DXo Software up to 30% off

Good until 12/24/20, so you have plenty of time to read reviews, comparisons, check samples and such, DxO is running a sale at the company’s official online store with up to 30% off their software titles which include DxO Photo Lab 4, Nik Collection 3, Film Pack 5, and ViewPoint… Upgrade options are also available…

But that’s not all. They have a couple of value meals. No fries with them but you can get PhotoLab + FilmPack as a combo with a combined purchase discount OR PhotoLab + Viewpoint…

After you’re on their site for a few seconds, a splashy thing will surface offering to give you the promo code for discounting…

UPDATE: at the Adorama dailies (change Wedn 10am ET) you can get the Qnap TS-230 2-Bay NAS Enclosure (Realtek RTD1296 ARM Cortex-A53 Quad-Core 1.4 GHz, 2GB RAM) for $130 with free US shipping… There’s also a $249 Lorex security system type thing…

Black Friday arrives at DXO: PhotoLAB4 ($120, $60 upgrade), NiK 3 ($75, $40 upgrade)

Black Friday has arrived at the DXO Online Store, good until 11/30/20, so you have plenty of time to research the software and read reviews and comparisons and such since these are digital downloads. The BF pricing is:

+ DXO PhotoLAB 4 for $120
+ Upgrade price is $60

+ NiK Collection 3 for $75
+ Upgrade price is $40

+ Dxo Filmpack 5 Elite for $65
+ Upgrade price is $35

+ DXo ViewPoint 3 for $40
+ Upgrade price is $25

+ see them all at the DXO Online Store

NIK Collection 3 (25th Anniversary edition) with 15% off

DXo is the current custodian of the NiK collection and they have rolled out the 25th anniversary edition of the NiK Collection 3 for $150 or 150 euro depending on location at the DXo online store. But wait, there’s …less! While you are visiting that page, a promotion will appear that gives you a 15% off code! This is a digital delivery that includes eight plug-ins. It can be used on up to three computers. Minor software updates are included. Upgrade discount when a major version comes out. Works on Windows and MacOS. Check their website for minimum requirements and such…

The 25th anniversary edition added [wait for it] 25 new presets 🙂 Note that this is a plug-in collection that works with Dxo PhotoLab, Serif Affinity and Adobe’s Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and Elements. Minimum versions are also mentioned at the “System requirements” link over there…

DxO PhotoLab 4 for $100 [ends Thur PM]

Good until the end of day on 11/19/20, the official DXO online store is offering their Dxo PhotoLab 4 software (full version) for $100. This is a digital download. They also have the Elite version for slightly more.

They have a linked-to pop-up comparison of the two versions at the aforelinked page. The Elite has extra features and includes three activations (instead of two for the standard version).

As you can see, there are many options aside from DRM-loving Adobe, it’s just that Adobe is suffocating the air, drinking almost all of the oxygen from the imaging software room 😉

PS: and while we be dissing Adobe, let’s not forget how much they are whining with one side of their mouth, but if you look at their quarterly financials [which they can’t hide as a public company] they have been raking in the billions, more so since they went to the software-as-a-subscription [aka Creative Cloud] business model.

Nik Collection 3 discount up to 30% off

To sale-a-brate their EISA 2020 “Best Photo Editing Software” award, DXO is offering UP TO 30% off on their recently-blinged Nik Collection 3 software at the official DXO online store. A pop-banner shows up after you visit the site and it gives you a unique promo code that you can use it to get up to 30% off. If there’s some trouble with their checkout system, you may want to also try coupon code EISA-SPECIAL-OFFER-NIK-30.

FREE (and Upcoming) DXoMark webinars

Dxo is also in the free streaming classes and seminars game and they already have seven previously recorded seminars, a mix of DXo software and general imaging. They also have Upcoming Webinars, the next one going live on Thursday at 1pm eastern, “How to reveal details in shadows and …”.

More seminars are coming in April 2020, including “hyper real landscapes”, “Nik Collection 2.5”, “enhance color and drama with VIVEZA” (not to be confused with a vuvuzela)…

OR if you prefer a different user interface, you can find them on their YouTube Channel

50% off all software by DXO

Good until 12/2/19, the official DXo online store is offering 50% off all their software. The price you see is the price you pay, there’s no coupon code to enter. The sale includes the recently acquired NIK Collection… Each software option proudly states with smaller type “No Subscription”, a not-so-subtle swipe at Adobe’s $$$greed$$$…

Nik Collection 2 Launch Offer for $100 or 100 euro [w/free PhotoLab 2 Essential]

DXo is having a special launch offer for their Nik Collection 2 software. You can get them for $100 in the US and 100 euro in Europe. With it, you get the PhotoLab2 Essential software for FREE at the DXO website… This is a limited time offer that expires June 30 in 2019…

DXo PhOtO LaB 2 Elite for $89 after coupon

It’s better than Black Friday exclaims the DXo emailing list promo. Coupon code APRIL-SAVE-DPL2 drops the price of the DXo PhOtO LaB 2 Elite edition software from $199 to $89 until April 2nd in 2019. This is a digital download with immediate activation. This is the full version, not the upgrade version ~ thanks to le couponeaux!

