(ENDED) Thur only: Refurbished Nikon Coolpix S9700 compact-zoom for $170

This daily deal expired… One of the Best Buy Deals of the Day (third from the bottom) for Thursday 12/11/14 is the refurbished black Nikon Coolpix S9700 compact-zoom (30x optical) offered for $170 with free shipping.

(ENDED) Refurbished Samsung EK-GC110 superzoom for $185 [Android]

This daily deal expired…
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Olympus VR-370 P&S (12.5x optical) for $60

And now a sub-$100 digital camera with a 12.5x optical zoom lens! The black Olympus VR-370 P&S camera, in new condition, is on sale for $60 with free shippings at Adorama, or if you have Amazon Gift Cards to spend, you can also get it from Adorama upon Amazon for the same price.

Speaking of Adorama, they have a sale on Lexar SDHC and microSD memory cards. A total of seven options are there. The price in red ink indicates the sale.

Canon SX170 IS red + 1yr Spills/Drops for $90

The Sanity Break is over! A new Deal Parade begins now!

If you love red superzoom digital cameras, and like the idea of the spills and drops additional warranties, Adorama is offering this Canon SX170 IS red superzoom PLUS 1-year New Leaf Spills & Drops warranty for $90 with free shipping. Simply add the camera to the bundle (blue button) and add the bundle to the shopping cart (green button) and you are good to go. No coupons, no rebates! This is a new condition camera with a USA warranty. The New Leaf warranty covers spills and drops which are not typically covered by manufacturer warranties.

Canon SX170 IS red and 1yr Spills warranty for $100

Melisandre red camera alert! A limited time Cyber Monday bundle offer at Canon SX170 IS (red) superzoom + 1yr Spills/Drops warranty for $100 with free shipping. You must manually add the red camera to the bundle, and then add the bundle to the shopping cart. It may sound complicated on paper, but in practice, you just click on two buttons 🙂 This is a limited time offer.

(ENDED) Ends by 9:50pm ET: Olympus Stylus SZ15 compact-zoom for $70

This 4-hour lightning deal expired… Ending by 9:50pm ET today (Cyber Monday) is the new condition Olympus Stylus SZ15 compact-zoom in black, offered for $70 by Ritz Camera fulfilled by Amazon as part of the Gold Box deals.

Canon SX520 HS with $10 GC, Case, 16GB SD for $250

The Canon SX520 HS superzoom is available as a Holiday Bundle for $250 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself. The holiday bundle includes three extras: $10 plastic Amazon.com Gift Card, Lowepro camera case, and 16GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC card. Just add the bundle to cart and all the freebies will be automatically included (yes, after so many years, Amazon finally figured out how to do product bundles – in the past, you either had to add them to cart one by one or you had to use coupon codes to drop prices).

(ENDED) Internets price-match Nikon Coolpix L830 for $170 w/free extras

This limited time offer ended… The Nikon Coolpix L830 compact-zoom is one of the cameras found in many Black Friday Ads but as it is often the case, the internets have price-matched it, you can now get the camera for that price with free accessories at Amazon and B&H Photo… However, the internets are not able to defeat the Citibank Thank You Rewards program (members only with enough points), you can claim it for 14800 (= $148 equivalent) there on Cyber Monday only (no free accessories).

(ENDED) Panasonic ZS30 compact-zoom for $270

This limited time offer expired… If of all the compact-zooms it is the black Panasonic ZS30 the one that you want, you can now get it for $270 with free shipping and 8GB SDHC card and 2% promotional rewards at Adorama… Speaking of Panasonic, their LF1 compact-with-RAW is going for $250 at Adorama and B&H Photo.

(ENDED) Panasonic FZ200 superzoom for $300

This limited time offer expired… The Panasonic FZ200 superzoom is now going for $300 with free shipping at Adorama and B&H Photo (where they also offer the TS5 elementproof P&S for $220.

(SOLD OUT) Refurbished Nikon Coolpix P530 superzoom for $230

As of a 12/2/14 recheck, this is sold out… The Nikon Coolpix P530 superzoom goes for $300 in new condition (with free accessories at B&H and Beach at Amazon), but if you want to pay a lower out of the wallet price, you can get it factory refurbished for $230 with free shipping and 45-day returns at BuyDig.com.

Olympus SZ-15 compact-zoom for $80 (probably Imported)

More eBay action, the new condition Olympus SZ-15 compact-zoom is offered for $80 with free shipping, in black or silver, with a limit of five per customer by ebay seller DB Roth (98.9%) with over 1600 cameras sold through this listing. There is no mention of USA warranty, so assume it is an import model… It goes for $100 by Ritz and Adorama.

Black Friday Ad analysis updated with Target, Sears, Walmart

We updated the Black Friday Ad analysis mega-post at the main blog with a breakdown of the ads from Target, Sears and Walmart. The biggest discount perhaps is the Nikon Coolpix L330 compact-zoom (26x) offered for $100 at Target. They typically have one exclusive model number from Nikon they use as a doorbuster every year.

