Tue: 24pk Smart Light Bulbs for $48+S&H, SmallRig (Sony), Manfrotto, Samsung Computer Monitors, Etc

Do you know what everybody’s getting in their Christmas Socks this year? A smart light-bulb! Because the Tuesday 5/16/23 Meh daily deal is a 24-pack of Merkury Multicolor + White Dimmable Smart LED Light Bulbs going for $48 plus shipping (free for Meh-members). These are A21, and work with Wifi using the Genie app or spy-master Alexa or ad-master Google Home.

THEN to the B&H Photo daily deals we geaux where we find:

+ SmallRiG Camera Cages for select Sony cameras, basic kit for $30, advanced kit for $94

+ Manfrotto 504X Fluid Head & Aluminum Tripod System with Mid-Level Spreader, Ultrasone Headset & Bluetooth Adapter for $700

+ PortKEYS PT6 6″ 4K HDMI Touchscreen Monitor for $109

+ Blizzard LB-Par Quad RGBA LED Light for $130

+ Polsen SP-260 Rackmount 2×6 Stereo Distribution Splitter (1 RU) for $60

+ Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core Desktop 4×8 USB Type-C Audio Interface for $349 with FREE 6-month Podcast hosting service

The Adorama daily deals have two items, the Celestron Power Tank Lithium for $150 and the PGYTECH Professional UV Filter for DJI Mavic Air 2 for $15…

MEANwhile the headliner of the Amazon USA Gold Box is a Samsung Monitors sale featuring a total of 25 products with prices ranging from $160 (27″ 1080p curved) to $2000 (55″ 4K 165Hz curved). Happy Samsunging 🙂

Saturday: GE Smart Bulbs and More (30 options, $3 to $45)

Jealous of yesterday’s Sylvania daily deal, for Saturday 10/2/21 at the Amazon USA Gold Box, GE is having a Smart Bulbs and Smart Plugs sale featuring 30 products with prices ranging from $3 to $45.

These include A19 and A21 light bulbs, motion sensor bulbs, dusk-to-dawn bulbs, color-changing, tunable “C by GE”, dimmers/switches, speaker light bulbs (because WHY NOT?) and more…

As usual, the B&H daily deals for Saturday are the same as those for Friday which we posted yesterday

UPDATE: the Adorama daily deal running until Sunday at 10am ET is the new condition CLAR FlexLite 12x12in / 25x122cm 50W Rollable Wireless Bicolor SMD LED Panel going for $200 with free US shipping…

Friday: Sylvania LED Light Bulbs (53 options, $3 to $136)

Consumer lighting is the headliner of the Amazon Gold Box for Friday October 1st in 2021, it’s two pages of Sylvania lighting options with prices ranging from $3 to $136… A total of 54 products are participating in the sale including:

+ LED light bulbs of different sizes, including plenty of A19

+ fashionable “TruWave” light bulbs

+ bluetooth light bulbs

+ flood, globe, chandelier, recessed/UFO lights, grow lights, etc

+ fluorescent, CFL, color temperature, strips and such options

UPDATE: audio is the theme of the current Adorama daily deals, running until Saturday at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ H&A AC60 Hypercardioid Dynamic Studio Broadcast Microphone for $150

+ H&A Broadcast Arm with Internal Springs for $80

+ Ultimate Support UA-ISO-100 Isolator Pad for Studio Monitor, Pair for $30
+ pad only; speakers NOT included!

16pk Philips A19 Frosted LED E26 Light Bulb (60W-eq, 2700K, 800 lu) for $22

On the budget side of lighting, Amazon itself is offering the 16-pack of Philips LED A19 light bulbs, frosted, 60W equivalent (8.5W actual), 800 lumens, 2700 Kelvin, Soft White, with E26 base for the very specific price of $21.60. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order [check $5 gadget posts for ideas if you want to climb over $25]. Limit up to six 16-packs per customer. This is not a lightning deal.

