Archives for June 23, 2019

Luminar 3 Software + Training Class for $49

For a limited time, Stacksocial is offer a bundle of the Luminar 3 software (Windows or Mac) along with a Training Class, together as a bundle for $49 with digital delivery. You have lifetime access to them online. Check the terms and conditions for deadlines for registering and for refunds.

This is an AI workflow type of a software package. Because AI is buzzing like it’s the end of the world 🙂 Minimum 8GB RAM needed on your PC/Mac for this.

In addition to this, they are also having a Semi-Annual sale featuring a mix of digital and not-so-digital products.

Monday: Canon XF100 HD, 4TB WD for $80, G-Tech G-Drive ($160 to $550), Westcott, LitePanels, LG, Etc

It’s a six-pack you cannot drink, it’s the Monday B&H Photo daily deals running until 11:59pm ET (or earlier for any that may manage to sell out ahead of time):

+ 4TB Elements Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for $80

+ G-Tech G-Drive sale, five options, from $160 (6GB) to $250 (10TB) up to $550 (12TB 2-Bay Thunderbolt 2 RAID = 2 x 6TB)

+ Canon XF100 HD Professional Camcorder for $1299
+ 1/3″ CMOS, 50M bps MPEG-2, 4:2:2, 60p/60i,30p, 24p

+ LitePanels Astra Soft Bi-Color for $949

+ Westcott 2-in-1 Boom Arm Kit with Boom Arm/Pole, Clamp, and Grip Head for $135

+ LG 27MU88-W 27″ 16:9 4K FreeSync IPS Monitor for $400
+ IPS, HDMI + DisplayPort + USB Type-C Inputs, 3840 x 2160, Static 1000:1 CR, etc

Pre-order the all new Kindle Oasis e-reader starting at $250

Sunday is customarily a day for reading, be it newspapers, magazines, fiction or non-fiction. So the time is right to mention this, Amazon has revealed a brand new Kindle Oasis e-reader starting at $249 (Wifi-only, 8GB on-board storage, with Special Offers).

The 32GB option is +$30 only [not bad if you read manga or other data-hungry files]. To option without the Special Offers is +$20 but you can also remove them later after you start using the device [eg, if you don’t find them annoying or intrusive you can ignore them and use the $20 towards more e-books, eg “The Ruin of Kings”]…

This is available in two color schemes. Amazon also offers accessory bundles with a $30 off combined purchase discount.

NOTE that if you are buying this for someone else or you don’t want them to automatically link it to your purchasing Amazon account, you must needs click the “This is a gift…” link over there. There are multiple places during the checkout process that remind you of this [depending on which device/OS/viewport you are in].

As of the time of writing, your purchase includes a FREE 6-month prepaid Kindle Unlimited subscription. You will receive info via e-mail after Kindle order ships. It only activates if you activate it. Note that this is auto-renewing after the first six months, so leave a note in your calendar. Six months is plenty of time to read many e-books from the KU library!

Sunday: E-Image Tripod for $110, Etc

Sunday brings with it a new quartet of B&H Photo daily deals running until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ E-Image EK50AAM Fluid Drag Video Head and Tripod for $110

+ Google Nest Hub for $75
+ lifetime of Google Spying (TM) included for FREE ^_^

+ Dymo mobile labeler for $40

+ SE Electronics SPACE Reflection Filter for $149
+ I’m assuming this is for your spaceships 🙂