Light Kit with Gooseneck 4-Light Bracket for $790

Monday: 2pk of Lexar 1066x SD, GVM, Nanuk 935, Tiffen VND, Zeiss Batis 25/2 [E], Etc

Hooray-Hooray, it’s a LENS DAY at the B&H Photo daily deals good until Monday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ 2-pack of Lexar Professional 1066x UHS-I SDXC Memory Cards (SILVER Series)
+ 64GB for $30, 128GB for $50
+ 128GB wins the GB/$

+ ZEISS Batis 25mm f/2 for Sony E for $999
+ used prices over there start at $844

+ Tiffen Variable Neutral Density Filter at 72mm, 77mm and 82mm with a $20 mail-in rebate

+ GVM 560AS Bi-Color LED Studio Video 2-Panel Light Kit for $159 with FREE GVM Softbox

+ Nanuk 935 Wheeled Hard Utility Cases with Foam for $135 in eight color options

+ EdelKrone StandONE All-Terrain Foldable Camera Stand for $99

THEN we head on over to the Woot dailies where they have scratch-n-dent Chromebooks ($80 to $90), 3D printers and accessories, and more…

MEANWHILE at the Best Buy dailies they have the Moza Air 2 gimbal stabilizer critter for $400… They also have Nomatic bags [not camera bags]…

RYZEN 7 3700X leads the way among the Monday 7/12/21 at the NewEGG dailies

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, at the Bezos Space Empire on Earth, it is a “Back to School Sale”, it’s a Papermate sale… This year may have felt compressed but let’s not forget, the 4th of July is the unofficial start of the Back to School shopping season πŸ™‚ Just don’t tell the students and the teachers πŸ™‚

Sunday: LumeCube, MeFoto, GenAray, Elvid, ThinkTank, Sandisk and Samsung microSD*, Etc

Sunday is here, and as usual, if it’s not sunny, you get your money back. Problem is, you have to request the refund in person at the Sun HQ πŸ˜‰

We start with the B&H Photo daily deals good until Sunday 7/11/21 [yes, today is a great sale-a-bration, it’s 7-11 day!] at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Think Tank Vision 15 Shoulder Bag (Dark Olive) for $80

+ 5-pack of 32GB Sandisk microSDHC cards (with SD adapter) for $32
+ 10-pack of above for $60

+ GenAray Beacon LED Wand-Style Light for $139 with FREE Battery and Barndoors included automatically by B&H while this promotion is running
+ for the hungry speed-readers out there, it is Beacon, not Bacon πŸ˜‰

+ LumeCube Bi-Color LED Light and Power Bank for $80

+ ElVid OptiView 50 3.2″ LCD Viewfinder for $25

+ MeFoto GlobeTrotter Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod Kit (Titanium) for $240

MEANWHILE at the Woot dailies the headliner is a Blink security camera sale. Then they have another monitor extravaganza sale ($90 to $3600, that’s quite a price range, 14 options, one soldout), 5 lb Mad Priest coffee [that’s what Melisandre drinks!], VIVO office equipment, canisters, etc…

NEXT UP at the NeW eGG dailies they have a 2-pack of 64GB Samsung PRO Endurance microSDXC cards for $22 with free US shipping and the usual assortment of techie items…

TO SPACE WE GO, at the Bezos Space Empire (on Earth) they have 40% off on select Amazon house-brand dog food items, 60+ ebooks on sale, Fire Stick thing, and more…

UPDATE: the current Adorama daily deals [changes Monday 10am ET] are:

+ MCS Plastic Format Frame for a 8.5×11″ Photograph for $1

+ KODAK T-Max 100, 100TMX, Black & White Negative Film ISO 100, 35mm Size, 24 Exposure for $5

256GB Samsung EVO microSDXC, Mehathon, PortaBrace, Etc

FriYAY is here and the Meh website is having another variant of their “Woot-Off”, this one they call a “Birthday Tour-a-thon”. You can find and purchase all previously featured offers in their forums

