(ENDED) Mon only: 32GB Sandisk Pixtor SDHC for $20 (64GB for $40)

This limited time offer expired…

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(ENDED) Buy $100 Amazon Camera eGift Card, get $25 Promo Credit for future DSLR/Mirrorless purchase

This limited time offer ended but a new one is going live on 11/27/14 (new post for that one)…

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Fuji X100T in-stock at more places, including Amazon itself

We just updated the Fuji X100T stock status page and we have good news, the camera continues to be in-stock at multiple retailers, and now, Amazon itself has it in-stock along with Beach Camera and many others. Check the aforelinked stock status tracking page for more details.

(ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals (Mon): refurb Nikon D3300 two lens kit, Roki 35/1.5, etc

These limited time offers expired… Check back daily for more new holiday shopping season offers from the Amazon Gold Box Lightning Deals… Expired items after the jump…

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Amazon teaser says DSLR two-lens kits under $500

In typical fashion, Amazon teased via press release some of their online doorbusters that will be offered by Black Friday. Of camera interest, the teaser says “Top selling DSLR with two-lenses for under $500”. They don’t say which, but we can theorize…

… if they follow the pattern of the brick and mortar circular ads, those repeatedly feature two sub-$500 two-lens DSLRs kits, the Nikon D3200 for $500 and the Canon D-Rebel T5 for $450. (in the ads, the D3200 two lens kit goes for $499.9x, which technically is under $500 – I round up prices for simplicity). So mayhaps these are the ones.

The press release also promises three “coveted” deals on “Thanksgiving at midnight” (nebulous when people say that – 11:59pm or 12:01am is much clearer!) and three more “coveted deals” on Black Friday. They will show up in their Black Friday page among many other places.

Black Friday Ad analysis updated with Target, Sears, Walmart

We updated the Black Friday Ad analysis mega-post at the main blog with a breakdown of the ads from Target, Sears and Walmart. The biggest discount perhaps is the Nikon Coolpix L330 compact-zoom (26x) offered for $100 at Target. They typically have one exclusive model number from Nikon they use as a doorbuster every year.

Short Term 1TB of Free Cloud Storage with computer purchase

If you are looking for short term cloud storage as additional-additional layers of backup of your photos, both Google and Microsoft are now offering rivaling 1TB cloud storage options for FREE when you purchase select Chromebooks and Windows 8 laptops -for a limited time. The catch however is that the storage is free for a limited time only, Google for two years and Microsoft OneDrive for one year. Microsoft started the 1TB thing and today Google “price matched” it by jumping from the usual 100MB for Chromebooks to 1TB. The Google deadline for purchases of eligible computers is 12/31/14. Terms and restrictions apply to these offers and I don’t know what happens if you are already in the middle of an offer or if you had previously redeemed a similar option… Ironically, perhaps we are getting close to the point where it might be cheaper to buy a new laptop to get the free 1TB Cloud storage than rent the Cloud storage outright 🙂

B&H Photo launches Deal of the Day (today 2TB Thunderbolt)

Daily deals fans, your wish has come true! B&H Photo has launched a Daily Deal page. Each daily deal will expire at 11:59pm ET of that day, or earlier if the item sells out. Today’s item is a 2TB My Book VelociRaptor Duo Thunderbolt Desktop Hard Drive for $280 with 5% rewards and free shipping. Limit 10 per customer. The page also has a % claimed, so that gives you a better indicator of how much time you have to decide whether to get it or not… This has also been added to the right Sidebar of this blog under “DAILY DEALS LINKS”, so you can check on your own at any time, you don’t have to wait for me to wake up from hibernation 🙂

New B&H Photo specials: Westcott, Lowepro, Walimex, Seagate, Nikon S3600

B&H Photo has a new round of Featured Specials including the following (with free shipping):

AMEX Offers: Spend $500+, Get $100 Statement Credit at Showcase Photo

If you are an American Express card member, check the Offers section of their website for your account (while logged on – the “Amex Offers For You” tab). If you spend $500 or more at Showcase Photo and Video, you will receive $100 as a statement credit to your credit card. You must manually opt-in for the offer through your account. The offer ends 1/19/2015. More details under the offer over there.


