Sony HVL-F60M External Flash with Various Freebies for $448

The new condition Sony HVL-F60M External Flash is currently on sale for $448 with free shipping at authorized dealers (eg B&H Photo), but if you also like to get some free accessories, the following retailers bundle it with freebies for the same price of $448:

+ Beach Camera thru Amazon includes a 72-inch Vivitar tripod, a 64GB SDXC C10 memory card, a 4-slot AA charger with four 2950 mAh (non-LSD) batteries, a Sakar diffuser and a lens cleaning pen.
+ yes, I am aware you cannot put an SD card inside the flash or put the flash on a 72-inch tripod, but you can use these accessories with your other devices 🙂

+ Adorama includes a Glow S-Type Speedlite Bracket With Bowens Mount AND Flashpoint Reflector for Speedlights AND Flashpoint Mini Soft Box Diffuser for Shoe Mount Flashes AND Power2000 4-slot charger with four AA NiMH 2900mAh non-LSD Batteries