24 Tenergy AA LSD rechargeables for $26 w/FS

NewEGG is back with another 72 hour sale with some of the offers requiring promo codes (and email addresses) in customary Huevo fashion. The usual assortment of techie items are featured including monitors, SSD/storage, computers, software, and some mail-in rebate doorbusters (cables and such, only for mail-in rebate pros because who wants to do a mail-in rebate for $3 or $5?).

But safe from rebates and promo codes, it’s just an old fashioned sale, running until Saturday night, you can get 24 Tenergy Centura AA rechargeables for $26 with free shipping. These are of the low self discharge (LSD) kind, proclaiming 85% after one year of storage. They are 2000 mah and can be recharged up to 1000 times. They are delivered as six 4-packs, so this is handy if you are planning to split the order with friends and family. But if you need more, you can buy up to three 24-packs at the sale price.