$15 off orders of $20+ at CreativeLIVE with Inconvenience Coupon

While CreativeLIVE is down for maintenance, they have left up and running 17 FREE-Streaming Classes

But that’s not all; to make up for the inconvenience, they are offering coupon code HUG-AN-ENGINEER that gets you $15 off orders of $20+, running until Sunday night [it doesn’t specify day, it says “end of day tomorrow”, so if this was posted at 11pm pacific, it should mean Sunday 11:59pm pacific; but that’s just my guess…

This is a very good way to handle a planned outage. You offer the customers some alternatives to watch AND you give them a discount on future purchases!

PS: the various Bootcamp classes are on sale for $29, so this coupon should drop them to $14 [I haven’t tried it]