Olympus XZ2 rawsumer for $300

The Olympus XZ2 (black color scheme) compact with RAW is now on sale for $300 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon herself and B&H Photo and NewEgg… Thanks to one of our readers for the email alert!

Canon G1X with Canon WP-DC44 Underwater Housing for $550

For a limited time, B&H Photo is offering this Canon G1X plus Underwater Housing bundle for $550 with free shipping together! You get both, no coupon, no rebate, just checkout! The underwater housing is Canon WP-DC44 Waterproof Case. This promotion ends by 11/15/14 or earlier if they sell out… This is the headliner deal of the first round of the B&H Photo Holiday specials (a total of 33 offers listed there).

Wedn only: Fuji S4830 superzoom with extras for $120

At the bottom of the pile of the Best Buy Daily Deals for Wednesday 11/12/14 there is a Fuji S4830 superzoom bundle offered for $120 with free shipping. It is the camera kit plus a Fuji camera case and a Fuji 8GB memory card.

Canon 50mm f1.8 II SLR lens for $83 (limit 5; maybe Imported/Grey)

To Los eBay Deals we geaux, where we find the Canon 50mm f1.8 II SLR lens offered for $83 with free shipping, in new condition, by Red Tag Camera, with a limit of five per buyer. There is no mention of a warranty, so to be on the safe side, assume it is a gray market (imported model). Still for many this may be a reasonable risk, a double figured simple prime lens is a much smaller risk than a complicated four figures lens. But it’s up to you – we blog, you decide!… Separately there is a promotion that saves you $5 for every 3 eligible items you buy, all offered by Red Tag Camera – you will see this offer right above the product picture over there…

(ENDED) Ends Thur 1am ET: 128GB Centon USB 3.0 Flash drive for $40 (limit 3) + $5 flat ship

This limited time offer ended… The main Woot Daily Deal ending by 1am ET on Thursday is the new condition 128GB Centon USB 3.0 flash drive, offered for $40 plus $5 flat shipping. You can buy up to three of these per shopping cart. This is model S1-U3P6-128G… Speaking of Woot, continuing from yesterday is the Woot Sellout-only Woot-OFF

(ENDED) Ends Wedn 9:50pm ET: X-Rite CMUNPH ColorMunki Sale for $360 after $50 MIR

This limited time offer ended… As part of Amazon Gold Box Lightning Deals, ending by 9:50pm eastern on Wednesday 11/12/14 is a lightning deal on the X-Rite CMUNPH ColorMunki for $360 after a $50 mail-in rebate. The price before the sale was $460 ($410 after MIR).

Speaking of Amazon, but not part of the lightning deals, this 23-inch Dell E2314H Computer Monitor goes for $120 with free S&H.

Black Friday: Best Buy stores open at 5pm Thanksgiving, re-open 8am Friday

If you are looking for an excuse to avoid annoying, drunk or pestering relatives/friends/commitments/obligations on Thanksgiving Night, Best Buy has a lifeboat for you 😉 They will be opening at 5pm local time on Thanksgiving night until 1am local time. They will reopen on Friday at 8am local time for more conventional madness. Hours may vary slightly by region/state/store. More at their doorbusters page.

Drobo 5N 5-Bay NAS Storage Array (DRDS4A21) for $360

Speaking of the eBay Deals, Adorama’s eBay store is offering one of the currently featured deals, a new condition Drobo 5N 5-Bay NAS Storage Array with Gigabit Ethernet, model DRDS4A21, for $360 with free shipping. Limit five per buyer during this sale… It goes for $480 at Amazon… Please note this is the Base Unit. No hard disks are included with this model…

Ends Thur 3am ET: Earn 3X eBay Bucks (no minimum order) [must opt-in]

If you are a member of the eBay Rewards program (eBay Bucks; free to join), a few hours ago they sent in another bonus rewards promotion. This time you earn 3X eBay Bucks but unlike previous times, there is no minimum purchase amount, so whether you buy a $12 item or a $255 item, you still earn 3X rewards. You must manually opt-in before you can earn the bonus rewards. Look for the email in your inbox or the eBay Messages section of their website. The promotion ends at 3am ET on Thursday 11/13/14… If you are looking for ideas on what to get, check the eBay Daily Deals (you can find this, and other links to daily deals pages on the right sidebar of this blog)…

Samsung WB350F Wifi Superzoom w/extras for $140

The white Samsung WB350F Wifi Superzoom digital camera (conventional digital camera, not Galaxy Android) is currently on sale for $140 with a free Lowepro case and 8GB microSDHC card at Best Buy. Please note this camera takes microSD cards, not full size SD cards… It is also going for $140 at Amazon (limit 2) but no freebies there.

