Archives for June 22, 2019

Adorama Summer Sale (120 items)

Adorama is back with a Summer sale featuring a variety of products. The aforelinked page is a summary/preview, hit the blue “Show More Summer Deals” button at the bottom of the listings over there to see the 120 items currently participating in the sale… Too many obviously to list here individually…

Sigma 18-35mm f2.8 DC HSM ART (Nikon only) for $574

If you are a fan of the Nikon system, Massdrop is offering the new condition Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 DC HSM ART lens for $574 with free US shipping and a 1-year Sigma warranty. Orders will ship in mid-July 2019 from the vendor…

Creative LIVE: 12 classes for $19 each

Creative LIVe is back with another limited time sale, a dozen different classes are offered for $19 each. You can buy one or two or all of them if you like. These are digital purchases, you own them as long as both you and CreativeLIVE are alive 🙂

Topics include Photoshop, “portraits under pressure”, composition, color, home studio, video for #togs, and a couple of posing classes from Lindsay Adler (“Posing 101”) and Bambi Cantrell (“Masterclass”).

Speaking of CreativeLIVE, as we previously mentioned, until the end of June 2019, you can get 60% off any class of your choice using the coupon mentioned there…

Saturday: Pentax 8×21 Bino for $35, ONA for $249

B&H Photo is back with its daily deals running until Saturday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ ONA The Leather Clifton Camera and Everyday Backpack for $249
+ in your choice of black or dark truffle

+ Pentax 8×21 UCF R Binocular for $35

+ K&M 210/20 Tripod Microphone Stand Kit with Fixed Boom Arm and 14510 Pick Holder (Pair) for $100

Meanwhile, the Mega Deal Zone continues as of the time of writing!

B&H will resume accepting online orders at 9:45pm eastern on Saturday, giving you time to plan/prep your next order. This is their customary weekly Sabbath closing…