Used Fuji X-T10 body for $369

Price-checking has began again as I’m working on the Mirrorless segment of the Price Charts series.

Fuji has many X-cameras now. If your research and price points are pointing towards a used Fuji X-T10, there are a lot of options under $400 at the moment for the body only. Adorama and Green Mountain Camera are fighting for the $369 price point at Amazon Warehouse Deals in “Used – Like New” condition.

Meanwhile KEH Camera, which offers a 180-day warranty [factor that into the price since warranties cost money to offer] offers it for $379 plus shipping in “Used EX+” (Excellent Plus) condition. Or for $20 more for an “LN-” condition (LN = Like New).

Used prices of the X-T20 are almost twice as much at the moment.

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  1. S. W. Anderson says:

    If only Fuji’s lenses were a bit more popularly priced, I’d probably bite at that price. I need another camera mount like Rocket Boy needs another taunt from you know who. But the itch to try something different manifests itself at times. A very good zoom or two and/or a very good prime or two can be had at much, much more affordable prices from all the other top interchangeable-lens-camera makers. For some reason, you can buy an excellent new or refurb late-model camera body of the other makes for what a Fujifilm kit zoom costs. That’s something Fuji might want to think about.

    • The more new cameras they release, the more opportunities for good deals on the used market will come up. But indeed, Fuji does not seem to be as interested these days in competing on prices versus the existing/older systems.