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B&H 4-Day Dailies: Powerex Charger + 8pk AA for $20, Lumu Meter, $17 Lowepro Viewpoint

Note that there is a holiday schedule in effect at B&H between Friday 2pm ET and Monday at 10:45pm ET. During that time, orders will not be available. So if you need something to ship quickly, order it before Friday 2pm ET. Otherwise it’s a good opportunity to organize a larger order of things short-term and long-term, capital expenditures and consumables too…

Which brings us to this round of B&H Photo which runs for four calendar days but with online checkout unavailable at the times mentioned above:

+ POWEREX 4-slot Smart Charger with 8pk of Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries (1.2V, 2600mAh) and car adaptor included for $20
+ NOTE that this is not a quick charger ~ the estimated charge time given in the specs for the included batteries is six hours; thus the lower price but still a great price if you need both the charger and the eight rechargeables

+ Lowepro Viewpoint CS 80 Case for $17

+ LUMU Power Light & Color Meter for Photo and Video for $120