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Thursday: Metz MegaBlitz, CamBee, GVM, Delkin, FeelWorld, Etc

And just like that, the time has come to recycle my “Thirst-DAY” joke! This round of B&H Photo dailies is good until Thursday 7/29/21 at 11:59pm ET {or earlier IFF (= if and only if) sold-out}:

+ Metz megablitz digital flashes, 6 options, $70 to $170
+ options for Canon, Oly-Pan-Lei, Pentax, Samsung A-TTL
+ a rare win for Pentax, three of the six options are for Pentax P-TTL
+ fun fact: contrary to popular belief, PenTax does not want to tax pens. So all you anti-taxers out there, please feel free to buy Pentax camera gear 🙂

+ CamBee VL30B 30W Video LED Light for $89

+ GVM GT-120WD Wireless Bluetooth Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (47″) for $339
+ not to be confused with baseball sliders 😉

+ FeelWorld 7″ 4K Ultra-Bright Monitor with Loop-Through HDMI for $180
+ is it me or does the brand name “FeelWorld” sound like a Depeche Mode coverband? 🙂

+ Delkin Fat Gecko Triple Mount for $60
+ politically correct name: Delkin Festively Plump Gecko

DataColor SpyderX Mobile PRO for $150, Rotolight NEO2 OnC LED for $195, Rokinon 35/2.8 AF UC for $185 [E]

Another loaded day of Adorama daily deals, this round is good until Thursday 7/29/21 at 10am eastern (or earlier if sold out):

+ Datacolor SpyderX Mobile Pro Kit for $150

+ Rokinon 35mm f2.8 AF Ultra Compact for $185 in Sony E
+ only available in Sony E

+ Rotolight NEO 2 On-Camera LED Light for $195

Wedn: Meh-rathon, RotoLight NEO2, FIMI X8, Lens Case, Celestron, Acer i5 2K 3:2 13.5″ 8GB RAM Chromebook

It feels like it was yesterday when I was recycling the “Hump Day” joke, and yet, it’s Wednesday once again! It looks like the Time Lords have put our timeline on Fast Forward 🙂

We start with a party! It’s another Meh-rathon day at the Meh website. In addition to the currently featured sale, you can also purchase previous Meh-rathon offers [that have not sold-out] by following the links over there…

B&H Photo is back with another 6-pack of daily deals, good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier IFF sold-out):

+ RotoLight NEO 2 LED 3-Light Kit for $749
+ it can also be used as a prop for 1950s-style scifi movies 🙂

+ SirUI VSK-3 Video Survival Kit for $65 after $15 mail-in rebate
+ yes, mail-in rebate, with original barcode, and check in the mail

+ FIMI X8 Mini 3-Axis 4K Foldable Drone for $319

+ Celestron 10×32 TrailSeeker Binoculars (Green) for $120
+ personally I use maps to seek trails 😉

+ PortaBrace Hip-Pack Lens Case (Black) for $79~

+ IDX 2 x 179Wh V-Mount Batteries with 2-Bay Compact V-Mount Charger Kit for $530

MEANWHILE among the Best Buy dailies we find:

+ 13.5″ 2K Acer Chromebook Spin 713 2-in-1 (3:2, i5-1021OU, 8GB RAM, 128GB on-board) for $429
+ bonus: it supports the Taiwanese economy as it faces unprecedented pressure-aggression from the mainland

+ 20% off e-gift cards of GAP/BR/OldNavy/Athleta

+ Nomatic bags and such

+ name-brand mice from $8 (Logitech M187, I believe I have this little one, still works fine) to $35 (MSFT Arc Touch) to $65 (ROCCaT Kain 200)

THEN at the Bezos Space Empire Earth Outpost “W” we go with the Woot daily deals where they have:

+ Apple iWatches ($170 to $290)

+ Rocketbooks (for those of us who grew up learning to write with pen–n-paper) from $25 to $50

+ NetGear networking devices ($20 to $480)

UNTIL the Bezos Empire builds an actual Mothership, Amazon remains the mothership of the Bezos Space Empire on Earth with a new round of Gold Box dailies including:

+ up to 43% off on DeWalt power drills and accessories

+ thermal label printers, $95 to $128

+ up to 20% off on four pages (of search-listings) of new Amazon-branded products including CR20* and CR16* and LR44 batteries
+ and cables, always cables [to be fair, I’ve never had a problem with AmazonBasics cables]