Wedn: Quasar Tube Light, FLiR, Benro, OBSbot, Mindshift Sexy Backpack, SmallRIG NP-W235 charger kit, Etc

And just like that it’s Wednesday! Where did half of the week go? Oh my, we are decidedly in the fast-forward timeline! Speaking of which, good until 9/27/23 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out we have these B&H Photo daily deals:

+ SmallRIG NP-W235 2-Battery Kit with Dual Charger for $29~
+ 12 customer reviews, some happy, some complaining about slow charge and battery not having as much juice as the Fuji batteries
+ NOTE, per the Q&A section over there, the charger offers no thermal protection, that’s why the middle pins are missing
+ then again, you are getting two batteries and a two-slot charger for the price of half a Fuji-branded battery 🙂

+ MINDSHIFT GEAR PhotoCross 13 Backpack (Orange Ember) for $90
+ it looks so beautiful, BAG the BAGS!

+ FLiR LS-X 336 x 256 Thermal Monocular (7.5 Hz) for $1229
+ the UFOs and UAPs are waiting for you!

+ Benro MeVideo Carbon Fiber Livestream Stand for $50

+ Quasar Q-Lion Tube Light (US 3-Light Kit) for $399

+ OBSbot Tiny 2 AI-Powered PTZ 4K Webcam for $249 after in-cart coupon