(ENDED) Woot-OFF Continues for Day #2 (started Tue 1am ET)

After the customary 48 hours, this incarnation of the Woot-OFF ended on Thursday at 1am ET… If you missed it, it will likely return at some point next month (or earlier if they have a surprise-Woot-OFF)…

A new Woot-OFF is under way! It started on Tuesday at 1am ET! Participating in this edition are the Main Woot.com along with the Woot Sellout. These two are likely to offer camera-related items. Also participating are the Woot Home, Tools/Garden, Watches/Accessories, Kids and Wine. Some may offer items that are of satellite (six degrees of separation) interest to photographers. Woot-OFFs typically last 48 hours but not always.

*** Potentially Related Deals ***