Free Next Day Delivery at B&H Photo

The clock is ticking, one week to Christmas, two weeks to New Years (of accounting interest for business/self-employed photographers) and like clockwork, the free 1-day shipping offers are beginning. B&H Photo has launched their Free Next Day Shipping promotion. You can find eligible products in three ways:

1) navigate by product categories at the aforelinked page
2) navigate by brand at the aforelinked page
3) search for any product on their website and look at its page to see if it mentions free Next Day shipping

PRO TIP: if you are a professional procrastinator like me and you going to cut it too close, it may not be a bad idea to buy some general-use gift cards (for places you usually shop at as a just-in-case backup. If there’s no “gift emergency”, you can use them yourself in January. Otherwise, a general purpose gift card as a gift is better than nothing 🙂