Pentax K-3 w/Battery Grip for $800 with coupon

Adorama is offering the Pentax K-3 body only with D-BG5 battery grip and 32GB card and 4% promotional rewards for $800 with free expedited shipping when you enter coupon code EARLYPEEK at checkout. Offer ends on 11/26/14 or earlier if sold out.

Rokinon 8mm f3.5 fisheye (six mounts) for $200

The Rokinon 8mm f3.5 fisheye lens is on sale for $200 with free shipping in six different mounts, five SLR (C/N/A/P and Four Thirds) and Sony E-mount at B&H Photo.

GoPro Hero3+ Plus Black Edition Adventure w/ Wi-Fi CHDHX-302 for $345

The featured deal of the day at the eBay Deals for Thursday is the new condition GoPro Hero3+ Plus Black Edition Adventure with Wi-Fi CHDHX-302 going for $345 with free shipping, with a limit of one per buyer. This is offered by eBay seller “altatac” (99.3%). Over 300 sold from this listing so far.

(ENDED) Ends Fri 3am ET: 64GB Transcend 300x C10 SDHC for $23 (32GB for $12)

This limited time offer expired… The Amazon Gold Box bonus deal of the day for Thursday 11/20/14 is a sale on Computer Components and Peripherals that includes the 64GB Transcend Class 10 (300x, TS64GSDU1E) for $23 (limit 2) and the 32GB version (limit 2) for $12 (limit 2). These are in frustration-free packaging. Also part of the sale are a couple of Seagate internal desktop HDDs, a 4TB for $140 and a 2TB for $85. And various other computers parts and pieces, including CPUs and a mechanic keyboard. Sale ends at 3am ET on Friday (or earlier for any items that sell out).

(ENDED) Ends Fri 11:59pm ET: Pop Photo Magazine for $5 per year with coupon

This limited time offer but if you missed it, fear not, these are recurring offers…
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(ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals (Fri): ePhoto, Ape, Sony, Fotodiox, etc

These limited time offers expired… Check back on Fridays and Mondays (or any days that end in “y” for that matter) for potential new offers from the Amazon Gold Box Lightning Deals… Expired items after the jump…

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New Gear: new Vu and MeFoto filters

It’s mid-November, but that doesn’t stop new products from rolling out. Two new lines of filters are now available for purchase at Adorama, the VU Filters (118 items) and the MeFoto filters (80 items)… Due to time constraints we can’t break down all those 198 new items 🙂

Added to Sidebar: Calendar showing Deals Posted by Day

Things are starting to come in fast and furious, and posts flying in all directions. To help you keep up with the madness, I added a Calender widget in the Sidebar of this blog (below the “Daily Deals Links”) to make it easier for you to catch up if you haven’t checked in in a couple of days. Simply click on the day of interest, and all the posts of that day will be shown.

Or if you like to edit browser urls, simply change the date in this url: http://cameradeals.1001noisycameras.com/2014/11/19/ (11 = month, 19 = day of the month).

You can also use the black menu bar at the top of the blog, filter by “Manufacturer”, or “Camera Mount” or Product “Categories”. I need to add some more things there, but unlike the latest Intel processors, I’m single-threaded and my brain is a 900 MHz Celeron 🙂

You can also keep up with the action using the full-text RSS feed.

Imported/Grey Market Nikon D610 body for $1200 (seller warranty)

Also one of the featured eBay Deals is the new condition imported/grey-marked Nikon D610 body offered for $1200 with free shipping, with a limit of five per buyer. The seller is bigvalueinc (99.4%). Over 120 cameras got sold through this eBay listing so far.

