Added to Sidebar: Calendar showing Deals Posted by Day

Things are starting to come in fast and furious, and posts flying in all directions. To help you keep up with the madness, I added a Calender widget in the Sidebar of this blog (below the “Daily Deals Links”) to make it easier for you to catch up if you haven’t checked in in a couple of days. Simply click on the day of interest, and all the posts of that day will be shown.

Or if you like to edit browser urls, simply change the date in this url: (11 = month, 19 = day of the month).

You can also use the black menu bar at the top of the blog, filter by “Manufacturer”, or “Camera Mount” or Product “Categories”. I need to add some more things there, but unlike the latest Intel processors, I’m single-threaded and my brain is a 900 MHz Celeron 🙂

You can also keep up with the action using the full-text RSS feed.