16pk AmazonBasics 100W-equivalent A21 LED Light Bulbs for $46 (Daylight or Soft White)

The 100W equivalent LED light bulbs of the A21 kind are not easy to find or as cheap or subsidized like the 40W and 60W equivalent. If you happen to need them in multiples of 16, and you don’t need to receive them immediately, the AmazonBasics 16-packs are down to $45.29 in the Daylight (5000 Kelvin) and for $46.53 in the Soft White (2700 Kelvin). This puts each light bulb under $3.

If you don’t need that many or need them right away, the 6-packs are in-stock and ready to ship for $22~ in either Daylight or Soft White, making them $3.67 per light bulb.

16pk AmazonBasics 100W-Equivalent LED A21 Light Bulbs for $46 (Soft White) or $47 (Daylight)

AmazonBasics previously had 6-packs of their 100W-equivalent LED A21 light bulbs that went for as low as $20 per 6-pack ($3.33 per bulb) in Soft White or Daylight. Now Amazon has created 16-packs of the same light bulbs, with even lower prices per bulb:

+ Soft White (2700 Kelvin) for $46
+ $2.88 per bulb

+ Daylight (5000 Kelvin) for $47
+ $2.94 per bulb

Note that all kinds of options are available on the same listing, so if you are checking them out, make sure you are still looking at the intended option.

LED Light Bulb Sale: 16pk Philips 60W-eq for $20+, 6pk AB 100W-eq for $20+

Light is light! On the budget side of lighting, a number of LED light bulbs are on sale:

+ 16 pack of Philips LED A19 (2700 Kelvin Soft White, 8.5W = 60W equivalent, E26 base) for $20~
+ limit five per customer

+ 16 pack of Philips LED A19 (5000 Kelvin Daylight, 8W = 60W equivalent, E26 base) for $21~
+ limit five per customer

+ 6 pack of AmazonBasics LED A21 (5000 Kelvin Daylight, 14W = 100W equivalent, 1400 lumens) for $20

+ 6 pack of AmazonBasics LED A21 (2700 Kelvin Soft White, 14W = 100W equivalent, 1300 lumens) for $22

+ the Philips are currently the Top Sellers at Amazon, while the Daylight AmazonBasics (AB) is in the Top 10

In-Stock: 6pk 100W eq AmazonBasics A21 LED Light Bulbs for $20

On the budget side of Lighting, we have light bulbs! The 100W-Equivalent 6-pack of A21 AmazonBasics LED light bulbs are back in-stock at Amazon in the Daylight (5000 Kelvin) for $20 and in the Soft White (2700 Kelvin) also for $20.

Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order. If you need that extra $5 push to get to $25, check the “Other Sales at Amazon” segment further down the Lightning Deals round-ups.

16pk of Philips LED A19 Light Bulbs (60W equivalent) for $25 in either Daylight or Soft White

On the utilitarian side of lighting, 16-packs of Philips LED A19 (E26 base) 60W-equivalent lightbulbs are on sale for $25~, making them just over $1.50 per light bulb. They are available in Daylight (5000 Kelvin) or Soft White (2700 Kelvin). The Soft White are limited three sets per customer, the Daylight do not appear to have a limit.

But that’s not all! Until 9/30/17, Amazon has a Philips Special Promotion. If your order total of eligible items is $48+, you can get this Philips LED A19 SceneSwitch (four color-changing light bulbs, they switch between 5000, 2700, 2200 Kelvin) for FREE. You must add the free SceneSwitch manually to your order. Check this post for Step by Step Instructions.

You can get the free SceneSwitch item with one of each of the 16-packs or two of the same 16-pack, or any other combination of eligible items. Remember, all items must be sold and shipped by Amazon itself as a one-time purchase (not Subscribe and Save).

Spend $48+ on Philips LED Light Bulbs, Get FREE Philips SceneSwitch 4-pack

Good until 9/30/17 (or earlier if sold out), Amazon has a promotion when purchasing $48 or more in participating Philips LED light bulbs, sold and shipped by Amazon itself as one time purchases (not “Subscribe and Save”). Over a dozen different Philips options are eligible for the promotion.


