Panasonic FZ2500 with $150 Gift card for $998

The Panasonic FZ-2500 superzoom had been getting a $100 gift certificate last week, but now the gift certificate has increased to $150 while the camera remains at $998 at Adorama. In terms of pure value, you can instead get it bundled with a Shure VP83F LensHopper Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone (this goes for $300 on its own; same offer as last week).

B&H Photo is offering a $100 e-gift card. No freebies by Amazon itself, their price-matching bots may be asleep 🙂

This camera went for $1200 when I posted the RAWsumer Price Charts in early November 2017.

PS: no free gift certificate promotion is available for the Panasonic FZ1000.