(SOLD OUT) Samsung Chromebook PRO + $50 Gift Card for $500

As of a 12/14/17 recheck, both Samsung Chromebooks are sold out and cannot be purchased from Amazon with this promotion. I will be monitoring the situation to see if/when they return…

Thanks to the gift card promotion, Amazon is effectively price-matching their Black Friday prices by offering the new condition Intel-powered Samsung Chromebook PRO (model XE510C24-K01US) for $500 with a FREE $50 Amazon Gift Card (physical gift card). Add both to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. The price of the gift card will be automatically deducted while this offer is running.

The PLUS model (ARM powered) is currently sold out but also participating in the offer.

The 3:2 aspect ratio of these make them a great candidate for photography viewing and reading e-books with pictures and diagrams and graphics, and digital magazines and online articles.

These two Samsung are compatible with the full size (real pencil/pen size) Samsung STAEDTLER Noris Digital Pencil which goes for $22.50 with free shipping at the moment at B&H Photo. This works with a variety of other Samsung Note phones, tablets and laptops. For some older Notes, you may have to manually remove the original S-Pen from its slot before this pencil can work. For newer models like the PLUS and PRO, the Norris Pencil works regardless of where the S-Pen is.

That’s not all. A few other Chromebooks are also participating in the $50 Gift Card promotion including the ASUS Flip C302, along with models from Acer, Dell and HP. Both the laptop and gift card must be sold and shipped by Amazon itself.

Both the laptop and the gift card must be sold and shipped by Amazon itself.


  1. lookingintochromebooks says

    How do I find this deal? I can’t find it on Amazon. Can you share a link?

    • Thanks for the comment! It looks like both the PRO and the PLUS are currently sold-out and cannot be ordered…