16pk AmazonBasics 100W-Equivalent LED A21 Light Bulbs for $46 (Soft White) or $47 (Daylight)

AmazonBasics previously had 6-packs of their 100W-equivalent LED A21 light bulbs that went for as low as $20 per 6-pack ($3.33 per bulb) in Soft White or Daylight. Now Amazon has created 16-packs of the same light bulbs, with even lower prices per bulb:

+ Soft White (2700 Kelvin) for $46
+ $2.88 per bulb

+ Daylight (5000 Kelvin) for $47
+ $2.94 per bulb

Note that all kinds of options are available on the same listing, so if you are checking them out, make sure you are still looking at the intended option.