Thursday: Nanuk, Zhiyun Crane 3S PRO, Edelkrone, 2TB Delkin CFexpress, Nikon Aulon, Etc

Get ready to quench your THIRST-DAY with a new six-pack of B&H Photo daily deals good until 7/22/21 at 11:59pm ET {or earlier IFF sold out}:

+ BigSofti ONE Ultra lightweight Portable LED Soft Light (2800-5000K) for $69
+ say what you will, it is a memorable brand name 🙂

+ NanUK 923 Protective Case with Cubed Foam for $100 in five color options
+ the different colors are great for the color-coders out there – you know what’s in the case by the color – assuming of course you remember your color-coding scheme or you are willing to look-up your cheat-sheet; otherwise you may end up with the “macro case” when you are out to shoot fewtball games 😉

+ EdelKrone SliderONE v2 for $349

+ Zhiyun CRANE 3S PRO Handheld Stabilizer for $699

+ 2TB Delkin CFexpress POWER Memory Card for $550 after automatic in-cart coupon
+ flashback to the time we used 32MB Smartmedia cards 🙂

+ Alphabet Google “Great Satan” Nest Thermostat & Nest Mini Kit (Sand Thermostat, Charcoal Mini) for $145

MEANWHiLE at the Woot dailies the headliner is another Apple sale ($210 to $890, iPads, iMac, MacBooks). There’s also a refurbished scratch-n-sniff Samsung Galaxy S10 [once upon a time a flagship] for $200, HP 800 G3 desktops ($270 to $500), KitchenAid, shoes, etc…

PRO TIP on Samsung Galaxy phones: if you are planning to use many of the extra features Samsung loads on the phone, it may be a good idea to buy a higher-spec phone that you would normally use (eg if you had been buying a stock-like Android phone). While you may not find a lot of their extra features useful, they do have a lot of useful features that need memory and processing power (Secure Folder, Edge Panels, S-Pens, three tier lock-screens (including the always-on-display), etc). Of course the list of what one finds useful varies by person, which is why Samsung loads it up with hundreds of extras 🙂 The last time I got a new Galaxy phone, when I did the initial system update, it had over 400 (!!!) apps pre-installed. LOL. So much for going away from the TouchWiz overstuffing 🙂

THEN we dial down the yellow on our monitors and head on over to the Best Buy dailies where they have:

+ Bower clip-on LED right light for $5

+ Nikon Aulon binoculars, 8×21 or 10×21, three options, $47.49 each

+ MSI GF63 15.6″ gaming laptop (i5, GTX1650, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM) for $630

+ 2TB Samsung T7 Touch portable external SSD w/hardware encryption and USB 3.2 Gen 2 for $300

+ 75″ Insignia tripod-projector-screen for $80

+ name brand keyboards and mouse