NOTE: this does not come with a manufacturer warranty. It comes with a one year warranty from the seller. This was part of the D610 with lens kit, but the lens removed. Selling the lens and body separately is more profitable since the bundle has a built-in discount. Some sellers use the term “broken kit” to describe this but it’s an unfortunate term because when a shopper reads “broken”, they run away scared 🙂

The standard Nikon D610 body only kit from authorized Nikon USA dealers goes for $1600 (eg Amazon, B&H Photo), so you have trade-offs, such as $400 vs manufacturer-warranty, authorized Nikon dealers vs eBay sellers and such. It’s up to you to triangulate your risk matrix on deals like this – there’s no one size fits all answer.

Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX for $155 (no manufacturer warranty)

If you are comfortable buying prime lenses that don’t come with a manufacturer warranties, one of the featured eBay Deals is the new condition Nikon 35mm f1.8G DX lens offered for $155 with free shipping, with a limit of five per buyer. The seller is photovideo4less (99.8% [corrected; not 98.8%]). Nearly 500 lenses got sold through this eBay listing so far. Again, keep in mind this does not come with a manufacturer warranty. For some the risk may be acceptable, a low price simple prime lens is a much smaller risk than a $4000 tilt-shift lens 🙂 For others, it may not. We blog, you decide! This is not a “nanny state” blog – we don’t decide for you 😉

Black Friday Trends: The Pre-Order thing is a Samsung innovation

Three days ago we spotted the unusual Black Friday Deals preorders (! [preorders of existing products; not unreleased products]) at Amazon but it turns out, this is not an Amazon “innovation” but a Samsung innovation. Similar Black Friday HDTV Deal “pre-orders” can be found at Samsung’s own website and at B&H Photo.

So far this consists of Samsung HDTVs. I don’t know if it will expand to digital cameras this year or in future years. But it is a new trend to watch as retailers are perhaps trying to zero in on shoppers who want good deals but don’t want the hassle of brick and mortar lines or deal-chasing on the internets when they can instead spend Thanksgiving weekend getting grilled by the Mother In Law 🙂

ThankYou Rewards Cyber Monday only (Dec 1): Nikon L830 superzoom for 14800 Thank You Points (= $148 eq)

If you are part of the Citibank Thank You Rewards program (many of their credit cards are part of this program), they will have select merchandise redemption promotions on Cyber Monday (December 1st, 2014). Of the ones shown on their website, the Nikon Coolpix L830 will be offered for 50% off in redemption points. Normally this requires 29600 points to be redeemed, which is very unfavorable considering the camera goes for $200 at Amazon and will go for $170 with freebies during Black Friday. However, on Cyber Monday, you can redeem this for half the points, so 50% of 29600 = 14800 = $148 equivalent assuming a 1:1 points to pennies ratio.

This turned into a long post (I need to stop reading GRRM, it worsens my sprawling writing “condition”), more after the break…

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(ENDED) 256GB PNY USB 3.0 flash drive for $70 (and more) [ends Wedn 11:59pm ET] {UPDATE: limit 10 per item}

This limited time offer expired…

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(ENDED) Starts Thur 8:40am ET: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7 (Windows)

This daily deal expired… According to the schedule in the Amazon Gold Box, starting on Thursday at 8:40am ET (eastern time), and for a limited time only, there is going to be a sale on the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7 (Windows only) software.

(SOLD OUT) Refurbished Nikon J3 w/10-30 VR for $190

As of a 11/26/14 recheck, this is currently sold out and cannot be ordered… If you are curious about the Nikon CX 1-system but don’t want to break the bank, you can get the black factory refurbished Nikon J3 with 10-30mm VR for $190 with free shipping at BuyDig.com. Offer ends by 11/23/14.

For more sale items, check their November 2014 Blowout Sale (expires 11/30/14 or earlier for items that sell out).

