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Sony RX100 VA edition with Extras (SquareTrade, 32GB, Watson) for $909

Sony was doing the “New Editions” thing before Huawei (out of mordant need) made it cool with their Google Play “New Edition” smartphones. So back to Sony, their new RX100 VA edition (buffer size boost and other fixes and improvements) goes for $848~ in new condition at authorized dealers, but if you want a nice bundle with extras, for a limited time, B&H Photo is offering this VA bundle for $909. So that extra $61 gets you:

+ extra Watson-brand battery
+ 32GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SD card
+ 2-year Square Trade Spills-n-Drops warranty

On their own, the three items go for $20 + $13 + $64, so basically if you want the Square Trade warranty, you are paying less with the bundle and get the card and battery as a bonus…

PS: speaking of the RX100 cameras, they have amazing staying power for a digital camera, even defeating Leica! Despite all the newer RX100-series models, even the first generation continues to be available as a current product ($399 new, $279 used, at B&H)…

Fuji Instant Savings at Adorama (201 options)

If you are a fan of all things Fuji, another round of Fuji Instant Savings is running at Adorama, with 201 options available that are part of the X-system, their Medium Format system, and there are some fixed lens cameras too… In addition to the instant savings discount, check also the USED prices if you are a fan of used camera gear. Adorama offers a 90-day warranty of their own for used items (those in usable condition; for example, the “spare parts only” obviously do not get a 90-day warranty)…

And if you are jumping on the COVID-19 Gadgets Hype Train, Adorama is offering their new condition Green Extreme TH-100 Digital Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer for $49 with free US shipping. You can also use it with your Star Trek cosplays! It’s a 2-in-1 🙂

2pk PROGrade 64GB UHS-II SDXC cards for $45 total

Did you know Pearl Jam had a song called “Don’t Call Me Lexar”? 😉 On a totally unrelated note, a 2-pack of 64GB ProGrade UHS-II SDXC memory cards is on sale for $45 with free US shipping at B&H Photo. This comes out to $22.50 per card…

15% off and 2 Free Memorial Days with new LR coupon

Lens Rentals is back with a new promotion. It’s a 15% off coupon code AND also TWO FREE DAYS if your order spans the Memorial Day weekend. All the offer details in the annotated screenshot crop below [it’s faster than typing it all in ~ and making a mistake/typo along the way!]

GoPRO Fusion 360 action camera for $249

The Best Buy headliner deal of the day for Thursday 5/21/20 is the new condition GOPRO FUSION 360-degree camera, model Model:CHDHZ-103, BUT B&H Photo has them beat, they offer it for $249 with up to five per customer…

Thursday: Angler CatchLight, Ruggard, Peak D, Shape VCT, Etc

Thursday is here and we have a new set of B&H daily deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Angler CatchLight Reflector with FREE White Fabric for $100

+ Ruggard Fabric Camera Rain Cover (Black) for $28

+ open-box Peak Design Everyday Tote Bag (Charcoal) for $70

+ Shape VCT Tripod Plate for $189

+ Pelican 3rd-Generation 1910B LED Flashlight for $15

+ Polar PRO Vivid Collection ND/PL Filters for DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal (Set of 3) for $35

UPDATE: a trio of Epson Workforce scanners are one of the Woot deals of the day, prices ranging from $470 to $550. These are factory reconditioned with a 1-year Epson warranty…

Refurbished Nikon 10-24mm f3.5-4.5G DX for $447 [ends Thur 10am ET]

Zoom-zoom Nikon APS-C photographers! The current Adorama daily deal, good until Thursday at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out) is the refurbished Nikon 10-24mm f3.5-4.5G DX lens for $447 with free US shipping. It comes with a 90-day Nikon USA warranty and assorted accessories (lens hood, caps, case).

Photoshop Tutorial Sale: $14 to $29 each

If you are interested in Photoshop-related learnings, for a limited time only, Creative LIVE is running a Photoshop Tutorials sale with prices ranging from $14 to $29 per class. It has a mix of basics and beyond-basics classes, general and specific Photochop topics, and there’s even a class dedicated to Adobe Camera RAW. There are multiple pages of classes, not just the first page you see there…

20pk Leica Sofort instant film for $22

The latest Woot Liquidation sale has the Leica Sofort instant film (2x 10-exposures = 20) for $26.46 BUT you can get it for less, $21.95 at Adorama and B&H Photo

Wedn: SpyderX PRO Colorimeter, Vanguard VEO2, Tamrac, GVM Kit, Small HD, Etc

Yesterday there was a Tokina macro but no lenses today at the new six-pack of B&H daily deals good until 11:59pm ET on Hump Day (or earlier for anything that manages to sell out ahead of its designated expiration time):

+ DataColor SpyderX Pro Colorimeter for $100

+ VanGuard VEO 2 235AB Aluminum Tripod with Ball Head (Red, 4.75′) for $65

+ NaNuk 923 15″ Laptop Case (Black) for $130
+ Mandela Effect Alert: Robin Williams was saying Nanuk-Nanuk 🙂

+ TamRac Pro Compact 2 Camera Bag (Black) for $12
+ one bag, “2” is the model numbers 🙂
+ companies really need to hire me to “test and fix” their product names and model numbers 🙂

+ GVM 50RS2L RGB 2-Light Kit for $340

+ SmallHD 702 Touch 7″ On-Camera Monitor for $899
+ personally I’m holding out for BigHD 🙂

UPDATE: former Android flagship phones and MSI laptops are among the Woot deals du jour, while at Best Buy the headliner is a 14TB WD EasyStore [fans of Earth 2 call frequently call this Easy Sto’or] for $250, and the 64GB Sandisk Extreme PLUS [yellow] SDXC going for $20… Computer-y things as usual can be found at the NewEgg boiled eggs

UPDATE #2: oops, I didn’t notice it on first pass, but the scratch & dent Android phone sale includes the original Pixel for $50, the Pixel XL from $70 to $120, the Pixel 2* (regular and XL) from $100 to $160 and the Pixel 3* from $190 to $240. This if you are interested in Google’s highly-acclaimed phone-cameras… Keep in mind the latest model is the Pixel 4, and the Pixel 4a is coming soon….