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Friday: iPad PRO (2021, new condition) for $660+

In new condition, and with a 1-year Apple warranty, we find the headliner Woot deal of the day for Friday September 8 in 2023! It is a new condition 2021 iPad PRO sale including both the 11″ and 12.9″ models!

The 11″ Wifi-only starts at $660 and goes up to $850, while the “with cellular” option ranges from $770 to $920. They come with a case.

The 12.9″ Wifi-only starts at $860 and goes up to $950, while the “with cellular” option ranges from $980 to $1020.

Or you can buy twenty 7-inch budget Android tablets 😉

MEANwhile the headliner Creative LIVE ON-AIR class for Friday is a “Fast Class”, a condensed version of a class in about 60 minutes. The topic is “Minimalist Photography” with Canadian Curtis Jones.

Refurb Nikon 10×25 binos for $45, Nanuk 918 kit for $150 AC, Etc

The B&H 50-Year BILD party is over but you can (re)watch it at any time at the B&H YouTube channel. The link is to their “Live” tab. Recently YouTube changed their layout and the “Live” videos don’t show up under “Videos”, which is extra work for the viewers because you have to check at two places for new videos (unless you are signed up for Notifications and those are notoriously not reliable). Anyway, back on-topic!

The BILD event may be over, but as of the time of writing the BILD Expo Special Offers continue! I do not know when they will expire, mayhaps when the link stops working 🙂

Back to the daily grind, it is Friday today and as usual the B&H daily deals run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ refurb Nikon 10×25 Aculon A30 Binoculars (black, Nikon USA refurbished) for $45

+ Nanuk 918 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case with Lid Organizer (Black) for $150 after coupon

+ Sachtler Heavy Duty Harness for $100~

+ headphone hanger for $5

BILD Expo Day #2 Streams LIVE on Thursday at 9am ET

Today is Day #2 of the “BILD Expo”, the 50 year B&H Photo Anniversary, and you can watch the Main Stage streaming LIVE at the B&H YouTube channel starting at 9am eastern time. The live stream of the day #2 main stage is also YouTube-embedded below for your convenience. Day #1 (and Day #2 in the future) can be (re)watched at the aforelinked B&H YouTube channel.

And as always, a celebration goes hand in hand with a sale-a-bration as we mentioned earlier. There are plenty of BILD show specials but that’s not all. The B&H daily deals have transformed into a Super Sized Deal Zone with 280+ products instead of the usual 4-8 per day! Including three name-brand lenses

FREE to Watch (starts Thur 12pm ET): 14-hour Food Photography Class

If your interests intersect at food x photography, you are in luck, because the headliner class at the Crative LIVE On-AIR, starting at 12pm ET on Thursday September 7 in 2023 is the “Food Photography” class with Andrew Scrivani with a total runtime of 13 hours and 44 minutes, which means it will only free-stream once in full length since the free-streaming window is 24 hours. So set your alarm clocks and reminders!

Chapter #7 of the class is already free to watch, think of it as the “Kindle sample” equivalent, if you want to see whether the instructor’s style and presentation and such are a good match for you!

Thursday: BILD Day #2 of Deals!

Today is Thursday September 7 in 2023 [double-checked the date!] and it is Day #2, and the last day, of the B&H Photo 50 Year “BILD Expo” celebrations and saleabrations!

On the celebrations front, the first day live-stream ran for nearly 9 hours and you can rewatch it at the B&H YouTube. Day #2 will feature many guest speakers including Brooke Shaden, Scott Kelby [of course!], Frans Lanting, Lindsay Adler and more!

On the sale-a-brations front, the 280+ B&H daily deals continue as yesterday, with the addition of a flash deal:

+ Creality K1 Speedy 3D Printer for $449

BUT WAIT, there’s more! There’s also the dedicated BILD Trade Show offerings, which are too many for me to list here individually, so be sure to check them out if interested!