48pk of Maxell AA single-use batteries for $10 [etc]

If you want single-use batteries but don’t want to deal with Office Depot Rewards, there are a couple of Maxell sales at Amazon, but these too have their gotchas ~ they are either PrimePantry or Add-ON!

+ 48pk of Maxell AA for $10 (4.8 batteries per dollar)
+ PRIME PANTRY (must make a PrimePantry purchase)
+ you can get free PrimePantry shipping if you buy five or more units from select qualifying products ~ any combination works, five of the same item, or five different items, or three of this and two of that
+ otherwise Prime Pantry has a $6 flat shipping for every PrimePantry box you fill-up
+ you may have a $5 PrimePantry credit in your account ~ these are a result of selecting No Rush Shipping instead of 2-day Prime shippingon Prime-eligible purchases. You can check your available credits and expiration dates anytime by going to amazon.com/norushcredits
+ easy way to remember is “no rush credits” and then append these words (without the spaces) to amazon.com/

+ 36pk of Maxell AAA for $7.21 (almost 5 batteries per dollar)
+ ADD-ON ITEM (must place a $25+ order regardless)
+ everyone can buy this, not restricted to Prime members

+ 36pk of Maxell AAA for $7.61
+ PRIME PANTRY (only Prime members can make Prime Pantry purchases)

PS: check the Comprehensive Guide to Prime Benefits if you want to detangle the different Amazon shopping options these days.