NEXT UP, we head on down to the NewEgg daily deals where 256GB Samsung EVO microSDXC (the orange-cream color scheme) is on sale for $27 after you use the limited-time promo code discount shown over there)… There’s also the usual variety of tech items such as Ryzen 5 5600X, ASUS ROG motherboard, WD, Lenova IdeaPad Slim Shady, ASUS gazillion-band wifi thing, MSI Optix monitor and mo(i)re…

THEN we go to the Big Yellow, aka the Best Buy dailies where we find a 256GB Sandisk Extreme PLUS microSDXc for $58, $5 off prepaid phone cards, and such…

MEANWHILE at the Bezos Space Empire, the Woot dailies include a “Bag the Bags” but for tools (not camera gear), Dell 11.6″ Chromebooks from $75 to $95, and the headliner is the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote for $20…

The above offers are good for Friday 7/9/21. The ones below, the B&H Photo daily deals, are the usual situation on Friday at B&H Photo, the offer runs for 48 hours but orders are not accepted during Sabbat

+ ApeXel Extendable Tripod for DSLR Camera and Smartphone for $18

+ PortaBrace RB-1B Small Lightweight Run Bag for $115

+ KanExpro 3×1 HDMI Switcher with 4K Support for $17
+ because an HDMI switch is (usually) cheaper than an extra monitor/TV πŸ˜‰

+ 2pk CETW544 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones Kit for $20

UPDATE #1: the new Adorama daily deal (changes Saturday 10am ET) is the
Zendure A2 6700mAh Crush-Proof Portable Charger going for $10. About one “refill” for most of today’s flagship-tier smartphones…

Thursday: Meh-a-thon, 256GB Lexar 3500x CFast 2, SYRP Genie One, Etc

The day you have all been waiting for with a giant MEH waiting to form on your face, it’s a brand new Meh-rathon (aka Woot-OFF) at the Meh website. Items change every few minutes but unlike Woot, you can also purchase any and all previous offers, as long as they have not sold out…

NEXT UP, to the B^H Photo daily deals we geaux, goode until Thirst-DAY at 11:59pm ET (or earlier IF sold-out):

+ 256GB Lexar Professional 3500x CFast 2.0 Memory Card with CR2 Thunderbolt 2 Reader for $280
+ Vroooooooooom at 3500X

+ InoVativ Pro Monitor Mount & QR Pro VESA System Kit for $300

+ SYRP Genie One Motion Control Pan Head/Linear Drive for $250 after an automatic $280 off in-cart coupon

+ refurbished 2-pack of Deco W2400 AC1200 Wireless Dual-Band 100/10 Mb/s Mesh Wi-Fi System for $55
+ that’s $27.50 per thing

UPDATE: very busy tech day at the Woot daily deals including refurbished MacBooks ($510 to $1480), Vankyo projectors [because every wall is a TV screen!], origami racks, while the main daily deal is a 19-item Tech Favorites sale that includes three different bundles of single-use AC Delco batteries, AirPods PRO, a mega 44K powerbank, TVs, cables, refurbished iPhone 12 PRO & Mini and mo(i)re…

UPDATE #2: the current Adorama daily deal (changes Friday 10am ET) is the Polar Pro LiteChaser Pro Filmmaker Kit for iPhone 11 (PRO or “Regular”) going for $40 to $60…

Arista CS41, Silk PRO Tripod w/PanHead {end Thur 10am ET}

Two items are among the current iteration of the Adorama daily deals which run until Thursday at 10am ET {or earlier if sold out} and one of them is for …film fans!

+ Slik Pro AL-324DX Tripod with SH-705E 3-Way Pan Head for $50

+ Arista CS41 Liquid Developing Quart Kit for Processing C-41 Color Negative Film for $28

Wedn: Manfrotto-Ultrasone bundle, Zhiyun Crane 2S bundle, Neewer Party, Etc

Oooops, we missed a couple of days of dailies, including the all-important “Interdependence Day”, the 5th of July, because you can’t have Independence without Interdependence [Not to be confused with Scalzi’s Interdependency scifi book series]. A 10,000 word bloviating essay on the topic is in the works πŸ™‚