128GB Sony SDXC C10 94MB/sec for $70 w/free S&H (limit 10)

If you don’t mind waiting a few extra days to receive this, for a limited time only, B&H Photo is offering the 128GB Sony SDXC Class 10 (up to 94MB/sec) memory card for $70 with free shipping and a limit of 10 per customer. This is model SF128UX/TQN, not to be confused with the 40MB/sec 128GB Sony SDXC (SF128UY/TQMN).

New Weekly B&H Photo specials

We have a new round of Weekly Specials at B&H Photo. Here are some of them (all items mentioned below come with free shipping unless otherwise indicated):

+ Westcott Mini Apollo Softbox for Flash Only – 16×16″ (40x40cm) with free Westcott Adjustable Shoe Mount Umbrella Bracket for $45

+ 8GB Dane-Elec Compact 133X Compact Flash Memory Card for $5

+ 23 Leica M Lenses discounted
+ Leica M Type 240 digital RF camera for $6500

+ Camera-Centric offers: Nikon D610 kits and Canon 60D kits and Olympus E-M5 kits

+ 64GB Sandisk USB 3.0 flash drive for $35

+ Crumpler Kashgar Outpost Camera Bags with free strap for $50 (medium) or $60 (large)

+ Apple MacBook Pro sale (four options; late 2013 models, prices range from $1150 to $2000)

+ check also 85 Gift Ideas (variety of products)

32GB Sony Class 10 R40 SDHC for $12 (64GB for $24) [no limits]

If you are interested in the Sony Class 10 R40 SDHC UHS-I memory cards (up to 40MB/sec), they are currently on sale at Amazon. The 32GB version (SF32UY/TQMN) goes for $12 each, while the 64GB version (SF64UY/TQMN) goes for $24 each. You can buy as many as you like. This is not part of the lightning deals… These can also be handy if you are putting together cameras as gifts for others, or giving away your older cameras to others and want to give them a “getting started with” kit, not just the camera.

GoPro HERO4 Silver with $50 Gift Card and Gooseneck for $400

The new GoPro HERO4 Silver action camera goes for $400 but for a limited time, B&H Photo has two free items included automatically: a $50 B&H Photo Gift Card and a free Gooseneck for GoPro HERO… Alternatively, Amazon offers a $30 Gift Card but no Gooseneck.

Leica Discounts: M Type 240 for $6500, various M-lenses discounted

There is a new round of instant savings discounts for Leica products. The M Type 240 Digital Rangefinder camera is going for $6500, while various Leica M lenses are discounted as well. A total of 17 items are participating in this sale. See them all at Adorama.

Now shipping: SanDisk 128GB ExtremePRO CFast 2.0 for $800

If you are a high-speed early-adopter, the new SanDisk 128GB ExtremePRO CFast 2.0 memory cards are now in-stock and ready to ship for $800 with free 3-day shipping at Adorama.

New Metz Mail-In Rebates (29 options)

If you are a fan of Metz flashes for various camera systems, and you have not sworn off mail-in rebates for eternity, a new round of Metz mail-in rebates have gone live at Adorama good until 12/31/14. A total of 29 Metz products for different mounts are available as part of this offer. Too many too list here individually.

(ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals (Wedn): Corel, NIX, 1TB Buffalo, etc

These limited time offers expired… Check back on Fridays and Mondays (or any days that end in “y” for that matter) for potential new offers from the Amazon Gold Box Lightning Deals… Expired items after the jump…

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(ENDED) Ends Thur 1am ET: Refurbished Lytro Cameras for $75 to $115

This daily deal expired… The Woot Electronics deal of the day, ending by 1am ET on Thursday 11/20/14 is a sale on factory reconditioned Lytro light field digital cameras. They are available in either 8GB or 16GB versions, in multiple body colors, and in multiple extra accessory configurations. Prices range from $70 to $110 depending on storage and accessories. A total of 12 options are available. Limit 3 per item per customer. Shipping is $5 flat regardless of how many you buy.

