KEH offers 365-day warranty on USED purchases made by 12/31/17

This is huge for used camera gear purchases. For used camera gear purchases made until 12/31/17, KEH Camera is offering a 365 Day Warranty instead of their usual 180 Day Warranty. The details are at the aforelinked page. Items that are covered by this range from “BGN” (Bargain condition) all the way up to “LN” (Like New). Items below “BGN” such as “AS IS” are not eligible for the warranty as usual. No coupon is needed for this offer, it happens automatically on purchases made until 12/31/17.

This brings their current limited time used coupon to new light: running until Saturday 4pm ET, coupon code PBF17A gets you 15% off most used camera gear and 25% off 700+ featured used camera gear at the KEH Camera Pre BF sale. Coupon only works on used camera gear.

Given that most cameras come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty anyway, you are getting the same duration as KEH, and some, depending on their experience dealing with manufacturer warranties (just read some of the Samsung never-ending warranty stories), would argue that they’ll get better warranty service from KEH than the manufacturer.