Top Bootcamp Classes for $29 each: LR, Pho, Portrait, Weddings, Business, Boudoir, Newborn, Etc

IF you are looking for longer and more in-depth classes at a good price, CreativeLIVE is running a Top Bootcamp Classes sale for $29 each covering some of the major topics in photography including:

  • “Fine Art Photography: Complete Guide” (26 hours)
  • “28 Days of Portrait Photography” (58 hours)
  • “Lightroom Classic CC” (24 hours)
  • “Photoshop CC Bootcamp” (22 hours)
  • “Wedding Photography Bootcamp” (22 hours)
  • “Master the Business of Photography” (28 hours)
  • “30 Days of Wedding Photography” (39 hours)
  • “Boudoir bootcamp” (16 hours)
  • “Newborn Photography” (22 hours)
  • “Studio Systems Photography Business Bootcamp” (30 hours)
  • “Complete Wedding Photography Experience” (30 hours)

But that’s not all. Many other classes are included including Final Cut X PRO, prints, lighting, Premiere Pro CC, more portraits, weddings and photoshop, along with more general business/creative classes…

NOTE that every class has one or more chapters streaming for FREE, so you can get a general feel of the instructor(s) and the level and style of the teaching…

NOTE that CreativeLIVE is having a 3-hour maintenance between 11pm to 2am pacific time on Saturday, which translates to 2am to 5am eastern time on Sunday 4/12/20…