512GB Toshiba Q Internal SSD for $200

You can fight the software sprawl and megapixel wars with SSD! B&H Photo, for a limited time only, is offering this 512GB Toshiba Q Internal SSD (solid state drive) for $200 with free shipping. Limit 10 per customer during this sale. This is model HDTS251XZSTA, SATA 3.0.

Preorder: new Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS II for $2200

November is often too late for most new product announcements, but there’s always new stuff that sneaks out, even during Photokina years. Case in point, just announced is the Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens available for pre-order for $2200 at B&H Photo (and lens hood) and Adorama.

(ENDED) New Woot-OFF started on Tue at 1am ET

This 48-hour Sellout Woot-OFF ended… A new surprise Woot-OFF went live (Tuesday at 1am ET) at Woot Sellout. Sellout is the only part of Woot that is currently having a Woot-OFF. These typically last 48 hours but since this is a bit unusual, only time will tell… As usual, a random variety of items will be featured, I have no way of knowing what/when/how-much, so this is a YMMV adventure (or a workaround against insomnia)…

(ENDED) Ends Wedn 3am ET: Sony SDHC C10 memory card sale: 32GB for $12, 64GB for $25, etc

These daily deal ended. For future Lightning Deals, check their Amazon Gold Box… Expired items after the jump…

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(ENDED) Pay $80, Get $100 iTunes Electronic Gift Card (limit 2)

This limited time offer ended, but if you missed it, fear not. iTunes sales happen frequently on the interwebs and the brick and mortar world too… eBay Deal for today is this $100 iTunes Electronic Gift Card (delivery by email; not by snail mail) offered for $80 by PayPal Digital Gifts. Limit two per customer during this promotion. Nearly 2000 of them sold so far… This is a 20% discount, not the lowest ever, but if you happen to need one now, it’s better than full price :)… You can use this on a variety of camera and photo apps at iTunes (including Photoshop Touch), along with various photography e-books and everything else they digitally sell there. This is a limited time offer…

Panasonic ZS35 black compact-zoom for $216

The black Panasonic DMC-ZS35 is currently on sale for $216 with free shipping at Best Buy and Amazon by Amazon herself (limit 2). Or you can get it for $144 refurbished from Willoughby’s

NOTE: when price checking this you will find lower prices by various marketplace and unknown sellers. Chances are they are not authorized Panasonic dealers, so be sure to further research them if not familiar…

Refurbished Sony RX100 Mark II for $400

More eBay Deal action, this time we have a refurbished camera, it is the Sony RX100 Mark II (second generation or second of her name), offered for $400 with free shipping, with a limit of 10 per buyer, by Secondipity’s eBay store. They also include a 32GB card and case. The warranty is offered by Asset Recovery Division, LLC (“LSI”), a subsidiary of Liquidity Services, Inc. (see PDF file).

Refurbished GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition for $255 (w/1yr warranty)

The current spotlight eBay Deal action is an …action camera. The manufacturer refurbished GoPro HERO3 Black Edition with a manufacturer warranty is offered for $255 with free shipping by ebay seller “premiumdirectllc” (99.5%) with a limit of five per customer. This is a previous generation model. This was the “deputy” model to the then flagship “Hero 3+”. This one on offer is the Hero 3… I wish GoPro came up with a better way to describe model numbers, special characters and colors are confusing! But I’m digressing…

Nikon Coolpix P530 superzoom (imported model) for $230 [or refurbished authorized]

To the latest eBay Deals we geaux where we find the imported / gra market new condition Nikon Coolpix P530 superzoom offered for $230 with free shipping by eBay seller “bigvalueinc” (99.3%). Please note this does not come with a Nikon USA warranty because it was imported by the seller without their “blessings”. The seller offers their own one year warranty… The new condition price from authorized Nikon dealers is currently $350 (eg Amazonia)… Given the price difference, for some, this may be a reasonable risk. For others not so. We blog, you decide!

UPDATE: if you prefer the comfort of a blessed-by-Nikon USA model, you can get it for $230 with free shipping, in factory refurbished condition from BuyDig’s eBay store. So you can trade-off new/imported vs refurbished/authorized. Thanks to one of our readers for the email alert!

