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New Gear: new Vu and MeFoto filters

It’s mid-November, but that doesn’t stop new products from rolling out. Two new lines of filters are now available for purchase at Adorama, the VU Filters (118 items) and the MeFoto filters (80 items)… Due to time constraints we can’t break down all those 198 new items 🙂

Added to Sidebar: Calendar showing Deals Posted by Day

Things are starting to come in fast and furious, and posts flying in all directions. To help you keep up with the madness, I added a Calender widget in the Sidebar of this blog (below the “Daily Deals Links”) to make it easier for you to catch up if you haven’t checked in in a couple of days. Simply click on the day of interest, and all the posts of that day will be shown.

Or if you like to edit browser urls, simply change the date in this url: (11 = month, 19 = day of the month).

You can also use the black menu bar at the top of the blog, filter by “Manufacturer”, or “Camera Mount” or Product “Categories”. I need to add some more things there, but unlike the latest Intel processors, I’m single-threaded and my brain is a 900 MHz Celeron 🙂

You can also keep up with the action using the full-text RSS feed.

Imported/Grey Market Nikon D610 body for $1200 (seller warranty)

Also one of the featured eBay Deals is the new condition imported/grey-marked Nikon D610 body offered for $1200 with free shipping, with a limit of five per buyer. The seller is bigvalueinc (99.4%). Over 120 cameras got sold through this eBay listing so far.

NOTE: this does not come with a manufacturer warranty. It comes with a one year warranty from the seller. This was part of the D610 with lens kit, but the lens removed. Selling the lens and body separately is more profitable since the bundle has a built-in discount. Some sellers use the term “broken kit” to describe this but it’s an unfortunate term because when a shopper reads “broken”, they run away scared 🙂

The standard Nikon D610 body only kit from authorized Nikon USA dealers goes for $1600 (eg Amazon, B&H Photo), so you have trade-offs, such as $400 vs manufacturer-warranty, authorized Nikon dealers vs eBay sellers and such. It’s up to you to triangulate your risk matrix on deals like this – there’s no one size fits all answer.

Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX for $155 (no manufacturer warranty)

If you are comfortable buying prime lenses that don’t come with a manufacturer warranties, one of the featured eBay Deals is the new condition Nikon 35mm f1.8G DX lens offered for $155 with free shipping, with a limit of five per buyer. The seller is photovideo4less (99.8% [corrected; not 98.8%]). Nearly 500 lenses got sold through this eBay listing so far. Again, keep in mind this does not come with a manufacturer warranty. For some the risk may be acceptable, a low price simple prime lens is a much smaller risk than a $4000 tilt-shift lens 🙂 For others, it may not. We blog, you decide! This is not a “nanny state” blog – we don’t decide for you 😉

Black Friday Trends: The Pre-Order thing is a Samsung innovation

Three days ago we spotted the unusual Black Friday Deals preorders (! [preorders of existing products; not unreleased products]) at Amazon but it turns out, this is not an Amazon “innovation” but a Samsung innovation. Similar Black Friday HDTV Deal “pre-orders” can be found at Samsung’s own website and at B&H Photo.

So far this consists of Samsung HDTVs. I don’t know if it will expand to digital cameras this year or in future years. But it is a new trend to watch as retailers are perhaps trying to zero in on shoppers who want good deals but don’t want the hassle of brick and mortar lines or deal-chasing on the internets when they can instead spend Thanksgiving weekend getting grilled by the Mother In Law 🙂

ThankYou Rewards Cyber Monday only (Dec 1): Nikon L830 superzoom for 14800 Thank You Points (= $148 eq)

If you are part of the Citibank Thank You Rewards program (many of their credit cards are part of this program), they will have select merchandise redemption promotions on Cyber Monday (December 1st, 2014). Of the ones shown on their website, the Nikon Coolpix L830 will be offered for 50% off in redemption points. Normally this requires 29600 points to be redeemed, which is very unfavorable considering the camera goes for $200 at Amazon and will go for $170 with freebies during Black Friday. However, on Cyber Monday, you can redeem this for half the points, so 50% of 29600 = 14800 = $148 equivalent assuming a 1:1 points to pennies ratio.

This turned into a long post (I need to stop reading GRRM, it worsens my sprawling writing “condition”), more after the break…

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(ENDED) 256GB PNY USB 3.0 flash drive for $70 (and more) [ends Wedn 11:59pm ET] {UPDATE: limit 10 per item}

This limited time offer expired…

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(ENDED) Starts Thur 8:40am ET: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7 (Windows)

This daily deal expired… According to the schedule in the Amazon Gold Box, starting on Thursday at 8:40am ET (eastern time), and for a limited time only, there is going to be a sale on the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7 (Windows only) software.