(ENDED) Tue: 20% off at Monoprice (no minimum purchase needed)

This 1-day coupon expired…

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(ENDED) Monday: 25% off orders of $300+ w/Monoprice coupon

This coupon expired…

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(ENDED) Sunday: 15% off Monoprice coupon (no minimum)

This coupon expired… IF you are looking to make a smaller Monoprice purchase, Sunday is the day, coupon code 15STOCK is 15% off many things at the Monoprice website. No minimum purchase amount needed. Some exclusions apply. You can test the coupon and get a S&H estimate in their shopping cart without creating an account.

(ENDED) Monoprice Weekend Coupons: 20% off $150+ or $5/$25+

These 2-day coupons expired…

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(ENDED) Monoprice 4-Day Coupon: 20% off orders of $150+

This four day coupon expired…

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(ENDED) Sunday: 15% off Monoprice coupon

Sunday is over, and so is this coupon…

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(ENDED) 20% off $150+ coupon at Monoprice

This 2-day coupon expired…

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(ENDED) Sunday: 15% off at Monoprice (no minimum amount)

This 1-day coupon expired…

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(ENDED) 20% off $150+ eligible Monoprice orders

This 2-day coupon promotion expired…

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(ENDED) Monoprice Pay With MasterPass: $50 off orders of $150+

They thought it couldn’t be killed [wait, is this a movie trailer?] but the Masterpass coupon has finally expired…

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(ENDED) Sunday: 15% off Monoprice (no min)

This coupon expired…

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(ENDED) 20% off $150+ Monoprice orders

This 2-day coupon expired… For more, check our Coupon deals posts here…

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$3 with free shipping each: 72mm UV Lens Filter, 77mm Lens Cap, various USB-C cables

Monoprice has a Free Shipping Cables Etc sale, where a variety of phone cases and a dizzying variety of USB-C themed colorful cables (with various connection options, full size, Micro-USB, or USB-C) are on sale with free shipping. All the cables are $3 with free shipping each, while the prices for phone cases vary. But that’s not all, at the very bottom of the sales page, there are two photography items:

+ 72mm UV Lens Filter for $3 with free shipping

+ 77mm Center Pinch Lens Cap for $3 with free shipping

You can buy as many as you want! Mass free shipping promotions like this are fairly rare at Monoprice, so it’s a good opportunity to stock up!

(ENDED) 20% off Monoprice orders of $150+

These coupons expired…

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Monday: 20% off $300+ Monoprice orders

If you are planning a big Monoprice purchase, coupon code RES18 gets you 20% off orders of $300+ in eligible items at the Monoprice website. You can test the coupon in the shopping cart over there without logging-in or creating an account. The $300 minimum must be reached with eligible items. Exclusions apply. One redemption per customer. This ends Monday night at 11:59pm pacific time (or so)…

Speaking of Monoprice, a number of their USB-C chargers are now in-stock and shipping.

(ENDED) 20% off $150+ Monoprice orders until Sat PM

This coupon expired…

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15% off Monoprice until Sun PM

Running until Sunday night at 11:59pm, coupon code NEW18 gets you 15% off most items at the Monoprice website. Exclusions apply as usual. You can test the coupon by entering in the shopping cart (you don’t have to login or sign-up for an account to test the coupon discount).

Separately, they are running an End of Year Clearance sale. Some of these items may be eligible for the coupon, but I have no way of knowing without testing every single one of them.

4-Day Monoprice Coupon: 15% off (no minimum)

If you never found time to prepare a big order to take advantage of the Monoprice coupons, fear not! They have now launched a coupon running for four days, giving you more time to plan your order. Coupon code ENJOY gets you 15% off most items at the Monoprice website. Some exclusions apply as usual. You can test the coupon by adding items of interest in the shopping cart and the coupon and see what happens. You don’t have to create an account or login to test the coupon. The coupon expires Monday night 12/25/17.

Monoprice Sale on 22 Desktop Monitors (and 15% off Sunday coupon)

Monoprice is having a sale on 22 Desktop Computer Monitors, with prices ranging from $150 to $250, ranging from 24″ to 32″ in size, with the majority of them at 27″ and 28″. These are all Monoprice house brand computer monitors.

Running for Sunday only, coupon code STRING gets you 15% off eligible products at the Monoprice website. No minimum purchase required to use the coupon. I haven’t checked the 22 computer monitors above with the coupon. Typically (but not always) sale items are not eligible for coupon discounts, but it happens enough times if you are interested in buying a particular item, it doesn’t hurt to try the coupon.

Green Monday: 20% off most things at Monoprice

Monoprice is celebrating Green Monday with their best coupon, coupon code 20GREEN gets you 20% off most things at the Monoprice website. There are exclusions to the coupon as usual, but you can test the coupon and get a S&H estimate without logging in or creating an account. There is no minimum purchase amount for this coupon, that’s what makes it the best Monoprice coupon!

