(ENDED) 20% off Refurbished Olympus Gear with coupon (E-M5 w/12-50 for $600)

These limited time offers expired… Expired items after the jump…

*** EXPIRED ***
*** EXPIRED ***
*** EXPIRED ***

Ending by 10/14/14 (Columbus Day weekend promotion), the official Olympus store offers 20% off on select refurbished/reconditioned gear when you use coupon code COLUMBUS in your shopping cart over there. This is the page with their reconditioned products. Among the highlights of this sale, with the 20% off coupon price factored in, you can get:

  • refurbished Olympus E-M5 silver body only for $500
  • black version for $500 is no longer available
  • refurbished black E-M5 with 12-50mm for $600
  • refurbished E-M10 with 14-42mm for $512
  • refurbished M.Zuiko Lens MSC ED M.12-50mm f3.5-6.3 (Black) for $160
  • refurbibshed Stylus 1 for $415
  • refurbished SP-100 Super Zoom for $224
  • plus a few more lenses and P&S cameras
  • Free shipping on orders of $100+.
  • offer ends end of day 10/14/14