(ENDED) Ends Wedn 3am ET: PNY Storage Sale: 64GB SDXC for $28, 64GB microSD for $23, 256GB USB 3 Flash drive for $70, etc

These daily deals expired…
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Flashpoint ZeroGrav 2-Axis Digital Gyro Stabilizer for $1000

For the video fans, the Flashpoint ZeroGrav 2-Axis Digital Gyro Stabilizer is on sale for $1000 with free expedited shipping at Adorama.

B&H Photo offers: Bower 16mm T2.2, refurb Nikon D610, Vanguard Legs, Oly E-M5, NIRs

B&H Photo has a new round of specials. We round them up in one post to keep things moving fast! All come with free shipping:

+ Vanguard Auctus 323AT Aluminum Tripod (Legs Only) for $150

+ Bower 16mm T2.2 Cine Lens for $300 in the Canon EF and EF-M, Nikon F, Sony Alpha A-mount and E-mount, Fuji X, M43rds, and Samsung NX flavors

+ Olympus E-M5 body only for $600, other kits price-adjusted accordingly; also promotional rewards and freebies
++ NOTE: the E-M5 body is going to be an Amazon Lightning Deal at 3am ET on Tuesday.

+ refurbished Nikon D610 body only for $1440

+ new condition Nikon D610 body only with various freebies (16GB, shoulder bag, Watson battery, shutter release, 2% rewards) for $1600

+ Nikon DSLR Instant Savings, the more you buy, the more you save (and obviously the more you pay total!)

Refurbished Nikon D5300 w/18-55 for $630 (limit 2)

UPDATE (11/18/14): as of this update, this is marked as an “Item Under Review”. It will be unavailable for purchase for a few hours/days until it gets sorted out. It is not uncommon for this thing to show up on various Amazon.com listings.

Amazon is now selling refurbished products “natively” (on the main product page), not just the Warehouse Deals. One of the guinea pigs of this new development is the refurbished Nikon D5300 w/18-55 going for $630 with free shipping, with a limit of two per shopping cart. This is sold by Amazon herself, not marketplace sellers… An annotated screenshot crop of the product page showing all these is after the jump (it is a tall picture, so it’s not on the front page to prevent taking over the whole page).

NOTE: you may not see this format when you visit that page – the Amazon web servers often test different versions on different browsers, operating systems, screen sizes, and Viewports (the visible part in the actual browser window, which on a desktop may be significantly different from the screen size/resolution; that was a long way of saying, browser windows can be of many different sizes on a desktop, from full screen to tiny little boxes).

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Black Friday Circular Ads breakdown at Main Blog

As it is customary during Black Friday season, we began a breakdown of the various Black Friday Circular Ads. This is happening at the Main blog (bookmark this if interested). It is a long post that will be updated multiple times until we cover as many stores as possible. Bookmark that post for brick and mortar circular ad coverage! This blog will continue to post deals as they go live. The Main Blog now focuses more on Reference/Research/Long(er)-Form type of posts, so it’s a good place for the detailed BF Ads breakdowns.

UPDATE (6:14pm ET): just finished going through the Best Buy Black Friday Ad.

[UPDATE: Free Bag = The Offer] Starts Tue 3am ET: Olympus E-M5 body and OM-D Messenger Bag Potential Deal

UPDATE (Tue 4am ET): The Free Messenger bag is the offer in this case. The price remains the same at $600 for the Olympus E-M5 body only with Messenger Bag kit. No further discounts. This was part of the Camera and Photo Deals Upcoming deals box, but is not in the Gold Box deals box, so this perhaps explains why it isn’t a daily deal?