Dxo PhotoLAB 2 for $110

If you are a fan of the DxO software, they are running a Valentine’s promotion (in other words, it ends at the end of Valentine’s day, aka FEB-14), you can get the DXo PhotoLaB 2 software for $110 or the Elite version for $170…

Also part of the sale is the FilmPack 5 for $70 and the ViewPoint 3 for $70… The Elite editions of the aforementioned software cost more [as it is often the case with these type of things]…

Up to 30% off DXO software

Adobe may think they are only game in town when it comes to imaging software, but the DRM-loving and Analytics-selling company is far from it. Good until Christmas Day, the official DXo online store is having an up to 30% off sale on their various software titles. There’s no coupon code to enter ~ the price you see is the price you pay…

50% off everything at DXO

Adobe is not everything! Many and more others are making photography related apps. One such is DXO, the new proud owner of the Nik Collection. And as part of the Black Friday festivities, they are offering 50% off everything at the DXO online shop. No coupon is needed ~ the price you see is the price you pay…

DXO PhotoLAB 2 for $100 or Elite for $150

Adobe is not the center of the image editing universe, although they want the world to believe so 😉 Good until 11/18/18, you can get the DXO PhotoLAB 2 for $100 in the Essential edition and $150 in the Elite edition at the DXO online store. No coupon is needed.

DXO PhotoLab 2 for $100, Elite for $150

As a special launch promotion, DXO is offering their Photo Lab 2 software for $100 in the “Essential Edition” and $150 in the “Elite Edition”… If you can’t decide which version to get, there is a small red “Which edition to choose” link that pops up a feature-comparison between the two versions… Because no one wants a complete Adobe monopoly ^_^

DXO One camera for iPhone/iPad for $128 [or less]

The DXO One camera experiment is over, but if you want to get a camera or two for historical or other purposes, they are currently heavily discounted at Amazon and Prime eligible. The new condition model goes for $128 but as it is often the case with product cancellations, multiple Amazon listings exist and/or spring-up, so check before buying… Note that these are made for Apple’s i-Devices (iPhones, iPads)…

Friday: DXO One Connected iOS Camera for $112

Back to Amazon USA where among the Friday 9/28/18 Gold Box lightning deals you can get the new condition DxO ONE 20.2MP Digital Connected Camera for iOS users for the very specific price of $112.49 with free shipping, sold by a 3rd-party seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon, thus Prime eligible. You can buy as many as you like. Offer ends by Saturday 9/29/18 at 3am ET (or earlier if sold out]…

Saturday: DXo ONe iOS Camera for $310

Among the Woot daily deals for Saturday you can get the new condition DXO One iPhone/iPad Camera for $310 with free shipping for Prime members or $5 flat shipping for all the calendar day purchases. Limit up to ten units per customer. It comes with a 1-year warranty from DXo. Note that DXO is having a bit of a bankruptcy situation. Sale ends Sunday at 1am ET or earlier if sold out.

Speaking of daily deals, in addition to the PNY sale, another one of the Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals is the new condition Force1 F100 Ghost Drone with Camera (compatible Go Pro Drone with Brushless Drone Motors and 2 Batteries and 2 Shells) going for $100 with free shipping. Limit one per customer at the sale price. Sale ends Sunday 3am ET or earlier if sold out.

(ENDED) DxO PhotoLab Elite Edition for $130 with coupon

This offer expired…

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DxO Labs FilmPack 5 Elite Edition for $49 w/free S&H

Micro Center too is now selling through Amazon and as of the time of writing they are offering the DxO Labs FilmPack 5 Elite Edition for $50 with free shipping. This is the physical software (not a digital download) and ships from Microcenter and it is not Prime eligible. This is not a lightning deal.

Free DxO OpticsPro 11 Essentials software

This promotions is back! For a limited time, you can get a free license of the DxO OpticsPro 11 Essentials software. It is simple…

Step by step instructions after the break if you haven’t done this before:

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3pk DxO ONE Optical Adapter for $16

The DxO ONE Optical Adapter 3-Pack is currently on sale in new condition for $15.84 at Amazon by Amazon itself. Limit up to 30 three-packs per customer. This is not a lightning deal… For other non-Lightning-Deal Amazon specials, check the Elsewhere Section at the bottom of the daily Lightning Deal round-ups

UPDATE: speaking of Amazon, this ASUS F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch Laptop (2.1 GHz Core i3-5010U Processor,4 GB RAM,500 GB Hard Drive, Windows 10) is going for $242+ in “Used – Very Good” condition. The new condition goes for $445.