  • Add $48+ in eligible Philips lights – this can be multiple units of the same item, or a mix and match of various items. Amazon itself must be the seller, not anyone else
  • manually add the free item to the shopping cart, the Philips LED A19 SceneSwitch (four color-changing light bulbs, they switch between 5000, 2700, 2200 Kelvin). This too must be sold and shipped by Amazon itself
  • Proceed to Checkout. If all is well, the price of the SceneSwitch ($23.90 as of the time of writing) will be deducted from your order total at the top right corner of the Amazon Checkout page)
  • If you don’t see the discount, it means the promotion expired or there is some other problem. Do not proceed. If you don’t see the discount, you will pay full price! Screenshot of what you should be seeing below:

6pk of 100 Watt Equivalent LED A21 Light Bulbs for $18 (Daylight) or $19 (Soft White)

If you are looking for 100 Watt Equivalent A21 LED light bulbs, and don’t need to receive them yesterday, Amazon has a pre-order sale on their upcoming 6-packs in the Daylight Color (5000 Kelvin; 1400 lumens) for $18.26, and in the Soft White Color (2700 Kelvin, 1300 lumens) for $19.24. They are rated 15,000 hours per light bulb.

The 2-packs are shipping but the 6-packs are currently in pre-order status. Amazon’s pricing is so crazy that the 2-packs cost more (!) than the 6-packs, eg a 2-pack of 100W Daylight goes for $22.49, but a 6-pack goes for $18.26. You also get to keep the sturdy cardboard container the 6-pack comes in ~ see gallery picture #3 over there.

A “Clear” light bulb option (2700 Kelvin, 1000 lumens) is available in the listing, but it’s neither available at 100W, nor it is on sale on par with the other two options.

6pk TCP 40W LED Light Bulbs for $10 (Daylight or Soft White)

Not all photography tasks require four-figure lighting setups. Sometimes light bulbs are good enough. Or something like that. At the moment, 6-packs of TCP 40W-equivalent 5W LED A19 light bulbs are on sale for $10 each in Daylight 5000K or Soft White 2700K by Amazon itself. You can buy as many as you like. Free shipping with a $35+ order or if you are a Prime member. These are also eligible for “Subscribe and Save” discounts. Want some light bulbs with your cereal and protein bars? 🙂

(ENDED) 16pk Philips A19 LED Soft White 60W-equivalent Light Bulbs for $25

The prices of these go up and down all the time…

[Read more…]

4pk Philips LED A19 Daylight 60W-eq Light Bulbs for $8 (limit 3)

They are not professional lighting gear, but light is light 🙂 This 4-pack of Philips LED Daylight A19 light bulbs (60W equivalent; actually 8W) is on sale for $8 at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of three 4-packs per customer. Free shipping for Prime members. At the moment this is restricted to Prime members only, one of the many Prime benefits.

16pk Philips LED 60W-Equivalent Soft White A19 Light bulbs for $32 [updated]

Photography needs light, and sometimes regular light bulbs are the only lighting option available. Or something like that.

The “Soft White” offer continues, a 16-pack of Philips LED light bulbs, 60W equivalent, are on sale for $32~ at Amazon by Amazon itself. This makes it around $2 per light bulb (I didn’t even need to use a calculator for the complex math!).

The “Daylight” offer expired: Which brings us to a pretty good LED deal, a 16-pack of Philips LED Daylight light bulbs, 60W equivalent, are on sale for $24.56 at Amazon by Amazon itself. It comes out to around $1.54 per light bulb, which beats the Home Depot 4pk for $9 ($2.25 per bulb). These are A19, with 800 lumens. Only the Daylight is discounted thusly.

The usual free shipping terms apply, Prime or with a $49+ order, or $25+ in books.

Speaking of books, coupon code HOLIDAYBOOK gets you $10 off an order of $25+ in printed books sold and shipped by Amazon itself until Monday at 3am ET. This is a great opportunity to get books that are rarely discounted or have the same price elsewhere, or books that you would consider too expensive to buy under normal circumstances (eg the illustrated Game Of Thrones Book #1).