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Used Fuji X-T2 with 18-55 for $1557

The Fuji X-T2 with 18-55mm goes for $1900 in new condition at authorized dealers, but if you are comfortable with used gear, you can get it in “Used – Condition 9” for $1557 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo… For the big picture, check the just-updated Stock Status Tracker

Open-box Nikon D7500 Body for $1120

The Nikon D7500 body only goes for $1250 in new condition at authorized dealers, but if you prefer open-box condition from reputable dealers, you can get it for $1120 with free shipping as open-box at B&H Photo… For the big picture, check the Stock Status Tracker

In-Stock Again: Fuji X-T1 body with 35mm f2R for $800

It’s back in-stock! X Temptations at your fingerprints! The new condition Fuji X-T1 body only with the Fuji 35mm f2R WR lens is back in-stock and ready to ship for $800 with free shipping at B&H Photo. The other tracked retailers are back-ordered or worse.

The Graphite and the with 18-55 kits remain in-stock as before ~ see them all at the Stock Status Tracker.

Refurbished Olympus 45mm f1.8 for $240 [m43] {updated}

Another addition to the Get Olympus store, it is the return of the refurbished Olympus 45mm f1.8 Prime lens, the black 45mm f1.8 goes for $240 with free shipping. They come with a 90-day Olympus USA warranty.

UPDATE 8/24/17 PM: the silver 45mm f1.8 goes went for $200 with free shipping, but it is currently out of stock and cannot be ordered and its product page is a 404 (the Olympus Store has the bad habit of yanking a page of a used item that runs out of stock).

Thursday Lightning Deals: Usual Camera/Photo accessories

There are over 50 items listed in the Camera & Photo lightning deals (old format) or Full Page format (faster to navigate on Desktop) of the Amazon Gold Box. Due to time constraints I cannot create a detailed listing of them all. The usual assortment of accessories are running throughout the day.

Refurbished Olympus PEN-F body for $750 [updated]

UPDATED 8/26/17
At the Get Olympus store but if you are a fan of the PEN-F, the manufacturer refurbished silver PEN-F body is in-stock for $750 with free shipping and a 90-day Olympus USA warranty. Silver kills vampires, so you have to pay more for it 🙂

The black color scheme is currently out of stock and cannot be ordered (the page is a 404 error).

Heads Up (T-Mobile customers): Ten Free Walgreens prints next Tuesday

If you are a T-Mobile customer, every Tuesday you can get freebies as part of the “T-Mobile Tuesdays” promotion (website or app). For Tuesday 8/29/17, one of the offers is ten free prints at Walgreens, using the Walgreens app and picking them up at your local Walgreens B&M store. The teasers so far don’t mention print size. More details will be revealed on Tuesday over there when it goes live…

Refurbished DJI Phantom 3 Standard with 2.7K Video w/1-YR Warranty for $314 after coupon

The official DJI eBay store is one of the participants in the 10% off eBay coupon promotion. Coupon code P10COLLEGE drops the price of the manufacturer refurbished DJI Phantom 3 Standard with 2.7K Video from $349 down to $314~ (10% off) with free shipping and a 1-Year DJI warranty. Coupon expires 8/28/17 3am ET.

And if you are eligible and activated the current 6% to 8% eBay Bucks promotion you’ll also earn $28~ in eBay Bucks. Here’s an annotated screenshot with the relevant info:

10% off select eBay items priced $25+ with coupon (max disco $50)

eBay super fans, we have a proper Union of the Two Towers! Running until 3am ET on Friday is a 6% to 8% eBay Bucks promotion (you must be invited and activate the promotion), and now, running until Monday 3am ET is a new eBay coupon promotion. So until Friday 3am ET, you can both get the bonus bucks and the coupon discount.

The coupon promotion is this: coupon code P10COLLEGE gets you 10% off towards the purchase of products individually priced $25+ from 60 different eBay sellers, including the official DJI eBay store, VM Innotations, eBags, Samsonite, Red Tag Camera, OVerstock, Anker Direct, and many other eBay discounters you may recognize from the eBay Deals.

You can use the coupon twice per PayPal account. Maximum discount is $50 per transaction. In other words, if you buy an eligible item with a price over $500, you will get a flat discount of $50 off.

You can use the categories on the left hand side of the Promotional page to filter in different ways. Or you can go directly to the Cameras and Drones page with over 2400 eligible items. You can further drill down on those using the categories on the left hand side over there.

Sadly I’m not a Google bot, so I can’t price-check 2400+ items on the fly, but I’ll try to go through as many as I can on a time-permitting basis 🙂

20% off your first order at Google Express (max disco $30)

Combined with the end of the Google Express memberships, and the partnership with Walmart for Express delivery and Google Assistant ordering, a new coupon has launched at Google Express.

Coupon code WELCOME1 gets you 20% off your FIRST Google Express order, with a maximum discount of $30. If you want to use your discount on Walmart, you can sign up for email notification so you’ll receive the coupon when Walmart becomes available at your local Google Express.

