YMMV: 6% to 8% back in eBay Bucks

This is YMMV ~ I do not know if eBay offers this to everyone or a subset of their registered users. Good until Friday 3am eastern (8/25/17), you earn 8% eBay Bucks on your purchases over $50 or 6% on purchases under $50. So even a $1 item will get you bonus bucks.

First you have to manually activate the offer from the eBay email or your eBay messages (if invited/selected to participate). Some exclusions apply as usual and the maximum rewards you can earn is $100 per transaction, and $500 during the promotional period. The email title announcing this promotion is not as clear as previous ones, but it has “eBay Bucks” in it, so look for that if you are skimming or filtering eBay emails.

A good place to look for ideas are the eBay Deals along with the Trending Deals (shows only 100 trending deals, less overwhelming to look at than their main deals page). There’s also a dedicated search box there that searches only the Deals, not everything else on eBay.

Another way to look for ideas is our eBay Category posts.

UPDATE: speaking of eBay, PayPal Digital Gifts is offering $25 Peets emailable gift cards for $20 with a limit of five per customer. This is a 20% off discount. If you max out, you pay $100 and get $125 worth of Peets e-gift cards. Peets has launched a rewards program now with iOS and Android apps as well.