Archives for January 11, 2019

Weekend (KEH): 15% off select Camera Gear (160+ options)

There’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s and there’s Weekend at KEH’s! Good until Saturday JAN-13-2019 at 11:59pm ET, coupon code CAMERA1A gets you 15% off select camera gear at KEH. A total of 164 options are available as of the time of writing. It includes the Nikon Df and D600, Canon 5D III and 7D II, Fuji X-T2, BlackMagic Design, Pentax K-50, Canon G3X, Sony RX10, Panasonica LX100, etc. The link above is sorted by price, but if you want you can sort it alphabetically, ascending or descending… You can also filter them even further by brand, mount, condition, etc using the various options in the left side-bar over there…

PS: and now some flashback, look at this good old Sony Cybershot P93, a AA point-and-shooter for $13 minus 15% off coupon 🙂 No, that’s not a stamp in the middle-left of the camera ~ it’s the screen 🙂