Of camera and photo interest, retailers of potential interest participating at Google Express (YMMV depending on location) including Costco, Fry’s, Walmart (soon), Staples, Tarjay (Target), etc.

More details on the promotions, with exclusions and terms at the Help page.

Shopping News: Google Express ending Membership program (refunds coming!)

“Google Express”, Google’s local shopping and delivery service, decided to end their Membership program. A membership will no longer be required to shop there. Current paying members will receive a pro-rated REFUND of their membership fees. This may be a nice amount if you had a prepaid annual membership 🙂

The Help pages at the Google Express page describe the change as follows:

In a related move, Google has a new partnership with Walmart to enable Voice Shopping using the Google Assistant using the Google Home device. Furthermore, Walmart will be joining the growing list of merchants participating in Google Express.

More details via Techmeme.

Refurbished Nikon D3400 w/18-55 DX VR and 70-300 DX non-VR for $400

The newly launched 6% to 8% eBay Bucks promotion puts in new light this offer at the eBay Deals. The Beach Camera eBay store is offering the manufacturer refurbished Nikon D3400 Two-Lens DX Kit for $400 with free shipping and a 90-day Nikon USA warranty.

Only the black color scheme is available. It includes the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G DX VR lens and the 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED DX non-VR. With 8% eBay Bucks, you’d be getting $32 in eBay Bucks (if you are eligible and you manually activate the promotion).

PS: non-VR is not an official Nikon designation but it serves as a practical disambiguation, since the lack of mentioning VR in a lens name may be a typo/error. Saying non-VR clarifies to the reader that this is not a VR lens. Or maybe I’m overthinking things 🙂

YMMV: 6% to 8% back in eBay Bucks

This is YMMV ~ I do not know if eBay offers this to everyone or a subset of their registered users. Good until Friday 3am eastern (8/25/17), you earn 8% eBay Bucks on your purchases over $50 or 6% on purchases under $50. So even a $1 item will get you bonus bucks.

First you have to manually activate the offer from the eBay email or your eBay messages (if invited/selected to participate). Some exclusions apply as usual and the maximum rewards you can earn is $100 per transaction, and $500 during the promotional period. The email title announcing this promotion is not as clear as previous ones, but it has “eBay Bucks” in it, so look for that if you are skimming or filtering eBay emails.

A good place to look for ideas are the eBay Deals along with the Trending Deals (shows only 100 trending deals, less overwhelming to look at than their main deals page). There’s also a dedicated search box there that searches only the Deals, not everything else on eBay.

Another way to look for ideas is our eBay Category posts.

UPDATE: speaking of eBay, PayPal Digital Gifts is offering $25 Peets emailable gift cards for $20 with a limit of five per customer. This is a 20% off discount. If you max out, you pay $100 and get $125 worth of Peets e-gift cards. Peets has launched a rewards program now with iOS and Android apps as well.

(ENDED) Live-Tweeting Samsung Galaxy Note 8 event

The live-tweeting and the Note 8 introduction have both ended…

If you need some entertainment, I am live-tweeting/live-trolling the Note 8 launch of the Samsung Live Stream. For your convenience, you can find both widget-embedded below:

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15% off Chelsea Fine Art Books w/AdoramaPIX coupon

The 20% off Wood or Metal prints coupon is good until 8/27/17 PM at Adorama PIX but they have also launched a brand new coupon: code PXCHELSEABK15 gets you 15% off Chelsea Fine Art Books until 8/27/17 PM. This coupon can only be used on the Chelsea Fine Art Books and nothing else. Free shipping with $49+ orders. The usual terms/conditions/restrictions apply.

64GB Lexar Professional 2000x SDXC for $81 [limit 3]

On the other hand if you prefer faster SDXC cards, the 64GB Lexar Professional 2000X SDXC UHS-II U3 is on sale in new condition for the very specific price of $80.65 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of up to three per customer at the sale price.

Of the same line, the 128GB model goes for $188.30 (limit 3), while the 32GB model goes for $50 (ships 1-3 weeks; no limits).

These are sale prices, not lightning deals.

PS: starting at 11am ET, Samsung will be revealing live online their explosive new block-buster Note 8 smartphone! I will be live-tweeting / live-trolling this on Twitter 🙂

(GONE) Listed but cannot be ordered at Get Oly: refurbs E-M10 w/14-42 for $200, E-M10 II for $300

UPDATE 10:52am ET: as of this recheck of the Get Olympus USA store, the pages of those two aforementioned cameras are 404 (the page has been pulled down), which means we caught them on the way out, not the way in…

I am trying to check for these on a regular basis since the prices are definitely right, but obviously I’m not a Google bot 🙂

Original post after the break for historical reference only…

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(ENDED) Thursday: B+W CP MRC Filters for $30 to $50; Etc

These daily deals expired but for more action, check their Featured Sales

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(ENDED) Sunpak Slave Flash for $25; Elvid 7″ LCD $140; Rain Shields $13+

These offers expired but for more action, check their Featured Sales

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