Imported Panasonic GH5 body w/1-YR seller warranty for $1500

One of the cameras teased in the eBay BF Ads [see BF Ads Digest mega-post] is the Panasonic GH5 body only for $1500, and I think I’ve found that offer. As expected, it is imported/grey-market, offered in new condition by 6ave’s eBay store with a limit of up to three per buyer. It comes with a 1-year seller warranty.

This is a $50 drop since the last time I updated the Stock Status Tracker where the same seller offered it for $1550. The new condition price at authorized dealers remains $2000 (thank you MAP pricing).

BUT another option emerged now, KEH Camera has limited supplies in USED “LN-” (Like New Minus) condition for $1829 plus shipping. And if you buy before 12/31/17, you get a 365-warranty from KEH Camera instead of the usual 180-day. Definitely better to have a KEH warranty than an eBay seller warranty 🙂