(ENDED) Sunday: 20% off $150+ Monoprice orders w/coupon

These offers expired…

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2-Day Monoprice coupon: 20% off orders of $150+

Monoprice is back with another weekend coupon, use coupon code 20BURR to get 20% off orders of $150+ on almost everything at the Monoprice website. The usual exclusions apply. You can test the coupon and get a S&H estimate in the shopping cart (no such as thing as Prime or Free Super Saver shipping at Monoprice) without logging on or creating an account. Simply add items of interest to cart, enter coupon, and enter zipcode to get price and S&H estimates. The coupon expires Saturday night.

UPDATE: not eligible for the coupon, but it is part of the weekend sales, the 27″ Monoprice 2560×1440 AHVA WQHD w/ Pixel Perfect Display Guarantee Only is on sale for $250 with free shipping.

(ENDED) Cyber Monday: 20% off most things at Monoprice

Cyber Monday is over, and so are its coupons…

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Black Friday Only: 20% off almost everything at Monoprice

Black Friday is here in the pacific time zone, and the Monoprice Black Friday is upon us. Use coupon code BF2017 to take 20% off almost everything at their website without a minimum purchase requirement. EXCLUDED are doorbusters, some sales items, where prohibited by law, cash-like equivalents (eg house gift cards), and any brands that disallow couponing on their products.

Monoprice Black Friday: Computer Monitors, Graphic Tablets, Etc

Monoprice has launched their Black Friday sales featuring a variety of tech-related products. The above link is the “doorbuster summary” but there’s much and more. Of camera and photo interest is the Computers and Gaming tab where you will find many and more computer monitors and graphic tablets throughout that page. A surprising number of items gets free standard US shipping, something rare for Monoprice.

Or if you want something practical that ships in single figures, their 20 oz Pure Outdoor Emperor Tumbler is on sale for $6.79 with free standard US shipping. This can also offset the shipping cost of other small things (eg cables) that don’t come with free shipping. This is food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, but their product description needs a better proofreader: “The Emperor Tumbler is the ideal drinking glass”. A glass is usually made of glass, not stainless steel 🙂

You can make the most of these offers by combining them with the $15 off $75+ PayPal payment coupon which expires tonight 11/22/17.

PayPal coupon: $15 off $75+ order at Monoprice

PayPal sent by email a new coupon offer to their customers and this time the coupon code looks like it is general use, but I don’t know if anyone can use it or only those who received it. Coupon code PAYPAL2017 gets you $15 off a purchase of $75+ at the Monoprice website IF you pay for your order with PayPal (not other payment options). The coupon expires 11/22/17. Exclusions apply.

Speaking of Monoprice, for Monday 10/20/17, coupon code MARVEL gets you 20% off orders of $300+.

Monoprice Doorbusters: 27″ Ultra HD Monitor for $300, 3D Printer, etc

It’s doorbuster time at Monoprice, with the following offers::

+ Monoprice 27 inch 4K ActiveHDR Desktop Monitor for $300 (ends 11/6/17)
++ 3840 x 2160p @60Hz, VESA, remote control, two HDMI, two DisplayPort with AMD FreeSync
++ 16 page user manual in PDF file

+ Maker Ultimate 3D Printer (MK11 DirectDrive Extruder / 24V Power System) for $550 with Free Shipping using coupon code ULTIPRINT (ends 11/7)

+ 3D Printing Pen with Low Temp Safe Mode for $15 with Free Shipping (ends 11/6)

+ Monoprice Premium 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with Subwoofer for $140 with Free Shipping! (exp 11/6)

+ Free Standard US Shipping on Select HDMI Cables (exp 11/30)

+ All Holiday Lights Free Shipping on Orders $50+ (ends 12/31)

+ recertified AOC Monitor 24″ IPS Panel Full HD for $88 with free shipping
+ model I2476VWMm, 1920×1080 5ms HDMI/VGA/MHL/Audio out/Vesa 100
+ this is a daily deal, won’t last as long as the offers above

(ENDED) 20% off $200+ Monoprice orders

This coupon expired…

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(ENDED) Tuesday: 20% off Monoprice without minimum purchase

This undead coupon finally expired…

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Monoprice Underwater Housing for the Canon G1X for $10 + S&H

If you are a Canon G1X photographer, you may be in luck…

Monoprice has an on-going Clearance sale that includes a dedicated Camera-related page. Among the items offered there is the new condition Waterproof Camera Dive Housing For the Canon G1X for $10 plus shipping. Shipping speed options vary but the lowest price seems to be around $9 for the various zipcodes I tried.

That’s the shipping fee if you don’t buy anything else. Some other items at Monoprice qualify for free shipping, and often if you buy an item with free shipping it will drop the shipping fee of other items in the shopping cart. Monoprice works in mysterious ways 🙂

You can get a shipping and handling estimate without logging-in or creating an account. Simply add the item to the shopping cart and enter your zipcode(s) of interest. In some areas, your whole order may qualify for 1-day delivery that costs about the same as slow shipping. So do check all the options before checking out!