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Starts Thursday 11am: LIVE Q&A YouTube demo of NEW Nikon Z 135mm f1.8 Plena lens

We have LENS LEARNINGS! On Thursday 9/28/23 at 11am ET, Adorama is hosting a YouTube live-stream launching the brand new Nikon Z 135mm f1.8 Plena lens, slated for an October 30 release, and a pre-order price of $2500.

The live-stream will feature Nikon’s very own Mark Cruz (Senior Marketing Manager) and hosted by Seth Miranda. This is a YouTube live-stream, so you will be able to ask your live questions in the YouTube live chat. A YouTube/Google account is needed to participate in the live chat, but everyone can watch it.

YouTube-embedded below as well for your convenience…

Thursday: Tenba, GVM, Nanuk, Benro, Etc

We have another scheduling update for B&H. Due to holiday-closing, they will close on Friday at 1pm ET and re-open on Monday October 9 in 2023, so be sure to place your orders now if you have time-sensitive needs!

We have a new set of B&H Photo daily deals good until Thursday 9/28/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Tenba Cooper 15 Slim Messenger Bag with Leather Accents (Gray) for $136
+ BAG the (messenger) BAG!

+ Benro KoalaPod Kit with Five Legs and Smartphone Holder for $20
+ why a platypus when you can have a koala?
+ and this one doesn’t need to eat leaves!

+ GVM 7017D Aluminum Video Tripod with Fluid Head System for $129

+ CoreSWX Hypercore NEO 9 Mini 98Wh Lithium-Ion Battery (Gold or V Mount) for $199~ each

+ Inovativ Voyager 42 NXT Equipment Cart for $2399
+ or you can buy 2399 one-time-use carts from the dollar store 😉

+ Nanuk 935 Wheeled Hard Utility Case with Foam Insert, two color options, $140 after in-cart couponization

ON THE learnings front, starting on Thursday at 12pm ET, the headliner CreativeLIVE ON-AiR free-streaming class is “Location, Posing, Execution” with Roberto Valenzuela, with a runtime of 12 hours and 53 minutes, so it will air only once in full during the free streaming window.

In-Stock Alert: Pentax K-3 III Monochrome Matte Black

According to the Ricoh Imaging online store, the Pentax K-3 III Monochrome Matte Black body only kit is in-stock and ready to ship for $2300. I cannot verify this (meaning, I can’t buy it just to see its shipping status).

Per Ricoh, the Matte Black Edition features a sleek black finish (and $100 more) 🙂

Speaking of in-stock alerts, the Tenderloin Steak sandwich is back in-stock at The Habit Burger Grill 😉

Starts Wedn 12pm ET (FREE to Watch): Lighting Class

It is back on the free-streaming train! Starting on Wednesday at 12pm ET at the Creative LIVE ON-AIR you can watch the 8-hour and 22-minute “Lighting 301” class with Pye Jirsa and the SLR Lounge Experience. The Class Introduction is FREE to watch (aka “the Kindle sample”). The titles of the 26 lessons are a good indicator of what is covered.

Given the airtime, it will air twice a in full, and once partially – during the 24-hour-ish free-streaming window…

Wedn: Quasar Tube Light, FLiR, Benro, OBSbot, Mindshift Sexy Backpack, SmallRIG NP-W235 charger kit, Etc

And just like that it’s Wednesday! Where did half of the week go? Oh my, we are decidedly in the fast-forward timeline! Speaking of which, good until 9/27/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out we have these B&H Photo daily deals:

+ SmallRIG NP-W235 2-Battery Kit with Dual Charger for $29~
+ 12 customer reviews, some happy, some complaining about slow charge and battery not having as much juice as the Fuji batteries
+ NOTE, per the Q&A section over there, the charger offers no thermal protection, that’s why the middle pins are missing
+ then again, you are getting two batteries and a two-slot charger for the price of half a Fuji-branded battery 🙂

+ MINDSHIFT GEAR PhotoCross 13 Backpack (Orange Ember) for $90
+ it looks so beautiful, BAG the BAGS!

+ FLiR LS-X 336 x 256 Thermal Monocular (7.5 Hz) for $1229
+ the UFOs and UAPs are waiting for you!

+ Benro MeVideo Carbon Fiber Livestream Stand for $50

+ Quasar Q-Lion Tube Light (US 3-Light Kit) for $399

+ OBSbot Tiny 2 AI-Powered PTZ 4K Webcam for $249 after in-cart coupon