ThankYou Rewards Cyber Monday only (Dec 1): Nikon L830 superzoom for 14800 Thank You Points (= $148 eq)

If you are part of the Citibank Thank You Rewards program (many of their credit cards are part of this program), they will have select merchandise redemption promotions on Cyber Monday (December 1st, 2014). Of the ones shown on their website, the Nikon Coolpix L830 will be offered for 50% off in redemption points. Normally this requires 29600 points to be redeemed, which is very unfavorable considering the camera goes for $200 at Amazon and will go for $170 with freebies during Black Friday. However, on Cyber Monday, you can redeem this for half the points, so 50% of 29600 = 14800 = $148 equivalent assuming a 1:1 points to pennies ratio.

This turned into a long post (I need to stop reading GRRM, it worsens my sprawling writing “condition”), more after the break…

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Canon SX510 HS superzoom for $200

More B&H action, of the superzoom kind, this is a LiIon-powered camera, the Canon SX510 HS (HS = CMOS sensor) is offered for $200 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo. This is a limited time offer.

Wedn only: Fuji S4830 superzoom with extras for $120

At the bottom of the pile of the Best Buy Daily Deals for Wednesday 11/12/14 there is a Fuji S4830 superzoom bundle offered for $120 with free shipping. It is the camera kit plus a Fuji camera case and a Fuji 8GB memory card.

Samsung WB350F Wifi Superzoom w/extras for $140

The white Samsung WB350F Wifi Superzoom digital camera (conventional digital camera, not Galaxy Android) is currently on sale for $140 with a free Lowepro case and 8GB microSDHC card at Best Buy. Please note this camera takes microSD cards, not full size SD cards… It is also going for $140 at Amazon (limit 2) but no freebies there.

Panasonic ZS35 black compact-zoom for $216

The black Panasonic DMC-ZS35 is currently on sale for $216 with free shipping at Best Buy and Amazon by Amazon herself (limit 2). Or you can get it for $144 refurbished from Willoughby’s

NOTE: when price checking this you will find lower prices by various marketplace and unknown sellers. Chances are they are not authorized Panasonic dealers, so be sure to further research them if not familiar…

Nikon Coolpix P530 superzoom (imported model) for $230 [or refurbished authorized]

To the latest eBay Deals we geaux where we find the imported / gra market new condition Nikon Coolpix P530 superzoom offered for $230 with free shipping by eBay seller “bigvalueinc” (99.3%). Please note this does not come with a Nikon USA warranty because it was imported by the seller without their “blessings”. The seller offers their own one year warranty… The new condition price from authorized Nikon dealers is currently $350 (eg Amazonia)… Given the price difference, for some, this may be a reasonable risk. For others not so. We blog, you decide!

UPDATE: if you prefer the comfort of a blessed-by-Nikon USA model, you can get it for $230 with free shipping, in factory refurbished condition from BuyDig’s eBay store. So you can trade-off new/imported vs refurbished/authorized. Thanks to one of our readers for the email alert!

(ENDED) Ends Mon 1am ET: Pentax Q7 w/5-15 for $230 (XG1 superzoom for $300)

This daily deal expired…

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Sony Cybershot H300 compact-zoom for $168

The CCD-sensor Sony Cybershot H300 compact-zoom digital camera is currently on sale for $168 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon herself. Limit two per customer during this sale.

Fuji S6800 superzoom for $130

Fuji makes a lot of superzoom digital cameras. One of them is the Finepix S6300 superzoom and it is one of the featured deals at the Staples website going for $130 with free ship-to-store or free shipping (for Rewards members). They don’t have this in their stores, only on their website.

Refurbished Nikon L610 superzoom for $70 (or L620 for $85)

If you are looking for a double-figures superzoom that is powered by AA batteries and you are cool with manufacturer refurbished cameras, Adorama is offering the refurbished Nikon Coolpix L610 for $70 with free shipping (black or silver) and the refurbished Nikon Coolpix L620 (black) for $85 with free shipping. These are powered by two AA batteries.

Now shipping: Canon G7X w/extra Battery and free Overnight shipping for $700

Instant gratification fans, the new Canon G7X rawsumer is in-stock and ready to ship from Adorama for $700. Adorama automatically includes an extra Canon NB-13L Battery Pack and Free Overnight shipping… They also have the new Canon SX60 HS superzoom in-stock for $550 with free Overnight shipping as well…

Panasonic FZ70 superzoom w/extras for $280 (or $220 Imported model)

The Panasonic FZ70 superzoom with a bonus Lumix case and 16GB is on sale for $280 with free shipping at Costco’s website. Non-members pay an extra 5% on this. Offer ends 11/1/14.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with Imported (Gray Market) cameras, you can get it for $220 with free shipping at Abe’s Of Maine [corrected link] by using coupon code LOYALTY10. Note this is an import/grey model!

Refurbished Nikon L610 for $70 or L620 for $85

If you are looking to add double figures AA-powered compact-zoom cameras to your rotation, Adorama has two refurbished candidates on sale (red ink for the price): the Coolpix L610 goes for $70 with free shipping in either black L610 or silver L610. Meanwhile the black L620 goes for $85 with free shipping… Figuring out which one of the hundreds of superzooms to get? That’s should be a 40-page PDF research report!

Refurbished Sony Cybershot HX300 superzoom for $281

Back to the eBy Deals where Sony’s eBay store is offering the refurbished Sony Cybershot HX300 superzoom for $281 with free shipping. Limit 50 per buyer (in case you want to buy everyone the same present?).

(ENDED) 20% off Refurbished Olympus Gear with coupon (E-M5 w/12-50 for $600)

These limited time offers expired… Expired items after the jump…

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