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5-year subscription to Polaroid University’s Mobile Photography Classes for $25

Stacksocial is back with another educational promotion, they are offering a prepaid 5-year subscription to the Polaroid University Video Classes for $25. This is a one-time payment that gets you five year access to their online classes, which you can watch via a web browser or their iPhone app. You can see details and previews at their website.

If you instead prefer a shorter term, a 1-year subscription is available as either a digital download or a gift-box delivered by mail for $20 through Amazon. Pay attention to the listing – download vs box.

Pre-order new Canon 77D APS-C DSLR

In parallel with the new D-Rebel T7i, and just $150 away in price (for two out of the three kits), Canon has revealed a new model in their post-Rebel APS-C DSLR line-up. Seven is a theme, the new 24mp APS-C 77D is available for pre-orders in the usual three kits, with a late March 2017 release guestimate…

Canon 77D pre-orders

Also coming along for the ride with today’s announcement is the Canon BR-E1 Wireless Remote Control with a $45 pre-order price.

This new camera has added to the New Cameras of 2017 tracking page, making the DSLR vs Mirrorless score now 4-5 🙂

Pre-order new Canon D-Rebel T7i DSLR

Running with an almost parallel price and line-up to the mirrorless M6, Canon has also revealed a brand new DSLR in the long-running “Andre Agassi” line-up, aka the (Digital) Rebels. The new 24mp APS-C is available for pre-ordering in the usual three official kits, with a late March 2017 release guestimate.

Canon D-Rebel T7i pre-orders

Both lenses mentioned above (18-55, 18-135) are f3.5-5.6 IS STM, making it easier to memorize and decide 🙂 The 18-55 is also available for pre-order on its own for $249.

Also coming along with today’s new D-Rebel is the Canon BR-E1 Wireless Remote Control available for pre-ordering for $45.

This camera and 18-55 lens have been added to the New Cameras of 2017 tracking page.

Pre-order new Canon M6 mirrorless

Meanwhile Canon is slowly started to take mirrorless a bit more seriously than Nikon, and today they have revealed a brand new EF-M mirrorless camera, the M6. This 24mp APS-C camera is available in three official kits, the body only for $779, the with 15-45mm f3.5-6.3 IS STM for $900, and the with 18-150mm f3.5-6.3 IS STM for $1279. Pre-orders are accepted as follows, with a late March 2017 release guestimate:

Canon M6 pre-orders

Both the 15-45mm and 18-150mm lenses are f3.5-6.3 IS STM. It is not a typo 🙂 Also part of this new product group is the Canon EVF-DC2 Electronic Viewfinder available for pre-ordering in either silver or black (sorry, no Raiders edition) for $249.

This camera has been added to the New Cameras of 2017 page, making this the fifth mirrorless camera to be announced this year (along with the Panasonic GH5 and GX850 and the Fuji X-T20 and GFX 50S).

Cancellation: the Nikon DL cameras are dead

Nikon has cancelled their DL line of cameras. If you placed pre-orders with deposits and such, make sure you get a refund. Nikon has been self-sabotaging with both their “Angry Inch” mirrorless system and the DL line of cameras, and the Cylons came back for them. Might as well had stayed out of it and saved all the money they spent/wasted on half-hearted attempts at competing just so they can say “we have one too”. /rant 🙂

Fry’s launches Free Same Day Delivery on 500 products

Fry’s Electronics (fries not included) has now launched a Free Same-Day Delivery service that covers out 500 (high margin?) products. If you place an order before 3pm local time, you will receive your order the same day. Cameras are not included, but some printers, along with select computers and A/V gear are included. Details at their promotional page. You can check whether this service is available near you using their zipcode checker.

(ENDED) Thursday: Instant Camera Accessory Sale (9 options)

This daily deal expired…

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(ENDED) Thursday Daily Deals: Fuji Instax Mini 8 bundle, Nanuk, Lighting, Tripods, Parrot, EBL, Etc

These lighting deals expired… For future ones in the future, check the Amazon Gold Box and Camera & Photo page

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(ENDED) Wednesday: 6TB Drobo 5D for $749, NetGear ReadyNAS, Hard Drives, Networking [also: refurbished Samsung Monitors and more]

These daily deals expired…

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(ENDED) Thursday: Vello FreeWave Viewer VL Wireless Live View Remote Kit with AV/Shutter & Infrared Cables for $160 (select Canon and Nikon DSLRs)

These daily deaals expired… For more action, check their Featured Sales
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