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Tokina 12-24mm f2 PRO DX AT-X for $399 [C/N]

For Nikon and Canon APS-C photographers (and the occasional 35mm FF photographers who like to experiment with smaller imaging circles), B&H Photo is offering the new condition Tokina 12-24mm f2 PRO DX AT-X lens for $399 with free US shipping when they return on 4/20/20. This is available in Canon EF-S and Nikon DX only.

PS: the usual blanket caveat, the names “Tamron” and “Tokina” are so close I often confuse them, so this is a blanket correction for past, present, future, alternate realities, Westworld simulations, and higher dimension posts 😉

$70 OFF SLRMagic MagicPrime Cine T: $429 to $529 [X/E/m43]

If you feel like today’s lenses are so big they block out the Pink Super Moon, then you may mayhaps be potentially interested in considering considering the SLR Magic MicroPrimes. And what a coincidence, they are currently on a $70 OFF instant savings promotion at B&H Photo.

The promotion drops the prices as follows:

+ $429: Cine 12mm T2.8, 15mm T3.5

+ $529: Cine 18mm T2.8, 21mm T1.6, 25mm T1.5, 35mm T1.3, 50mm T1.2, 75mm T1.5

The lenses are available in the Sony E, and Fuji X and to a lesser extend for Micro Four Thirds. Note that the 50mm is a T1.4 for M43rds, but T1.2 for the two APS-C systems. A total of 19 options are available…

Refurbished Nikon D7500 body w/90-day USA warranty for $599

If you are looking for a non-entry-level Nikon APS-C DSLR, the D7500 body only is offered in as refurbished at B&H Photo for $599 with a 90-day Nikon USA warranty. This ships 4/20/20 when B&H returns…

Pentax K-70 body only with Various Extras for $547

Pentax fans of the world, unite and K-ate over! The Pentax K-70 body only is bundled with two different set of freebies while going for $547 with free US shipping when the retailers return from the holidays on 4/20/20:

+ at Adorama you get the Pentax AF-200FG hot shoe, a Pentax Adventure gadget bag, and a Pentax padded strap

+ at B&H Photo you get a 32GB Sandisk Extreme SD card, a Rugged Journey DSLR shoulder bag, Corel Paintshop PRO 2020 Ultimate (DVD with download card), and the Pentax padded strap

Ricoh WG-6 Elementproof with 32GB Extreme and Case for $247

If you are looking for an element-proof digital cameras [yes, some of them still exist ~ because smartphones can’t do it ~ good luck having those beautiful flagships or the trendy new foldables survive the elements, at least cosmetically] B&H Photo is bundling the new condition Ricoh WG-6 elementproof with a 32GB Sandisk Extreme SD card and a camera case for $247 with free US shipping (4/20/20) in your choice of the more conservative black color scheme or the more outdoorsy-shouting orange color scheme…

STEM Education sale at B&H Photo (46 options)

B&H Photo is also running 46 STEM offers and with the current downtime, it’s for kids of all ages, not just actual students. Anyone willing to learn can learn in this decade! It includes products from DJI, AstroReality, MakeBlock, Sony and more… Orders placed now will ship 4/20/20…

Pre-order Olympus E-M5 III with 12-45mm f4 ED PRO for $1599

If you are looking to jump into the promise and premise of “more compact than before” in the E-system, Olympus has created a new zoom kit based on the Olympus E-M5 III. It is the camera bundled with the Olympus 12-45mm f4 ED PRO lens (which currently goes for $649 on its own), all together for $1599 available for pre-ordering at B&H Photo. The E-M5 III body only on its own goes for $999. All three official E-M5 III kits include the Olympus FL-LM3 flash. This kit too is available in the two usual color schemes (black, silver-black)… The shipping estimate is currently early June 2019…

PS: the “Raiders edition” is not likely unless the Raiders win three Superbowls in a row 🙂

Pre-order Tamron 70-180mm f2.8 Di III VXD for $1199 [Sony FE]

Going 35mm full frame has brought the Sony FE system additional lenses. Hot off the e-presses is a brand new Tamron 70-180mm f2.8 Di III VXD lens for the Sony E system only, with a pre-order price of $1199 at B&H Photo. No exact release estimate yet…

More details on the lens at the B&H Explora blog

In-Stock: Venus Laowa 4mm f2.8 fisheye for $199 (Sony E)

Sony E fans, the wait is almost over! The new condition Venus Laowa 4mm [not a typo] f2.8 fisheye lens is in-stock for $199 at B&H Photo. Orders will ship on 4/20/20. The lens remains in-stock for Fuji X and M43rds as well, while the Canon EF-M is in the “Coming Soon” status…

In-Stock: Leica SL2 body only for $5999

Not as expensive as the latest Canon [HA!], the brand new Leica SL2 body only is now in-stock for $5999 with free US shipping at B&H Photo… Orders placed now will ship April 20 in 2020…

In-Stock: Canon 1D X Mark III body for $6499

Vroom-vrooooom! If you want/need the brand new Canon 1D X Mark III body only, it is now in-stock at B&H Photo at its starting price of $6499. You also earn 2% promotional rewards, which comes out to a respectable $130~.