Refurbished Roku 3 for $70 w/free S&H

The Roku 3 is the current flagship in their line-up and it is currently available refurbished with a 90 day warranty for $70 with free shipping at NewEggFlash.com. It includes the Roku “puck”, a remote, an HDMI cable, and earphones… The new condition is on sale for $85 at Amazon… The Roku has a number of photography apps (channels), including Flickr, Picasa, Phanfare, Shutterfly, Smugmug, Facebook Photos, plus ways to access your pictures physically (via external storage) or through your computer network (Roku Media Player, Plex, etc).

Lowepro Fastpack 250 for $66 (limit 3)

The Lowepro Fastpack 250 camera/laptop backpack is currently on sale for $66 with free shipping and with a limit of three per customer at Amazon by Amazon herself.

(ENDED) Mon only: Epson XP-610 printer for $75 (or $88 w/extra ink) with free S&H

This daily deal expired… The headliner deal of the day for Monday 11/10/14 at the Best Buy website is the Epson Expression Premium XP-610 printer offered for $75 with free shipping. Or for $88 with free shipping they offer a bundle with extra black ink (Epson 273 T273020). This ships online and it may also be available for store-pickup (you can check by zipcode over there).

(ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals (Mon): XRite, Opteka, etc

These limited time offers expired… Check back on Fridays and Mondays (or any days that end in “y” for that matter) for potential new offers from the Amazon Gold Box Lightning Deals… Expired items after the jump…

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(ENDED) Ends Tue 3am ET: Free Premium app: Image Blender Instafusion

This daily deal expired… The Amazon Android-ish Free Premium app of the day ending by 3am ET on Tuesday 11/11/14 is Image Blender Instafusion which does as the name suggests.

(ENDED) 3TB Seagate Backup Plus USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive for $80 (limit 5)

This limited time offer ended with over 5000 hard disks sold through it… All your gigabytes are belong to you! The latest eBay Deals feature the new condition 3TB Seagate Backup Plus USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive, model STDT3000100, offered for $80 with free shipping by NewEgg’s eBay store. Limit 5 per buyer during this sale. Over 2800 of these sold the last 24 hours per the eBay listing.

(ENDED) Ends Mon 1am ET: Pentax Q7 w/5-15 for $230 (XG1 superzoom for $300)

This daily deal expired…

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Panasonic LF1 black for $300 (limit 2)

RAWsumer action, the black Panasonic LF1 is currently on sale for $298 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon herself with a limit of two per shopping cart. The white version goes for more.

Sony Cybershot H300 compact-zoom for $168

The CCD-sensor Sony Cybershot H300 compact-zoom digital camera is currently on sale for $168 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon herself. Limit two per customer during this sale.

Refurbished 16GB red Lytro Light Field camera for $120

If you want to explore Lytro’s light field photography without breaking the bank, the 16GB red Lytro model is offered manufacturer refurbished for $120 with free economy shipping by eBay seller “voodublu” (99.1%). Limit five per buyer. A slip case is included… Note: the red model is 16GB, the other two colors are 8GB.

Samsung NX300M w/18-55mm for $650

If a flipping screen that can twist to the front of the camera (eg the subject can see the screen) is a high priority feature, the Samsung NX300M with 18-55mm is down to $650 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon herself in all three color schemes… If that’s not a priority, the older NX300 w/18-55mm goes for under $500.

Stacksocial: Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 w/Aerial Camera and Duracell AA/AAAs

Two new offers went live at social-shopping site Stacksocial. First up, the Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 + Aerial Camera goes for $75 with free 2-4 week shipping and 90 day warranty. And a Duracell single-use battery bundle, 100 AAs and 52 AAAs for $60 with free shipping. Batteries “expire” in 2019.

Optionally, you can get this limited time 20% off Stacksocial coupon and apply it to their offers. You must follow them and tweet/post about the offer on Twitter or Facebook in order to get the 20% off coupon (and a free design bundle). This coupon promotion ends in about five days from today.

Four 8GB Samsung microSD cards w/SD adapter for $15 w/free S&H

On the value frontier at the eBay Deals, you can get four 8GB Samsung microSDs with SD adapter for $15 with free shipping total. These are Class 4 cards. These are standard microSD cards, not waterproof/elementproof. These are sold by BuyDig’s eBay store with a limit of five 4-packs per customer. Over 1100 4-packs sold so far from this eBay listing.

