(ENDED) Used Panasonic FZ80 superzoom (60X) for $250

As of a 11/26/17 AM recheck, the used options have sold out….

The Panasonic FZ80 superzoom (60x optical) is on sale for $348 with free shipping at authorized dealers such as B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon itself [corrected link]. You can optionally triple the original 1-year warranty by filing paperwork with Panasonica.

But if you are comfortable with used cameras without warranty (only a 30-day return policy), then thanks to the 20% off in-cart promotion at Amazon Warehouse Deals, you can get this camera in USED – Like New condition for $250 with free shipping after the in-cart discount. There are many listings of this, and pictures of the available cameras, so it is possible that price pressure will build on them and price will drop over time ~ other things equal, because the real world is not an Economics 101 textbook example 🙂