Note that B&H is closed for Passover, but the earlier you order it, the earlier you get in line. The orders will ship on April 20 when they return from the holiday…

60% off site-wide at CreativeLIVE (and $10 off coupon too) [Camera Guide Classes for $11 each]

CreativeLIVE is back with another 60% off site-wide sale on most classes offered on their website. A few are excluded from discounting and couponing per prior contractual agreements. The price you see is the price you pay while this limited time promotion is running…

The sale includes the Camera Guide Classes, which C-LIVE calls “Fast Starts” and the majority of them are $11 each by John Greengo. They cover most of the intermediate and advanced/pro cameras, along with select entry-point cameras from most manufacturers.

The sale also includes more gear-y classes on lens systems and autofocusing (eg for Nikon). Most of the lens-y classes are $19 each, except for Olympus which is $11.

Speaking of couponing, for a limited time, you can use coupon APRIL10 for $10 off a class purchase. Not sure if there’s a minimum purchase amount required for the coupon. Their shopping cart is the ultimate decider. You need an account to test the couponing…

If you prefer to pay $0.00, the Wednesday round of “Free to Stream” classes at CreativeLIVE are headlined by Todd Owyoung’s “Getting Started In Music Photography” (4 hours long, he’s using the Nikon Z system he says). There’s a class on creating a creative’s Etsy store, a writing class, and more… [check our earlier post for a TL;DR schedule].

FREE (and Upcoming) DXoMark webinars

Dxo is also in the free streaming classes and seminars game and they already have seven previously recorded seminars, a mix of DXo software and general imaging. They also have Upcoming Webinars, the next one going live on Thursday at 1pm eastern, “How to reveal details in shadows and …”.

More seminars are coming in April 2020, including “hyper real landscapes”, “Nik Collection 2.5”, “enhance color and drama with VIVEZA” (not to be confused with a vuvuzela)…

OR if you prefer a different user interface, you can find them on their YouTube Channel

LAST CALL: 10% off Canon and Nikon gear with KEH coupon [ends Wedn PM]

In the real-world, there’s the power of love. In the world of digital cameras, there’s the power of CaNiKoN 😉 Case in point, good until Wednesday 4/8/20 at 11:59pm ET, coupon code CN4A gets you 10% off Canon and Nikon camera gear participating in this promotion. As usual, their shopping cart is the ultimate decider on what qualifies…

EXCLUDED are “NEW” condition, “USED – Like New” and digital starter kits…

NewEgg launches 72 hour sale

If you are a fan of the way of the Newegg, you are in luck because they have launched a new 72 hour sale that features the usual assortment of computer-y and technogy-y items. Items that require a promo code mention so next to the offered items…

20-page 8×8″ hardcover custom photo book for $5 + S&H

We forgot about Groupon! For a limited time, Shutterfly is offering through Groupon 20-page 8×8″ hardcover custom photo books for $5 plus shipping. Shipping depends on location and option selected. If you want more than one, they have pre-filled bundles with small volume discounts.

As usual with Groupon offers, be sure to read the terms, conditions and restrictions and make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction before buying or gifting…

FREE to watch: Nikon School Online classes

Nikon has joined the parade of “free to stream” with a handful of classes and tutorials at the Nikon Online School. The options are a mix of Nikon gear (SB-5000 Speedlight, Z50 video content, DSLR getting started) and Photography (Fundamentals and Beyond Fundamentals, Children and Pets, Macro, Landscape, Making Music Videos).

Duration is manageable for today’s context-switching generation, classes range from 15 to 69 minutes each…

NOTE: you have to sign in to watch. Otherwise Nikon’s marketing department would run to the server room and pull the plug on the computers 😉

Various Dailies: $35 Pentax Bino, Silk Lite, Dracast, Etc

The Wednesday B&H dailies are good for 72 hours, good until Saturday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Pentax 8×21 UCF R Binocular for $35

+ Slik Lite AL-420 Tripod with LED Center Column Flashlight for $50

+ DraCast S-Series Plus Bi-Color LED1500 Panel with V-Mount Battery Plate for $299

+ Samson Concert 88 Lavalier UHF Wireless Microphone Presentation System (D: 542 to 566 MHz) for $100

NOTE that orders will ship after April 17 as B&H is closed for the Passover holidays…

Meanwhile at Woot there is a DJI sale but as of the time of writing, the actual drones sold out, but remaining available is a $15 controller and a $35 filter kit…

If you want to rekindle your love for your coffee, or if you prefer the convenience of button touches, various coffee products are on sale, including a Nespresso machine, at the Best Buy dailies

And the Adorama daily (changes Wedn 10am ET) is the new condition Gigabyte 15.6″ FHD gaming laptop for $949 (i7-9750H 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with a nice 6GB memory, Windoze Ten, etc)