(ENDED) Monday: DXo One with $50 Gift Card for $500

This daily deal expired…

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In-Stock Now: DxO ONE Miniaturized Pro Quality Camera for $499

Another new item is now in-stock and ready to ship, it is the DxO ONE Miniaturized Pro Quality Camera going for $499 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself.

(ENDED) DXO One Camera for $380

This daily deal expired… One of the day-long deals in the Amazon Gold box is a sale on the DXO ONE camera for $380 with free shipping. Limit one per customer. Offer ends Thursday at 3am ET or earlier if sold out.

(ENDED) DXO One Camera for $400

This offer expired… For more action, check the B&H Featured Deals page

The B&H Daily Deal good until 11:59pm ET on Saturday is the DXO One Camera offered for $400 with free shipping…

DXO One and $60 Gift Card and 32GB card for $572

The DXO One discounting action moves to Amazon’s website where you can get the new condition DXO ONE along with a $60 plastic Amazon Gift Card and a 32GB Transcend microSDHC card (633x with full SD adapter) for $572~ with free shipping… In the off chance the gift card arrives before the camera actually ships (eg your credit card is billed), you can use the gift card to partially pay for the camera…

DXO One and $50 Gift Card and 32GB Extreme for $570

We have the first noticeable discount on the DXO ONE iOS-compatible camera. You can now get it for $570 with a free $50 B&H Photo Gift Card and a 32GB Sandisk Extreme microSDHC at B&H Photo.

DxO One + 32GB Sandisk EXtReMe + MeFoTo AcCeSsoRy for $600

The dXO One holds steady at starting price of $600, no discounts yet, but bundling is allowed, you can get a free 32GB Sandisk ExtrEmE microSDHC card and your choice of a MeFoto Sidekick adapter (choose one from two options) at B&H Photo and Amazon by Amazon itself.

DxO Software sale at B&H Photo (5 options)

Five different DxO software titles are on sale at B&H Photo, these are software to be delivered by mail, not digital downloads. They are Optics Pro 10 Essentials for $65 or Elite for $100; DxO ViewPoint 2 for $40; DxO FilmPack 5 Essential for $40 or Elite for $65. (I round the prices for readability and typeability).

(ENDED) DxO OpticsPro 10 Elite Edition (DVD) for $120

This daily deal expired… For more action, check the B&H Featured Deals page

Speaking of Dxo, their DXo One 20mp camera for iOS devices is now in-stock and shipping for $600 from multiple retailers including Amazon and B&H Photo and Adorama and various on eBay (Buydig, NewEgg, Focus, etc).

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Now shipping: DxO ONE for $600

The new DxO One camera for the iPhones/iPads is now in-stock and ready to ship at its early adopter price of $600 at Amazon by Amazon itself and B&H Photo.

Pre-order DxO ONE, Get 1yr Unlimited Cloud after it ships

The DxO One camera is estimated to begin shipping on October 1st in 2015. Under the Special Offers section of its product page at Amazon it says that it is eligible for one year of free Unlimited Cloud storage. Per the terms of the offer, the one year cloud storage will become available to you 48 hours after the camera ships (not 48 hours after an order is placed).

(ENDED) DXO OpticsPro 10 Elite Edition (Download) for $130

This limited time offer ended… B&H Photo is now offering the DXO OpticsPro 10 Elite Edition (Digital Download) for $130.

DXO OpticsPro 10 for $130 (Essential) or $200 (Elite)

Adobe is not the only company making quality digital imaging software. Dxo is now up to version 10 of their DXO OpticsPro 10, and you can purchase it in Digital Download format at B&H Photo for $130 in the Essential Edition or $200 in the Elite Edition.

Digital Imaging Software Special at PDN: Dxo, Phase One, OnOne, Topaz, etc

We continue the B&H Photo PDN Deals Digest with digital imaging software and apps. Many of them require the use of promo code BHPPE14 and the special urls that enable the promo code…

With promo code BHPPE14

+ DXO FilmPack 5 download for $50 (Essential) or $100 (Elite)
+ DXO OpticsPro 10 download for $100 (Essential) or $150 (Elite)
+ Phase One Capture One Pro 8 download for $250
+ OnOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 9 download for $70 (Basic) or $120 (Premium)
+ Macphun Tonality Pro 1.0 Photo Editing Software for Mac for $60
+ must use promo code BHPPE14 for these!!!

No Promo Code

+ JPEGmini Photo Optimization Software: basic for $15, Pro for $80
+ Topaz Labs LLC Complete Topaz Photography Collection – DVDs – for $300