B&M: New York November 12 Big Adorama In-Store Sale

On Sunday November 12, the Adorama brick and mortar store is going to be having a big discount event. This is at their B&M store, not the website, so you need to be physically present in New York or have one of your minions there. The event is 4:30pm to 10pm New York time. Because prices will be lower than usual, they cannot announce prices and products ahead of time. The manufacturers participating in the event include Canon, Lexar, Profoto, Sandisk, Manfrotto, Adorama’s house brands, and more. You must needs RSVP for the event. Did I mention food and open bar? 😉 I mean, there will be tech demos and galleries and giveaways 🙂

Frys In-Store Specials with Personal Promo Codes

In recent weeks, Fry’s is trying a new digital-analog strategy to get people to shop at their stores. People subscribed to their email newsletters are receiving unique (personal) promo codes by email. They can use those promo codes at the Fry’s brick and mortar stores to purchase select items at a discount. They can only be used in-store, not at their website. The email that just came out today, a weekend 4-day sale, includes the following items of Camera and Photo interest:

+ Canon Pixma MX532 for $50
+ 100pk 4×6 inch Canon photo paper for $5 (limit 2)
+ Fuji JX500P pink P&S camera for $50
+ pay $20, get $25 iTunes Gift Card (limit 2; 25% discount)
+ 512GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD for $300 (goes for $360 at Amazon)
+ limit 1 of each item unless otherwise indicated

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Android camera (Unlocked cellular) for $260

Want to try out an Android powered digital camera with cellular data capabilities but don’t want to be hog-tied to a contract or want the impurities of a carrier-locked device? B&H Photo has the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (white color, factory unlocked, international version) model SM-C105 on sale for $260 with free shipping. This is like a Samsung Galaxy smartphone but it has a 10x optical zoom lens (24-240mm f3.1-6.3 eq). It looks like a phone from the front and like a P&S camera on the back.

Now shipping: Cyberlink’s PhotoDirector 6 and PowerDirector 13 (with H.265 support)

On the “alternative digital imaging software” front, two new releases from Cyberlink are now in-stock and shipping (or available for digital download) at Amazon by Amazon herself. The Photo Director 6 Ultra currently goes for $86 in either Software Box By Mail or PC or Mac digital download… On the video front, PowerDirector 13 Ultra is out for the PC (software box or digital download) for $89 and has support for the new H.265/HEVC video format…

(ENDED) 32GB very tiny Sandisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 flash drive for $15

This daily deal expired… Starting at 1pm eastern, one of the daily deals at NewEgg is going to be this tiny 32GB Sandisk USB 3.0 flash drive. The sale price is going to be $15. The price before the sale is $30. It is part of their “Ultra Fit” line, model SDCZ43-032G-G46. This is of interest if you don’t want it to stick out from your computer or tablet while transferring data to it or when you semi-permanently keep it on.

Refurbished Samsung NX2000 w/20-50mm for $250

If you want to get an entry-point into the Samsung NX system without waiting for Black Friday doorbusters, the black certified refurbished Samsung NX2000 with 20-50mm is currently offered for $250 with free shipping by Dealfisher fulfilled by Amazon.com… The white goes for $10 more… It currently goes for $320 in new condition

Fuji X100T Stock Status Tracker launched (in-stock from DigitalRev)

We are about a week away from the Fuji X100T getting officially released, so this was a good time to launch our first WordPress-era Stock Status tracker page! This is done with HTML, no more Javascript widgets like we used in the previous generation of Stock Status pages. You can find this at the main blog, here is the permalink of the Fuji X100T stock status tracker… You can also find a link to the active stock status pages (currently only this one) in the right sidebar of this blog over there —->

And as of this update, the silver version of the Fuji X100T is in-stock for $1300 by DigitalRev.

Sony HDR-AS30VR Action Cam with Live View Remote for $200

The Sony HDR-AS30VR Action Cam with Live View Remote is currently on sale for $200 with free shipping by Willoughby’s fulfilled by Amazon.com with a limit of two per customer. This is not part of the lightning deals.