We start with the B&H Photo daily deals, this lot good until Wednesday 7/7/21 until 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ crazy bundle time!
+ Manfrotto 504X Video Head & 2-Stage Tripod with Ground Spreader & Ultrasone Ed. M Black Headphones, for $750 after giant automatic in-cart coupon

+ Zhigun CRANE 2S Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Combo Kit for $419

+ AutoCueQTV 19″ Ultra Lite Teleprompter Kit for $699

+ Avaya Webcam/Huddle Camera HC020 with HDMI for $130
+ this was a spin-off of one of the name-brand telecom companies, I am now forgetting which one

MEANWHILE at the Amazon USA Gold Box there’s another Neewer Photo Accessories sale featuring 24 products with prices ranging from $7.60 to $260. This is a daily deal, not lightning deals, so the offers are good for the whole day {or earlier if sold out}. Products include:

+ backdrops
+ on-camera flashes
+ lighting kits
+ umbrellas
+ tripods and stabilizery things
+ camera backpacks
+ ringlights
+ and mo(i)re

Sunday: Hoodman CFAST, FotoPro UFO, Klipsch Cinema, Etc

If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Depressed πŸ˜‰ Because that’s how you’ll end up after watching all the Sunday morning poly-ticks talk shows πŸ™‚

But wait, there’s more! Today is Independence Day, a day of reflection and essay-reading and essay-writing about the need of and for freedom and prioritizing the collective good and… oh who am I kidding, FIREWORKS!

We start with the B&H Photo daily deals running until 7/4/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ 64GB Hoodman HCFAST Steel Memory Card for $60
+ 2-pack for $100, that’s $50 per card, 2-PAC wins!

+ FotoPRO UFO2 Tripod Kit for $17
+ you don’t need a FOIA request to see this UFO πŸ˜‰

+ Klipsch Cinema soundbar systems, $300 to $850 _before_ the automatic in-cart coupon
+ after the in-cart coupon, they become $179 and $599…

+ 3-pack of Panasonic earphones for $20, that’s $6.67 per earphone

Meanwhile among the W00t daily dealz they have Segway scooters, Epson projectors ($330 to $620), touchscreen 11.6″ Chromebooks ($130 Lenova, $165 2n1 Dell; check Auto-Update Expiration dates, although at these prices you are often close or past the point-of-no-return), and random audio/video gear…

Speaking of Chromebooks, Opera became the first non-Google browser to become available for Chromebooks. It is available through the Google Play store on ChromeOS (in other words, you need Google’s Chrome-Android active). It has many of the features regular Opera has, including the free built-in VPN. Details at 11 or at your nearest Internet branch

Sat: Tenba Cooper 6, PowerEx 8-cell kit, Delkin Gecko

Good until Saturday at 11:59pm ET (but with the usual non-ordering during the Sabbath) these are the latest B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Tenba Cooper 6 Messenger Bag with Leather Accents (Gray) for $50
+ is this Agent Cooper’s bag? πŸ˜‰

+ PowerEX MH-C801D 8-Cell Charger with 8 Pro Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries (1.2V, 2700mAh) for $54
+ you know you want more more moar MOAR rechargeable batteries and chargers πŸ˜‰

+ ApeXel Selfie Ring Light with 24″ Gooseneck Stand Cell Phone Holder for $18

+ Delkin DDMOUNT MINI Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount for $20
+ from a distance, it looks a bit like …sculpture?

Thursday: Neewer Lighting Sale ($14 to $180)

Party time at the Thursday 7/1/21 Amazon USA Gold Box, it’s a 20 item sale of Neewer Lighting Gear with prices ranging from $14 to $180. The sale includes:

+ ringlights
+ dimmable lights
+ backgrounds and backdrops
+ microphones
+ studio/lighting kits
+ tripod

MEANWHILE at the Woot daily deals they have a sale on refurbished Apple iMacs and Mac PROs ranging from $215 to $1080… There’s also a sale on Samsung TVs ranging from $350 to $5400…

THEN at the Adorama daily deals [change Friday 10am ET] you can have Polar Ignire fitness watches for $179 with free US shipping…