(ENDED) New WOOT-OFF (started on Tuesday at 1am ET)

These ended…

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(ENDED) Woot-OFF Day #2 continues with Computers headliner

This offer expired…
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(ENDED) New WOOT-OFF started Tuesday at 1am ET

These expired…
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(ENDED) New WOOT-OFF started on Wedn at 1am ET (continues for Day #2)

This Woot-OFF ended after 48 hours…
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(ENDED) New WOOT-OFF started Tue 1am ET [updated]

This unusual Woot-OFF combination ended…
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(ENDED) The WOOT-OFF continues for Day #2 (started Tue 1am ET)

This daily deal expired…
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(ENDED) New Woot-OFF started Thursday 1am ET

This 24-hour Woot-OFF ended on Friday at 1am ET…
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(ENDED) New WOOT-OFF started Tuesday at 1am ET

This Woot-OFF only lasted 24 hours… If you are burning the midnight oil to finish taxes for the 2014 tax-year, here’s something to keep you entertained, a new Woot-OFF started on Tuesday at 1am ET. These typically last 48 hours but not always. In addition to the main Woot, many other sub-Woots are participating but not the Electronics, Sellout or Computers. As usual, it’s a big YMMV.

(ENDED) New Woot-OFF continues for Day #2

This Woot-OFF ended after 48 hours… A new WOOT-OFF started as of 1am ET on Monday, and continues for Day #2. Participating is the main Woot and many of the other sub-Woots but not Electronics or Computers or Sellout. These typically last 48 hours, but not always so. [updated Tue at 1:04am ET]

(ENDED) New Woot-OFF (continues for Day #2)

This Woot-OFF ended…
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(ENDED) Woot-OFF continues for Day #2

This WOOT-OFf ended… The Woot OFF which started on Tuesday at 1am ET continues for Day #2, which means, other things equal, it will end at 1am ET on Thursday 1/22/15. Multiple other sub-Woots are also participating (but not Electronics or Computers). As usual, I do not know what items are coming up, so it is a YMMV adventure.

(ENDED) New Woot-OFF started Tue 1am ET (also: Duracell and Seagate deals of the day)

This WOOT-OFF ended…
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(ENDED) New Woot-OFF is under way (started Friday 1am ET)

This special Boxing Day woot-off ended…
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(ENDED) New Cyber Monday Woot-OFF started Mon 1am ET

This Cyber Monday edition of the Woot-OFF expired… Cyber Monday is here and Woot has launched a near-sitewide Woot-Off including the main Woot and the Woot Sellout, the most likely places to feature camera and photo related items. The Electronics and Computers are not participating but most of the other sub.Woots are. This will last at least 24 hours. Woot-Off durations are typically in multiples of 24 hours… As usual, I have no way of knowing what will be offered or when or how much, so this is a YMMV adventure.

(ENDED) Woot-OFF starts on Black Friday: Main and Sellout

This Woot-OFF lasted for Black Friday (actual day) only… More madness! Woot has started a new round of Woot-OFFs on Friday at 1am ET, including the Main Woot and Woot Sellout, the more likely places to find camera/photo-related items. As usual, I don’t know what the offers are going to be, so it is a YMMV adventure.

(ENDED) Ends Thur 1am ET: 128GB Centon USB 3.0 Flash drive for $40 (limit 3) + $5 flat ship

This limited time offer ended… The main Woot Daily Deal ending by 1am ET on Thursday is the new condition 128GB Centon USB 3.0 flash drive, offered for $40 plus $5 flat shipping. You can buy up to three of these per shopping cart. This is model S1-U3P6-128G… Speaking of Woot, continuing from yesterday is the Woot Sellout-only Woot-OFF

(ENDED) New Woot-OFF started on Tue at 1am ET

This 48-hour Sellout Woot-OFF ended… A new surprise Woot-OFF went live (Tuesday at 1am ET) at Woot Sellout. Sellout is the only part of Woot that is currently having a Woot-OFF. These typically last 48 hours but since this is a bit unusual, only time will tell… As usual, a random variety of items will be featured, I have no way of knowing what/when/how-much, so this is a YMMV adventure (or a workaround against insomnia)…

(ENDED) Woot-OFF Continues for Day #2 (started Tue 1am ET)

After the customary 48 hours, this incarnation of the Woot-OFF ended on Thursday at 1am ET… If you missed it, it will likely return at some point next month (or earlier if they have a surprise-Woot-OFF)…

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