Corel AfterShot Pro 3 for $20 [digital download]

The Corel AfterShot Pro 3 is a post-Prime-Day sale for $20 in digital download option, for PC or for Mac, at Amazon by Amazon’s Digital Services, which is their digital selling persona. The key-card by mail option is NOT on sale. This is not a lighting deal, so expiration time/date is unknown.


  1. S. W. Anderson says

    Beware. I went over and looked at the Amazon page for this. Seven reviewers give it 1.5 — one and a half — stars. One reviewer gives it four stars, apparently based on the program’s batch-processing feature. Another reason to beware: “This product is non-returnable and non-refundable.”

    This version of Corel Aftershot is low cost, but if someone on a tight budget were to ask me what to do for worthwhile photo editing software, I’d point them to Irfanview. It’s free for noncommercial use. It’s been around nigh on to forever and requires a user to get familiar with its interface. Doing that is worth it. Irfanview is a fast little engine that *can do* what you most need and want. And do those things well. It’s one programmer’s labor of love, his and pride and joy, and that shows. Even when a user is armed with one of the top sellers, if he or she has used Irfanview, they will usually keep an up-to-date copy installed. It’s that capable and handy.

    (Disclaimer. I’ve used Irfanview on and off over many years. I have no other relationship with its author than being a user who keeps coming back for more because it’s so useful. )

    • yes, there are plenty of free options, along IrfanView and GiMP and Paint.Net, the ones Google bought and then made free, and such. And many more on Android and such.

      They somehow split the reviews per delivery option for AfterShot, it’s doing better in the “Key Card” option

  2. Just $20, what a bargain