Free w/social media actions: 20% off sitewide coupon and free Design Bundle at Stacksocial

Stacksocial has a new freebie promotion. This is a two for one. You receive a 20% off sitewide coupon code AND their Epic Design bundle for free, which includes a couple of Photoshop tutorials (poster, watercolors) and various design assets. The catch for the freebie is that you have to follow Stacksocial on social media (Twitter or Facebook) and tweet/post this promotion on your social media account. Check the promotion and details at Stacksocial. They have a comments section at the bottom and Stacksocial employees respond to most answerable questions.

Refurbished Nikon D3300 w/18-55mm for $400

Back to the eBay Featured Deals we go where Beach Camera’s eBay store is offering manufacturer refurbished Nikon D3300 w/18-55 DX VR II kits for $400 with free shipping and handling and with a 90 day Nikon warranty. Limit five per buyer. As always, this is a limited time offer.

Preorder new Rokinon 12mm T3.1 ED AS IF NCS UMC Cine DS Fisheye for $550

Lens names keep getting longer and longer! Of interest if you have a cinematography interest, B&H Photo is accepting preorders for the Rokinon 12mm T3.1 ED AS IF NCS UMC Cine DS Fisheye for $550, available in the Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax SLR mounts, along with the Sony E-mount. The release estimate is December 1st.

Speaking of preorders, B&H Photo is also accepting pre-orders for the Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K with PL Mount for $3000.

New arrivals at B&H: Canon G7x, Pana LX100, 35-100/4-5.6, GoPros, Leicas

If you are a B&H Photo fan or have Gift Cards waiting to be spent, they have the following new camera gear in-stock and ready for shipping:

+ Canon G7 X for $700
+ Panasonic LX100 for $900
+ Panasonic 35-100mm f4-5.6 M43 lens for $400
+ GoPro Hero4 Black for $500
+ GoPro Hero4 Silver for $400
+ Leica X-E (Type 102) silver for $1800
+ Leica V-Lux (Type 114) for $1350
+ BlackMagic Design URSA 4k (Canon EF) for $6000
+ Fuji X30 (both colors) for $600

Fuji S6800 superzoom for $130

Fuji makes a lot of superzoom digital cameras. One of them is the Finepix S6300 superzoom and it is one of the featured deals at the Staples website going for $130 with free ship-to-store or free shipping (for Rewards members). They don’t have this in their stores, only on their website.

(ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals (Fri): Roki 14mm T3.1, Nanuk, Nix, Polaroid, Coleman, Opteka, drone, etc

These limited time offers expired… Check back on Fridays and Mondays (or any days that end in “y” for that matter) for potential new offers from the Amazon Gold Box Lightning Deals… Expired items after the jump…

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Free Expedited shipping on $49+ orders at Adorama

If you like to get your items fairly quickly, just in time for the Holiday shopping season, Adorama has launched a Free Expedited Shipping (1-3 days depending on location, etc) promotion for orders of $49 or more. Almost all items qualify, with the usual exceptions of oversize and special delivery type of products. Just search for items of interest at the Adorama website and all eligible items will be mentioning this promotion on their individual product pages.

Ends Fri 3am ET: earn 4x eBay Bucks for every $100+ item (must opt-in)

eBay has another Bonus eBay Bucks promotion for members of their Rewards program (eBay Bucks) which is free to join. This promotion is opt-in, meaning you have to activate the promotion on your eBay account. Check your eBay Messages or the email associated with your eBay account for more details. This promotion gets you 4x eBay Bucks for every individual item priced $100 or more. Not an order total of various items totaling $100+, but individual products priced $100 or more on their own… No coupon is needed, but you must manually opt-in for the offer… The offer ends at 3am ET on Friday 11/7/14.

A good place to start looking for potentially interesting offers are the eBay Daily Deals… The usual restrictions apply for this offer – check your eBay Message or email for all the details.

Now shipping: Nexus 9 for $400

If you are a fan of Pure Android, the brand new 9-inch Google Nexus 9 tablet made by HTC is now in-stock and ready to ship for $400 in the 16GB configuration at Amazon by Amazon herself. Also in-stock is the 32GB version for $480.

Spend $100+ at NatGeo’s Store, Get $20 for a future purchase

The National Geographic Store has a special promotion, you can see it at the top of their website: if you spend $100 or more in a single transaction between 11/3 and 11/26 in 2014, you will automatically receive later on a $20 promotional code for a future purchase. To use the $20 promotional code, your next purchase must be $20.01 or more. Shipping, taxes and such do not count towards the limits. The promotional amount must be used by 12/31/14. Click on the link on the top of their page over there for the detailed terms and conditions.