(ENDED) Sunday Lightning Deals: Rokinon 35mm T1.5 Cine, Kodak Superzoom, GoPRO, Feiyu, Acer PC, Etc

These lighting deals expired… For future ones in the future, check the Amazon Gold Box and Camera & Photo page

There are 80+ items listed in the Camera & Photo lightning deals (old format) or Full Page format (faster to navigate on Desktop) of the Amazon Gold Box. Due to time constraints I cannot create a detailed listing of them all. The usual assortment of studio/lighting kits, bags, action cams, tri/monopods, and more are running throughout the day.

There’s more than the usual fare on Sunday as follows:

+ starts 4:54am ET: Ugee UG1910B 19 Inches Digital Pen Display Graphics Drawing Monitor with 2 Rechargeable Pens, 1 Drawing Glove and 1 Screen Protector (price before sale $410)

+ starts 9:29am ET: Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ361 (36x superzoom; price before sale $170)

+ starts 9:44am ET: Acer Aspire Gaming Desktop (price before sale $1000)
+ 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7700, AMD Radeon RX 480, 8GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, GX-785-UR17

+ starts 10:04am ET: Rokinon Cine DS DS35M-C 35mm T1.5 AS IF UMC Full Frame Cine Wide Angle Lens (price before sale $600)
+ link points to Canon EF; I do not know if the other mounts will be on sale as well

+ starts 3pm ET: Menadelook: An Inupiat Teacher’s Photographs of Alaska Village Life, 1907-1932 (price before sale $40~)
+ Hardcover, October 2016, Eileen Norbert

+ starts 5:24PM ET: GoPro HERO+ LCD [Ecommerce Packaging] (price before sale $154)

+ starts 6:19pm ET: FeiyuTech G5 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal (price before sale $279)

Prime DAY Situation Room continues

Meanwhile, Prime Day is just around the corner. It officially starts Monday at 9pm ET, but like Black Friday, the action has already began in the background. To practice for this, I have already began the Prime Day Situation Room that will be updated throughout Prime Day.

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  1. S. W. Anderson says:

    OMG! “starts 9:29am ET: Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ361 (36x superzoom; price before sale $170)”

    I re-read that three times to make sure I wasn’t imagining it — an actual still-photography camera that’s not a GoPro or knockoff, or a security camera, or a coffee-proof spy camera embedded in a sugar cube, or a camera in a drone, or a camera in a phone, or any one of 23,000-plus photo-related, non-camera Neewer products. Woohoo! 🙂

    • Ha! And of course it had to be a manufacturer that is now a brand name that belongs to the highest bidder of OEM camera manufacturers.

      Or may be the “Astro” in the name confused them and they thought it was a telescope 🙂

  2. S. W. Anderson says:

    “Or may be the “Astro” in the name confused them and they thought it was a telescope.”

    A distinct possibility.

    BTW, re: Woot!’s upcoming “-off.” More and more all year, Woot! has been off. Farther off all the time. A former Woot! guy now has his own selling site, Meh. Maybe in some kind of reaction, Woot! is trying to elicit “bleh.” On what little is left of Woot!’s electronics section and for what seems like the past two weeks, it’s buy a Yuneec drone or some big-screen monitor, or forget it.

    Oh well, maybe some of Amazon’s unsold and apparently mammoth backlog of studio gear, action cams and security cams will finally get sold off, making way for Roomba knockoffs, pet beds for larger marsupials and self-erecting ironing boards, or whatever, before the holidays. 😉

    • yeah, they are more and more a clearing house for slow-selling refurbished electronics and other random things.