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10% off on many many things w/KEH coupon [ends Tue PM]

Good until Tuesday 4/14/20 at 11:59pm eastern, coupon code SALE4A gets you 10% off on many many things at the KEH Camera website. As usual you can test the coupon in their shopping cart without login/signup, as their shopping cart is the ultimate decider on what qualifies for the coupon…

Speaking of qualifies, the usual exclusions apply, no “NEW” condition, no “USED – Like New”, no Leica-branded, no FujiX branded, no SonyE branded products are eligible. Non-X and non-E Fuji and Sony products are eligible for the coupon. As I said above, in case of confusion and such, their shopping cart will decide whether you get the discount…

Since there are exclusions, the blog-post title is “many many many things” instead of a blanket 10% off sale 🙂

Monday: LensPen, Cartoni Focus HD, Ring Light, Mic, Cases, Etc

Monday is here with a non-alcoholic six-pack of B&H daily deals good until 11:59pm ET on Monday 4/13/20 but keep in mind all orders placed at B&H this time period will ship 4/20+ as the company is closed for the Passover Holiday:

+ LensPen DSLR PRO kit for $14

+ Cartoni Focus HD Smart Deployment System Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader for $1499
+ or for the same money you could buy 107 LensPen kits 🙂

+ Impact FRC-RLSLB Fluorescent 19″ Ring Light with Dimmer Kit for $74

+ HPRC 2400 Hard Case for DJI Mavic Pro (Red) for $80

+ Senal SCI-3212MP Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Interchangeable Capsules (Matched Pair) for $75

+ Overboard Waterproof Large Phone Case for $20 in two color options
+ these are general-use, not made for a specific phone
+ PSA: don’t throw your phone …Overboard, it is not a magical floating self-homing case 🙂

UPDATE: at the Woot daily deal, the main Woot has a big sale on Apple products (iPads, iMacs, MacBooks) ranging from $80 (iPad Mini 1st generation) to $1400 [most are refurbished, check each listing for details], and “Computers” has a refurbished 32″ curved 4K Samsung monitor for $290, and “Electronics” has a 2pk of Blink XT home security cameras for $70…

Starts Sun 12pm ET (FREE to Stream): 14hr “Final Cut X PRO”

The headliner of the Sunday 4/12/20 FREE-to-Stream classes starting at 12pm eastern (9am pacific time) at CreaitveLIVE ON-AIR is a 15-hour class on Final Cut X PRO with Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams…

In the meantime, the Saturday headliner good until 12pm ET on Sunday is a near 4.5 hour class on Setting Up a home photography studio by John CorniCello…

$15 off orders of $20+ at CreativeLIVE with Inconvenience Coupon

While CreativeLIVE is down for maintenance, they have left up and running 17 FREE-Streaming Classes

But that’s not all; to make up for the inconvenience, they are offering coupon code HUG-AN-ENGINEER that gets you $15 off orders of $20+, running until Sunday night [it doesn’t specify day, it says “end of day tomorrow”, so if this was posted at 11pm pacific, it should mean Sunday 11:59pm pacific; but that’s just my guess…

This is a very good way to handle a planned outage. You offer the customers some alternatives to watch AND you give them a discount on future purchases!

PS: the various Bootcamp classes are on sale for $29, so this coupon should drop them to $14 [I haven’t tried it]