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(ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals (Tue): Oly E-M5 body [only free bag], various ePhotos, PNY

These limited time offers expired… Check back on Fridays and Mondays (or any days that end in “y” for that matter) for potential new offers from the Amazon Gold Box Lightning Deals… Expired items after the jump…

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(ENDED) Ends by 10:50pm ET: Sigma EF-610 DG SUPER Electronic Flash (Nikon only) for $180

This limited time offer ended with 86% claimed… Also part of today’s Amazon lightning deals is the Sigma EF-610 DG SUPER Electronic Flash on sale for $180 with free shipping in the Nikon SLR mount. The other mounts are not on sale. This offer ends by 10:50pm ET or earlier if it sells out.

(ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals (Mon): Sigma EF-610, Roki 24/T1.5, ePhoto, etc [updated]

These limited time offers expired… Check back on Fridays and Mondays (or any days that end in “y” for that matter) for potential new offers from the Amazon Gold Box Lightning Deals… Expired items after the jump…

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(ENDED) Ends Wedn 3am ET: earn 5% eBay Bucks on $100+ purchases (must opt-in)

This expired… If you are a member of the eBay Bucks rewards program, a new promotion is running until 3am ET on Wednesday 11/19/14. This time you earn 5% eBay Bucks on purchases of $100 or more. You can do this multiple times during this promotion. You must manually opt-in/activate this offer. Check your email or eBay Messages for more details… A good place to start looking for deals are the eBay Daily Deals

(ENDED) Ends by 9:50pm ET: Rokinon CV24M-C 24mm T1.5 Cine (DeCliq, FF) for $525

This limited time offer ended… The Rokinon CV24M-C 24mm T1.5 Cine Wide Angle Lens for Canon with De-Clicked Aperture and Follow Focus Compatibility is a lightning deal at Amazon, ending by 9:50pm eastern (or earlier if sold out) going for $525 with free shipping. Only the Canon version is on sale.

Heads up: New Experimental Twist in Black Friday sales – Preordering (!) the deals

This is only a heads up of yet another twist in the way Black Friday deals are offered. Apparently Amazon.com is trying a new experiment, you can pre-order (!) some of the Black Friday Deals. You will pay the lower price. This experiment is done with these four Samsung HDTVs. This is the first time I see this. I don’t know if other items will be offered in this fashion… So here’s a concrete example, using this 55″ Samsung HDTV as the Guinea pig: it sells for $850 if you want it right now. Or you can “pre-order” it for Black Friday for $800 and it will ship after 11/23/14.

Olympus USA store has “Black Friday” sale now

The Olympus USA store (GetOlympus) has launched what they call their early Black Friday sale. In addition to the discounts, they also offer free 2-day shipping with any order of $25 or more, which may be useful if you need any accessories or extra batteries and things of that nature. Their sale includes M43 cameras, M43 lenses, and P&S digital cameras. Promotion ends 11/30/14 or earlier if sold out.

Updated Nikon DSLR Instant Savings – add as many lenses as you like

Just in time for the holidays, the Nikon DSLR Instant Savings have been updated at B&H Photo, you can add as many lenses as you like and the savings will keep adding up. This is a one-DSLR and multiple-lenses purchased together in the same shopping cart promotion. Here is an example, a direct link to the Nikon D750 page over there. All those lenses scrolling down are eligible for this promotion.

(ENDED) Ends Sun 11:59pm ET: Four different Photography Magazines for $5 per year per magazine

This limited time offer expired. If you missed it however, fear not! These are recurring offers that return every few weeks… Expired details after the break…

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(ENDED) Starts Sun 9am ET: Sandisk Extreme 60MB/sec SDHC Sale

This limited time offer expired… As part of the Amazon Lightning Deals, starting on Sunday at 9am ET (for Prime members) and 9:30am ET (for Everybody else) there is going to be a sale on Sandisk Extreme 60MB/sec SDHC memory cards. I don’t know if it is going to be just the 32GB version that will be on sale or the whole line-up (16, 32, 64GB). We’ll know for certain when it goes live. This is a limited time offer, as all Amazon Lightning Deals are.